She Warned Strangers Not To Stroke Her Service Dog. Despite Warning They Didn’t Listen

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83 Comments on “She Warned Strangers Not To Stroke Her Service Dog. Despite Warning They Didn’t Listen”

  1. Damn! That poor girl. Kudos to her to live her life the best she can. What a beautiful dog💜…..I always ask to pet anyone’s dog. Better safe than sorry.

    1. TheNoobFriends nope cats can’t do half the stuff dogs can I mean don’t get me wrong I have 2 cats it’s just that my dogs are better than my cats

  2. I was on the bus with a service dog when the dog started whining, looking at her owner and at another passenger.
    It took a moment for the owner to understand that the dog was alerting that the other passenger was about to have a seizure. Even though he had no history of seizures he took the dog owners advice, and in a few minutes the other passenger indeed had a seizure.
    Because of the alert the guy was able to get to a safe place. They called 911 and paramedics took the man away.
    I asked the owner if the dog had ever done that before, alerting on a medical condition of a stranger, and he had not.
    They really are amazing animals.

    1. +Eric Taylor I know, I used to be, but I guess they’d fall under emotional support animals. I just know that my dog has never had this kind of training, but he can sense when there’s something wrong with me. I know partly why I have panic attacks is because I get a little to scared/excited in a bad way and than I start to freak out, usually my left arm starts throbbing like crazy in a certain area.

    1. +lil’pup girl Your interaction with a guide dog was stupid, rude, and dangerous. SDs aren’t there for your pleasure.

    2. I ask before I pet anyone’s animal, be it dog, cat, rabbit or snake. It shows respect for both person and animal and it’s just the polite thing to do. Manners are free… why won’t people use them?

  3. Man, why don’t people understand the meaning of a service dog in training or in work just don’t ask at all

    1. Auvai Foster sometimes the handler doesn’t even let a person they know pet it just so it doesn’t get distracted (a service dog shouldn’t get distracted anyway but if it’s in training it might) or they don’t let them pet it so other people don’t think they can pet it

  4. I always ask if I can pet a service dog, and if the owner says “NO”, I respect that and very politely go on my way. Once, the owner told me something like “later”. I did see her later, and she let me pet her dog and feed him a baby carrot. I was thrilled. I have a therapy animal, which is NOTHING like a service animal; NOT the same training or anything. I have been told to buy service animal paperwork and vest from the internet by a woman who obviously did NOT know the difference. I cannot even imagine why these things would be sold to someone who did NOT have a real service animal. Those animals have so MUCH training, they are carefully taught how to help people, I have only a little idea how much. My dog barely knows to come when called. He lays on my lap and helps me feel better when I’m really depressed or anxious. He does NOT have the training a real service animal would have. I will never falsely buy papers and vests he never earned. Pip is a very good therapy dog, but he’d never qualify for a service animal.

    1. I think the sell emotional support vests for pets so if you need your dog to go out. like I would need mine so I could do normal things when I had bad anxiety days and stuff you can bring them.

  5. Why can’t people just f**king respect service dogs? This is exactly why your not supposed to. You don’t know if the owner could have a seizure or something worse. Don’t distract SERVICE DOGS WITH VESTS SAYING DON’T PET

    1. Exodus 20:7
      7 h“You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain.”

  6. I actually own a service dog and i trained her myself. My service dog is for severe PTSD and anxiety disorder and people love to pet her no matter how many times i say no. She gies to school with me and i can not leave the house without her. I hate it when people just start to pet her without asking first. And when i say no people yell at me for telling them no to petting my service dog. My mom and dad also have service dogs and the same thing happens with them. It makes me so mad

    1. poor you…..
      If i was there, I would whisper to them
      “I have a knife with me and i will not hesitate to cut your fingers”

    2. I suggest you own a *SUPPORT* dog which is a far cry from being a true Service Dog. I’ll bet mom’s and dad’s dogs are ‘Emotional Support’ dogs. I’m happy for you that your dogs offer support. However, misnaming them as ‘Service Dogs’ does a disservice to disabled and/or handicapped people who need, and have, true (by legal definition) Service Digs.

    guy distracted dog and dog didn’t notice the girl was gonna have a seizure and she ended up in hospital and told the internet it all.

    1. +Dimsum Nudlez if its a service dog you shouldnt be petting it. fine then ITS YOUR FAULT if someone has a seizure and dies because the dog was distacted and couldnt cue the person.

    2. +Dimsum Nudlez Absolutely horrible bait. Here’s the reply you wanted so badly by commenting something so obviously stupid! Here! Attention! Just for you, you’re begging for it!

    3. +Dimsum Nudlez so while I know you’re seeking attention, I’ll tell you something special..

      That’s actually illegal and you can be put in jail and fined for distracting a service dog. So, yeah sure, go do that.

      People with medical issues like being blind, deaf, having heart attacks or having seizures require service dogs to warn them in time and guide them. People with things like anxiety, PTSD, etc. Require their dogs to bring them out of their attacks and calm them down. These animals are not pets, just as a guard dog should not have someone hopping a fence to pet it, because they will be bitten. These are not pets, they are working animals. When the vest goes on, the dog’s mindset changes into a working mindset. Never pet or touch any animal without permission, as that is not your right and it is not your animal and you do not know how it will respond. If you don’t listen to the owner and are bit, it is your own fault and your own consequence that the animal should not be punished for tbh

      Anyone who reads this should not touch a service animal on duty or distract them, intentional distraction of them is punishable by fines of 1,200-2,500 dollars and a prison sentence of 6 months. Do not touch any animal without permission.

    1. +Christian Dalton An SD should be seen by the public the same way they view medical gear like a wheelchair… Do you pet and give treats to someone’s wheelchair?

    2. Many people can’t understand that service dog can’t be pet, in one case there is a mom who actually pursuit someone with one because the owner doesn,t authorize her childreen to pet the dog.

    1. People can use them for all sorts of situations. So many medical alerts such as seizures, diabetes, lung diseases, among other things, but there’s also mobility Service dogs, service dogs for SEVER and debilitating psychiatric disabilities such as PTSD and anxiety disorders (they can task by blocking ppl from the handler, crowed control, and deep pressure therapy which is proven to reduce the stress hormone from Going to the brain and produce dopamine and serotonin which is feel good hormones that calm anxiety, Among other tasks) and they can also be guid for the blind or for the hearing impaired to alert them to sounds such as a person talking to them, the alerm in the morning, or a oven timer, and Also Autism Service dogs which can do tasks to help them calm down from a melt downs with Deep pressure threapy among other tasks. But not all disabilities are visable, in fact unless visually in a wheel chair or doing something “Odd” such as flapping our hands or talking to your self, most disabilities aren’t, visable. So people should never judge someone or accuse them or there Service dog of being “Fake” because they look fine. No one wants to be disabled, but since we are our Service dogs help is so we can live the most functional and independent life as possible!

    2. +Tamika Timmons wahhh boohoo i signed up for a bullshit war and became a souless pawn, now i need a dog that i can keep people from touching and have an outlet for my anger when they dare breath the same air as it.

  8. People…it’s a service dog..they’re working doing their wouldn’t go up to a firefighter and grab them while they were putting out a fire..same thing..

  9. One time I was in a store at the check out and this lady walked in. She looked like she had some stuff around her waist that you wouldn’t usually carry around so I looked at her. A few seconds behind her a Labrador came by with a vest. I saw the dog, saw the vest, and my eyes quickly zoomed back to the counter. I respect people with service dogs and don’t put someone’s life in danger. 💖

  10. That guy is very rude!😡🤬😡😡😡🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 but I also see why he did🤪 I luv animals,

    1 like = one hope to cure all diseases and medical issues

  11. I hate it when people pet dogs without even asking. A couple of years ago, someone pet my dog without warning, me which was very bad because he is generally a very protective dog. The person who pet him got bit in the hand, and we almost had to put my dog down. I just wish people had the sense to ask someone before petting a dog, especially a service dog.

    1. My husky was that way when she was alive. Was very protective. No one other than me + only 3 others were aloud to touch her. Anyone else would have gotten bit.

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