Service Dog’s First Day of High School!!!

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Pascha is a medical alert dog, and this is her first day at High School! She did really well and I'm glad she's there to keep me safe!

Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to perform tasks for a person who is disabled.
Service animals are working animals, not pets.
The work or task a dog has been trained to provide must be directly related to the person’s disability.
Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).
AND YES There is a difference between Therapy dogs, ESAs, and Service animals. Don't bring your pet into public places.


34 Comments on “Service Dog’s First Day of High School!!!”

    1. The Siberian Service Dog omg your my idol! I have a service dog too and I’m still a kid. It’s a real struggle!

    2. +Peyton The dog Trainer! same here ima 4th grader with a service dog for ptsd and I can’t see without my glasses on but sometimes I forget to wear my glasses

  1. I have a service dog 🙂 he loved school. Ignore the hate. Some dogs work well with just positive, some with a combo and some with other. You know your dog. My dogs favourite time was his free time at our two lunch breaks. Too let his energy out.

  2. This video was very interesting to watch. Your GSD is absolutely adorable and well trained! i’m glad to see that your first day went great!

  3. I’m not trying to be rude but are you a type one diabetic because I saw what looked like pump tubing and a meter. I’m a type one diabetic and I really want a diabetic alert dog

  4. I remember moki’s first day at school…………. so many threats. Not a good day. I’m glad it went well for you.

  5. I’m looking for a diabetic alert dog as well and I’m thinking about a german shepherd. How did you come to the conclusion to get a german shepherd? do you recommend them?

    1. Neither are recommended for service work. I’d highly suggest researching further into both breeds, as well as the “fab four.” Gun dog breeds are more amicable and easier for first time handlers especially

    2. Ori and Birdie
      … You wouldn’t recommend a German Shepherd for service work? One of the things they are known for and excel at?

    3. +darkwolf262 not for first time owner trainers. GSDs arent even known for service work, but police and military work.

    4. Ori and Birdie

      “German Shepherds around the world are often the preferred breed for many types of work, including disability assistance…”
      – German Shepherd Wiki

      “…he’s trained to do: guide and assistance work for the handicapped…”
      – Dog Time

      “The German Shepherd has made a name for himself as a police and military dog, guide and assistance dog…”
      – Vet Talk

      “Breeds that most commonly work as service animals are German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, and Golden Retrievers, among others.”
      – American Kennel Club

      So… Is there enough room for your dog under the rock you’re living under, or does it have to stay outside?

    1. Most service dogs are trained to go on command. Before school and during lunch I go outside and give the command “hurry up” and if my sd has to go, he goes

  6. Got any tips on talking to my school principal about brining my service dog to school. I dont really know how to ask him, last year when I asked them their accuse was that they would have to let everyone who asked to bring their dog to school. I am also aware that there are a few kids who are allergic and I wanted to talk to him about meeting them so that both of us know to stay out of each others way.

  7. I’m still in elementary schools and I have a service dog for ptsd and anxiety. I mostly only cry because of stress over fake service dogs. I am soon gonna be a diabetic my service dogs name is hunter he is a service dog that sometimes has to be a guide dog to

    The school I go to is called Clara Barton elementary school in oxford Massachusetts and I’m the only kid who has a service dog

  8. How does the dog know your blood sugar is high? Is the dog reacting to equipment or is it from his own senses?
    Have a great time in high school. I think your doggie will learn a lot and have fun.

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