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Our first few days have went awesome! Sorry this video took so long. I’m really going to prioritize school over everything to make sure that I succeed this year. I hope you guys enjoy the extra long video you’ve been asking for it!

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  1. Make sure to follow us on Instagram btw !! @ thesiberianservicedog 💖 Comment when you start school!

    1. I have trouble talking so I have a service dog she’s
      A fluffy husky with brown with blue eyes
      Her name is Kelly she helps me in class A lot
      I have a vest just like u but it’s red

  2. my first day of school this year was constantly fighting anxiety attacks… i almost had to leave my math class and street law class because I almost lost my battle. My anxiety of having anxiety in front of a class kept it at bay, how ironic. I went home and had a breakdown… I had had a panic attack the saturday night before monday bc of it. I’m a mess XD

    1. I don’t have heavy anxiety or anything cant relate to anybody that does and I don’t understand everything in relation to it but just know that there are always people that understand and love to help I guess cope with your needs so don’t ever feel alone please because no one wants to be alone.

    2. Alex Ackley I understand completely. My anxiety causes me to hyperventilate and faint. It’s a very annoying disorder. When I’m older I’m going to get a service animal to help me.

    1. I honestly think it’s because we’re all so stressed on our own to notice the fluffy dog alerting​ on the other side of the room

    1. +skydemon101 oml stop assuming! it is possible she has a YouTube channel so people must know her from her school

    1. +Mayo OwO because some people have jobs that involve math like my mom job that she a BEAST at sje makes signs and it involves a lot of math and maby your a cashier and macdonalds or some other store

    2. huskypuppy123 ridge

      I don’t have a job I’m still in middle school and I plan to be a animator for cartoons as soon as I get a job 😐

      And I am well aware that math comes useful in some occasions but I really really really hate math is all I was putting out

  3. I’m not in school anymore (I’m 21) but I’m glad your school year was off to a great start! Dakota did amazing

  4. I am going into 8th grade in eight days, I feel like an awful person (alot but this one is tearing me apart) actually hoping to see a service dog with a student over the school year.

  5. I started school with my Service Dog for the first time today. Several asked to pet him but when I said “no he’s working” they got the message. My dog behaved perfectly too, he actually slept 😂

    1. I’m curious if your dog is sleeping are they still aware enough to alert to something if they are a service dog for detecting something that is?

    2. Daydallas yes! Dogs can sense when something is wrong with their person, especially service dogs. He also wakes up immediately if I call him. It’s a very light sleep.

  6. I don’t think the guy in your last period class was targeting you in any way. Instead of getting angry at a person for being uneducated please just calmly educate them instead because if you don’t they will never learn.

    I mean no disrespect in any way.

    1. Alice Bishop they were pissed off they couldn’t pet my dog. They said they’d bring a dog to school pretend to be blind and let everyone pet their dog. It was targeted at me. So I told them how low that comment was. And they shut up.

    2. The Siberian Service Dog Okay well that’s good that you said something, I didn’t know about the pissed off part that is definitely disrespectful. In that case I’m glad you shut them up. I’m also very sorry if I offended you in any way that was not my intention at all.

  7. There was a rich girl that went to my school who was diabetic
    One day she showed up with a service dog , everything was cool, until i learned about service dogs and then i saw a bunch of things wrong happening. She let everyone pet her dog, she let people feet and play with it and the dog didnt listen to her. She let it roam around the class room and it barked at people. On the last day of school it pooped on the floor. She didnt wash the dog or wash its vest, she didn’t correct the dogs behavior and the dog didnt alert to her, she was always the one to find out about her blood sugar. She would leave the room without her dog and say “watch my dog”. She didnt know anything about ADA law and thought the dog had to where its vest and “muzzle” wich was a gentle lead not a muzzle. I tried to educate her and her friend that the dog did not have to where the vest and her friend went off on me saying “thats how you know its a real service dog. The dog also had a ID but thats becasue it was trained by ICAN and their dogs get IDs. She took the dogs leash and collar off and let it roam in a class with a student severely allergic to dogs and the girl had to leave the room. The dog almost attacked one of my friends because it was scared.
    At the end of the day, she is just a dumb rich girl who bought a service dog and did not keep up with its training or correct its behavior and let people pet it so the dog had no sense of work mode. I have a video of a student feeding the dog ice and another of a different student playing with it (the dog was jumping and nipping).

    1. caitlin miller that’s ridiculous. Like sue the school or something… I don’t understand how the staff couldn’t be educated on service dogs.. I would go to the principal.

    2. • Izumi • we are both graduated so i cant do anything now
      I tried to talk to a teacher about it and she just told me that its none of my buisneds

    3. +caitlin miller worst part is.
      Yes. It is your problem and business why? Becuase you have to deal with the dog walking around not trained.😂😂

  8. “we love a lizzie up on here “ aw ily lexie 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 and i’m so glad we’re friends ❤️and that you and dakota had a great first 3days! i hope the rest goes well for you

    1. Lizzie Joy are u the Lizzie from the video if so you guys are such good friends and are lucky to have each other

  9. I wonder how many people are bothered simply because there’s a gay flag on the wall :((((( thank you for having that up it makes me feel welcomed

    1. +Boost Moo a snowflake is the mindset of a person… Mostly millennial.. if you get psychotic about animals being hurt or emotional about someone’s dislike, because it challenges your identity… That’s makes you a snowflake

    2. +Boost Moo I’m gonna be honest that’s true. I failed 2 grades because of home school now I’m 14 stuck in 6th grade because I passed but didn’t get the potential ‘passing credits’ So you’re right about the homeschooling thing.

  10. I’m watching These videos to become more informed because we have a new girl in our school who has a service dog and she gets made fun of for it and I would like to be her friend but I don’t want to offend her. Or do wrong she is in all my class but one. And our principal asked me to make sure she fells comfortable and any types to make sure I go about it right

    1. Thats so nice that you want to be her friend and not just because the principal said to help her. I hope u guys are friends now! 🙂

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