Service Dogs Can Get Sick Too 🐾 (7/10/17)

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61 Comments on “Service Dogs Can Get Sick Too 🐾 (7/10/17)”

    1. Lol no, she likes to play with them but I do not think the crabs like it so I do not let her 😛

    2. Chronically Jaquie
      i know this is an odd question but… does ur chronical illness disturb ur menstrual cycle or do u not have one at all?

    1. katherine sheetz some dogs are too smart for the hiding in food method unfortunately. My dog licks/chews all the food off and spits out the pill or if I hide it in her bowl she eats around it and leaves the pill. The only method that works for me is putting it on the back of her tongue and holding her mouth shut then putting peanut butter on her nose so she licks it and the pill goes down.

    2. You should use Kraft singles cheese and wrap the pill in it. It’s a lot easier to make them eat because they just swallow it whole.

  1. My mom has a good trick for giving her pup pills. She will cut a little slit into a piece of meat and stick the pill in, or wrap the pill in deli meat and then have a second piece to follow it, so our dog Sheila will snap up the pill meat quickly in order to be able to eat the second piece of pill free meat! I’ve also seen treats at the store that are meant to stick pills into but idk how well that works

    1. Jackie Makayla we used to put it in peanut butter but our dogs got wise. Once they got sick enough that they had to take pills long term, they learned what we were doing. And then we had a rat terrier who was super super smart and could always find and spit out the medicine. She’s why we developed the meat trick.

  2. Hi Jaquie,
    Sorry if this question is too much to ask. But were you ever embarrassed about your chronic illnesses? If so, how were you able to overcome that? I’ve recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness and am finding it difficult/embarrassing to tell people about it. But I need to be able to tell friends/loved ones and my college in case I need their help. Part of the issue is I look “normal” and I don’t want them to think I’m being overdramatic and faking it. Thank you 🙂

    1. I also have an invisible illness. I try to explain some of what is going on to family and friends. I can show them my elevated heart rate after standing on my fit bit. Now I have a PICC and they were all totally surprised. So now I have a backpack with me and everyone asks why. I just ask them if they actually want to talk about it or if they just want to pretend I am normal. I have MCAD, POTS, and a few other minor things.

    2. Your positivity through tough times has been a huge inspiration to me, even before I knew I was chronically ill as well

    3. Morgan Ashleigh
      I have an invisible chronic disease. ms& arthritis& fibromyalgia& i have a service dog. people do ask if i’m giving her to some else, i reply we are the time. some look puzzled ‘cuz i only mention the ms.

  3. Does Harlow eat those crabs? lol. Hope she feels better. I am a smoker as well, and if you talk to them about maybe walking a ways away while they smoke, they can be pretty understanding. I know if someone asked me that if it was a life or death situation, I would do anything they would ask for. Just being nice to our neighbors. :). Have a pain free day!

    1. Chronically Jaquie. Or maybe share numbers so that either you can ask them to send you a text when they are going to be smoking outside or if you where planing on being outside then you could ask the to not smoke there for a bit while you out there. Just an idea for something that will work for you both ❤️❤️

  4. There’s nothing worse than living next someone in a row house that smokes. At our old place, the neighbors fabric softener & clothes soap used to make me VERY sick! His dryer vented right next to our front windows & door. It was awful! Are you layering a hospital mask under your Vog Mask? I haven’t seen you mention that before. Vog masks do not, according to the company, filter out airborne bugs. It filters large particles like smoke, etc., but given the fact you are immune compromised and wear your mask for that reason, it’s not protecting you unless you wear an additional mask. Or do you not worry about that? I hope Harlow is feeling much better today!! That medicine works quickly, thankfully!!

  5. i have gastroparesis and i take zofran and yesterday i had my doctors app and i asked for another medcine to stimulate my digestion like how your taking erythromycin and he said no that i had to get use to not taking any medcine that he wasnt going to give me more. I got mad at him how can i get used to having nausea. he also said if i am having a bad day not to eat for 1 or 2 days just liquids even thought i have told him i cant keep liquids down they give me nausea if i dont eat anything. i also asked for a paper for college since the doctor i see at my college said i could apply to their disabilities program so they could help me when it comes to attendance and having someone take notes for me incase i miss class.

    1. beautifulmakeup forever
      Is there anyway you could switch Doctors? He does not seem very helpful or beneficial to your well being at all! I hope things can be sorted out💕

    2. Yikes, sounds like you have a really bad doctor! I recommend watching my “How To Get Answers When You’re Chronically Ill” video (: Best of luck! <3

    3. This might be a little late, but I have cerebral palsy, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, costochondritis and a heat intolerance just to name a few and I wanted to share a story. A friend who had been taking a seizure medicine for epilepsy since she was a child wore away her stomach lining as a side effect plus she’d also get massive migraines and throw up from it. Often, I was with her just to help her through it and she was in so much pain I understand how some prescriptions are dosed, however nausea can be so dangerous for dehydration and many other reasons. No doctor should tell you to get used to nausea, please find another one. They are there to help treat ailments sure, but there’s also such a thing as bedside manner. As a side note, throwing up for my friend was also terrible for her because of muscle tone issues so I sympathize fully. Different path to the same result. After she threw up I’d give her a tablespoon of water every hour. It kept her hydrated but didn’t trigger vomiting which she appreciated. Granted, she fought me a few times, but I helped her lay on her left side legs out so she wasn’t scrunching up her stomach, administered her migraine medication, and she’d sleep after that.

  6. why don’t you trick harlow into thinking the pill is a treat so you can

    show harlow the treat and let her sniff it but then you swap it for the pill without her realising and throw that up in the air so she thinks that it is the treat and you don’t have to shove it done her throat.

    1. Sarah Smith not necessarily. That’s the way I give my boxer treats. If I just give it to her she spits it out but give her acouple treats THEN the pill .She doesn’t notice. I also tend to throw it in the air so she jumps and catches it and she just swallows it whole lol

  7. Aww you’re such an amazing doggy mommy! I am the same way with my baby girl. I hope she feels better❤

  8. Jacquie that’s pretty crappie to find out your neighbor smokes. I am in a similar situation. I purchased a couple air cleaners from Costco and they have really helped. I also purchased a special filter for the furnace so when the air conditioning is on, the filter cleans the air. I noticed a difference almost right away. You can also buy some relatively inexpensive insulators for electrical sockets and light switches which will block the smoke from seeping in through them. You only need them on the side where the smoker is.

    All the best sweet girl. 🌹🌸

  9. My dog will get so excited and so worked up because he gets excited to poop at the park, and he actually gives himself diarrhea sometimes 😒 He has a yard here, and all of his poop here is always normal. But for some reason, he gets way too worked up about pooping at the park 😂

  10. lol. you and Judd call her hippo all the time, she got used to her name being hippo. hope hippo feels better!!

  11. I just want you to know I just found your YouTube but I have a huge amount of respect for you and your strong personality. I love that about you. You are amazing. Seriously. I will never take my health for granted. You are so strong it’s crazy. Thank you for these videos. P.S I ADORE Harlow. ❤️❤️

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