30 Comments on “Service dogs attend first day of school”

    1. In this case certification is accurate. The company is certifying that they have trained the dog to meet certain requirements. It is an internal quality control certification. You are correct that it has no legal standing with the ADA. This should have been explained better. You are absolutely correct that there is no certification required by the ADA.

    2. German Shepherd Love No one said they did. We are not talking about access here. We are talking about an organization certifying their training. So in this case the phrase is accurate.

    1. These dogs are individually trained for the two children, not the entire school. That meets the definition of a Service Dog. This news channel is correct in this case. Don’t assume.

    2. they are not being represented incorrectly. these students have disabilities and the dogs guide them. because they are children, they do also seem to have an aid, but non-physical disabilities are also a cause for needing a service dog

  1. Tbh it seems like he’s not a sd *-* while they were at the couch the dog was sniffing and not watching or focusing on the child. As well as the dog looks fully grown if the dog is trained as a service dog wouldn’t it do dpt without being asked twice. Just wondering

    1. +rose winter if the dog is almost 2 it should have its basics and at least 2-3 task down dpt should be one of them since the child needs it.

    2. rose winter ya the dog would not be at the school with a disabled child if it was “in training” cuz the child’s not training it and legally can’t

    3. Lily’s Softball Life can’t be training if she’s “passed” a company’s qualifying factors and is working for the child at the school. It was a lack of the handler working with the dog for the child

  2. Also the way at the beginning the way the lady is pulling. Also how the dog was trying to sniff the other. Aren’t they supposed to ignore each other

  3. I’m glad that this video actually informed us about one of the tasks for one of the service dogs, but the other dog is most likely a therapy dog. Not a service dog. People think that it is okay to group TD’s, ESA’s, and SD’s all together. And that’s not correct at all. I wish people would take the time to learn the difference and then importance of those differences.

  4. service dogs are train for one person their whole life you cant just barrow a SD so the boys dog at that point is just a pet not a SD or it might even be a TD but not a SD

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