6 Comments on “Service dog video from Ross Park Mall goes viral”

  1. Forget the dog i take care of my brother who is in a wheel chair disable from neck down and he dosent have a service dog being autisic is not a disabilaty she can walk do things on her own shame on all you hippies be an adult and grow up the whole thing is dumb to me cant stand ppl and i am only 28 live on the other side of the world and see how real things are and i know this is going to uppset some ppl real world is harsh at times both sides are looserrrrssss

    1. Moe Qanah I’m sorry to hear your brother has a disability it’s tough. I have a service dog for multiple invisible disabilities some being psychiatric and depression is one of the leading causes of disability in America, bc of personal reasons with other health issues I have, medication therapy would do more harm than good so a service dog is a wonderful option. Not everyone with a disability has a service dog. Service dogs are pricey and training your own is a lot of work and time. However Im not sure if bashing people who have invisible disabilities is necessary. As a handler I think both parties in this situation were wrong. Having a service dog doesn’t hold you at a higher power to be rude to people and unfortunately people don’t understand the laws so you can’t be rude to those who may not get it. I’m not sure they specified what the disability was if they did then I’m wrong. I’m not sure where autism came from. But seizures, diabetes, PTSD dogs can have wonderful impacts on. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t support people getting a service dog to make them safer and more functional.

  2. You not try walking after the first day you walked them boom car wreck and your crippled from when your only 11 months old so is my father who walks like a robot and got stiched up lile a rippedd teady bear

  3. And yes i was born in the usa but i lived on the other side of the world you guys live in a big shell yall hide under but i am on the outside were even in the hood at the gas stations i work in houston almost all the real disable ppl dont come with a bs reason why there disabled they would rather not be told they are

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