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This video shows an example of the Public Access Test. All service animals should be held to a very high standard when working out in public.

Here is the link for the PUBLIC ACCESS SCORING FORM:





Service Dog Vest:
Service Dog Rights Cards:
Service Dog Patches (Do Not Pet):
Service Dog ID Tags:
Service Dog Leash:

Top Dog Professional Training was founded in 2005 by Adam Gibson. Since then we’ve trained over 3000 dogs including Police K9’s, Service Dogs (Diabetic Alert Dogs, Mobility Assistance Dogs, Autism Assistance Dogs), and every breed from poodle puppies to pit bulls.

Our facility is located just outside of Fort Worth, Texas in the small town of Joshua (sandwiched between Burleson and Cleburne). We serve the entire DFW metroplex, and even have clients come in from surrounding states. We no longer train police K9’s but still specialize in service dogs for those with medical needs.

The training we offer is designed to help you have the relationship you’ve dreamed about with your dog. Our straightforward and easy to understand methods can assist with problem behaviors such as aggression, fear, over excitement, jumping, licking, biting, chewing, etc. and of course we also offer obedience training to teach your dog to do exactly what you say, when you say it.

Our programs are available through group classes, private one on one training, day training, and board and train. We also offer a balanced and structured doggy daycare at our facility to provide a safe outlet for your dog to exercise and socialize.

If you have any other questions or just want some more information please visit our website.


73 Comments on “Service Dog Public Access Test”

    1. Tyler Starr that’s what I realized too! 😂 and same I grew up shopping there. Sorry for commenting on this late tho…

  1. there is no official training required so is this just an evaluation Top Dog has Developed? I have been surprised there is no official requirement. I think what you do is good.

    1. Lucy Wilson but there is no official registration. So if the individual can have a service animal you do not know and there is no way you can make the purpose the animal fulfils.

    2. This is for official documentation that your dog is indeed a service dog. It is unfair that people need certificates for a wheelchair, but that is the world we live in. This will just help back you up in case some jerk tries to prevent you from entering public areas because of your doggo.

  2. Very useful information on public access. I am coping with autoimmune diabetes, and spinal surgery. I also am a dog handler, that will be University certified 2 ways by 2018. I have to train my own D.A.D. and would like your evaluation form. And actually any tips you think I might benefit from that you could part with. I probably cannot fly to Texas. I take possession of my Standard Poodle pup in a month. Thanks for the tips on scent imprinting. I have samples of course. but your presentation technique with colander is a keeper. If a person like me doesn’t proactively take control of diabetes it will kill me or worse. So I want to pat you on the back for helping in what is a life and death situation and when out of control….. psych…says is equivalent to torture (the sensations of low or high). thanks for helping. I instagram at winning_diabetes

    1. Some organizations that specifially train D.A.D.’s will help you train remotely as well! Then you can work on basic obedience with a class or personal trainer in your area!

    2. Thanks for watching. We’re glad you’ve found some useful information. We offer online training sessions via skype, facetime, and facebook so we literally train dogs all over the world without leaving our facility here in Texas. You can apply to work with us on our website.

    3. I am with you on this! I also have type 1 and am training my own service dog (who is now 10 weeks) and I have no clue how long I should wait to begin scent training an so on! But I will tell you that everyone has said they are shocked to hear he is so young bc he is so well behaved and listens so well to the commands we’ve been working on so far. So any advice you have as someone going thru the same thing I am would be so helpful. I’m also going on their website to look into that. My only issue is I just can’t afford the training from a professional….good luck to you and thank you for any tips advice or insight you’d be willing to share!

  3. there is a huge difference between a real service dog and a fake one. now i know what to look for. thanks for the video.

    1. Jack…. You are the one that compared bringing a child anywhere to the right of bringing a dog anywhere you want. So, you are the one making no sense. One only needs to read your posts to figure that out, but the dog/child comparison puts you on your own level… low.

  4. Thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed this video! I have a service dog of nine years, this is our last year together as a working team. He used to be this controlled but not as much because when we moved to California, people everywhere would come up and pet him even though his vest asks them not to. He is pretty obedient, I just think due to age he’s becoming more and more jumpy at surprise sounds, even to the point of anxiety. He’s been a faithful partner, even training himself on 4 or 5 additional things to his 15 trained tasks. I will get a successor dog from the organization when mine retires later in the year. I just know the work that will be involved in the successor comes in to the point that he learns my conditions and behavors to the point that he learns what to do aside from the things he/she is trained in. I’ll keep abreast of your videos, they are sure to help us along! Thank you again!

    1. Thanks so much for watching. You bring up a good point! One of the things we try to emphasize to everyone is that dogs are in training for their entire lives, if you start to let them get away with more, they will most definitely take advantage of that.

    2. Top Dog Professional Training Our dog is great…..except for the passing dog issue. She still gets excited around other dogs. It is just the initial pass or meet. She calms down after that. Any suggestions? And I agree ‘training forever’. We have to be trained ourselves to remember to have her complete tasks so that she doesn’t ‘get away’ with doing whatever. Our dog is a shelter rescue, Border Collie/Aussie shepherd/Kelpie mix. She can open/close doors, pick up items from the ground and give, take the mail/papers when asked to a specific location and provide pressure/emotional support.

    3. Ahhh, she sounds like a heart winner!! The only way to really be effective with that issue is to practice it with her as often as possible. Reward her when she does it correctly. When she doesn’t don’t reward her but make her redo it until she get’s it right before you stop. If you stop before she get’s it right she may not make the connection of what you want. Do it several times in a row right and reward her each time. But just be sure when you practice anything with her always stop when it’s right not when it’s wrong (or give up before she does it correct at least once) so she will always leave with the positive of what it is you want from her so that sticks with her. Keep me posted on how you guys are doing!!! 🙂

    4. I would love to have a retired dog. I’m ,70 so don’t want a puppy then something happens to me not fair to dog. I had to put my German shepherd down a few months ago and I love shepherds.

  5. 5:27 the old lady on the right leans into view looking at the dog and licking her lips… Ima bit worried for the dogs safety xD

  6. I know he is a professional dog but AWWW you can’t say that he isn’t at least a little cute . Also I think that’s a Macy’s or jcpennys , that’s the mall I go to , I love that one

  7. My service dog went through much more difficult testing. I am fiercely angry at all the fake service dogs I ran into in Arizona. There needs to be an official test so those who are disabled and trained their own dog has the opportunity to make it an official working dog. I would be happy to show some id if it would limit the number of fakes out there.

    1. That would make it harder for people who need them to get a SD then, the IDs would most likely have to be paid for and a lot

    2. OMG. You have the most remarkable SD i’ve ever heard of. I’m an amputee with MS and 71. I have a new puppy right now because my last SD passed away. Have been asking myself if i can train another again. After reading your story i will give it my best effort. Thank you my dear sweet lady and may God bless you.

    3. The issue is that public places can’t tell the difference between a fake pulling at the lead or a legit sd at a proper heel and focus. All they need to do is make it a requirement for employees to learn about how sds actually act. And how fakes act

    4. Jessi Tee yes of course they can’t all be perfect bust as long as they can do their job without actually misbehaving maybe not keeping that perfect heel or being a bit more energetic but if they are doing what they need to do it doesn’t matter

  8. This video really gives me a great guide for what my service dog and I strive to be! He was trained as a service dog when he was older since I suddenly needed one. We still have lots of things we can improve on and every day I consider it to be a learning and training experience! Thank you for the video!!

    1. Whenever I see misbehaving kids in public I say that no one ever trains their kids anymore to whoever I’m with. 😂😂😁

  9. I have been training my dog to be my service dog. I was feeling insecure until I saw this video. I think he could pass your test with flying colors. He’s just a natural lol. Thanks for sharing. That’s a good dog

    1. Skissor 23 so you want to force disabled people to pay to have a specific training? We already have enough to deal with.

    2. Skissor 23 While everyone isn’t able or gifted in animal training, everyone also can’t afford to pay for that service. Instead, I wish our govt put more resources into training dogs FOR disabled people.

      Of course then we’d worry that it would turn into the organ receiver list, where politics and pay outs are rewarded.

      It’s a flawed system and i can’t sleep.

    3. Tax payers shouldn’t have to pay for government training. It would be a disaster, and it would drive the price of service dogs sky high.

    4. MsDarby64 Unfortunately, the government doesn’t to jack for our veterans, and I fully believe this would be within the realm of their capabilities.

  10. To those saying that service dogs should be required to have documentation to prove they need one and are trained:
    Requiring someone who is disabled to have papers for their SD would be the same as requiring someone who needs a wheelchair or oxygen tank to have papers stating that they need those things because they have a medical disability. While I do agree that it would minimize the incidences of fake service dogs, it would also put more strain and stress on the already stressful lives of those with service animals, which is unfair to them.

    1. Oxyogen or handicapped parking requires documentation from Dr and from the insurance company. We just went thru it with my mother. We had to prove she requires oxygen and had to prove she requires a handicap sticker.

    2. Exactly! Most other medical devices people need some kind of proof by a doctor! But for some reason with SD’s “That’s personal information” like really?

    3. In my opinion – something needs to be done about the fake service animals **before** someone is seriously injured by a fake service animal!!

    4. +Rose Heart Agreed! But peoppe have already been injured by them. And real SDs have already been attached qnd injured or has to eetire early. Yet no one in the US will go for stricter SD laws, even if that means keeping us and our medical equipment safe!

  11. These dogs are passing tests I’d fail at. If there is ever food in front of me, it will be in my mouth in .02 seconds :p

    1. +Top Dog Professional Training If you live in subsidized housing they require for you to have something from a doctor. They even have a form for it.

    2. Our Lord and Savior Pete it is sad but really the saddest part is being denied access the reason why some people choose to is due to the ignorance of others who are unaware of invisible disabilities
      I also believe it should be mandatory for businesses to a first aid course if there is one on people with invisible disabilities an its extream hurtful and inconvenient to set them stright.

    3. Oh my god, that’s really disappointing no one should be having fake service dogs I’m pretty sure it’s illegal

    4. +Top Dog Professional Training What a bunch of crap! Anyone that has done really “training” would get it in true obedience!

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