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Ollie is learning to retrieve Mary's Dexcom receiver.
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  1. Running up and down stairs to grab something can be hard with broken lungs. I’m thankful for an able bodied poodle who is willing to learn new things and help a girl out! A service dog is never done training- I think that’s something people don’t always realize. Before I started researching service dogs, I didn’t realize how diverse service dogs are. I knew of guide dogs, and maybe seizure alert dogs, but I didn’t know much else. What was your understanding of service dogs before you learned more? Or maybe you are currently in the learning process?!

    1. I knew of the broad range of things SDs could help with, but not how wide a range a single SD could do. In trying to get an agency/program dog, I was told my needs were to complex. Maybe for them to train, but being owner trained, my pup has tasks in all facets of possibilities. He does mobility mitigation; pulls my ‘chair, braces when I transfer, counterbalance and gait stabilization for what little walking I can do. Sensory mitigation he alerts me to people at the door, guides me in places with lights that give me seizures, and safely to places when I get asked. His medical alert and response list is the longest, even bringing to us (silly) humans issues that we didn’t realize were happening. Basically alerting to “you’re not alright, somethings wrong, fix it” which has led to dx’ing heart, blood pressure and blood sugar issues. “Whenever I feel like this, my pup does this” I say to doctor. Doctor says lets see what’s going on. My pup is smarter than us “silly humans”. Then he has all the general assistance stuff he does like getting things.
      My specialist gave me back my life, my pup has given me my independence.

    2. The Frey Life i wanted you merch so bad but i cant afford it its too expensive for me here in philippines..😭

    3. Lisaa. My pup is half poodle and brushing him out and bathing him gets exponentially harder after his hair (not fur) gets past 1/2 inch. It’s the curls. I’ve been trying to get Mary to tell me which blade she usage but I use a 5a when its warm, and 1/2 inch when its cold.

  2. The part where you’re prepping the bottles totally looks like Peter is packing away each bottle while you’re working on the same envelope. Lol

  3. I love how good Ollie is when he gets his haircut! I know that he’s trained lol, but my dogs are absolutely AWFUL about it!

  4. Mary! Glue a fur Ollie on card stock and frames it. That would look great in the working room. You can dye more hair to make grass and clouds. Water color the rest of the background or use other materials.

    1. Fiona M poodle hair isn’t necessarily dog hair. Their hair is exactly like human hair. Now that will really weird you out! LOL!

    2. Fiona M It can’t be creepier than the fur sweater they made a while ago 😀 If they want to kick it up a notch and make it REALLY creepy, they should make a “family photo” out of their own hair, and Ollie’s fur. Like a painting, but instead of actually painting the hair, they could use clippings of their own hair, and Ollie with his own fur, of course. 😀

    3. Kind of laughing at this convo… back in the 1800’s, art landscapes and portraits and even jewelry were made from human hair and were quite popular! The museum back in my home town has a few examples, and they are amazing and beautiful. I like Ollie-art too… LOL

    4. IMChrysalis that is very interesting. I heard of this before but it slipped my mind. I would like to touch a piece of the jewelry. Was it brides and twisted?

  5. Mary, Where do you get all of your cute leggings? I know you once said Walmart, but I feel you said somewhere else that I can’t remember. I adore them…and you 3.

    1. Amy Van Dyken-Rouen I think she also mentioned old navy 🙂 particularly the kids section! (More patterns I suppose)

  6. I wish my dog would let me give him a haircut like that. Ollie is so calm and patient super sweet. So smart

  7. If you don’t mind me asking, why do you need a dexcom? I know you have cystic fibrosis but I don’t know much about it and if someone could explain it would be very helpful

    1. CakeDancing she has some cf related blood sugar drops/ downs and the dexcom helps her to eat/drink something before getting sick/faint 😉

  8. Get some essential oils and every once in awhile place a dab on the inside of your dexcom case. The smell will help Ollie identify and find it. Make sure the oil is dog friendly. Rose and lavender oil are ok for dogs.

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