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  1. She’s so good to you 🙂 I’m happy you have her and she helps you in such a way not many others can. Stay strong Leo!

  2. She is such an amazing dog and friend to you! Don’t beat yourself up too much because you reacted like any person might have in that situation. We all have negative reactions to pain and it makes sense to get upset that she bit you instead of just nuzzling like she was taught. We are all with you Leo, and this doesn’t change our opinion of you or of Sunshine. It shows how much you both have grown. She was able to task after a brief negative experience and you bounced out of that breakdown. Keep moving forward, Sunshine and all of us are here with you

    1. this means so much to me, thank you. I was hesitant in posting this video as i was sure that i would just get hate comments, and your response showed me otherwise. thank you

    2. You’re only human. All anyone can ask of you is that you do your best. And clearly you did that in this video

    3. Leon Tolhurst I agree with Morgan 100%. It’s okay, we make mistakes. But, just watching the video I can see that Sunshine wasn’t phased by it and was happy to keep tasking. She loves you!!! Dogs forgive and forget pretty quickly!! (Especially Golden’s, they’re just goofy love machines lol) give sunshine some pets for me, and take care of yourself ❤❤

    1. jacob varty no it’s not ignorant. You can clearly see him smile in the midst of tears in the video. The commenter was pointing this out. Don’t be so offended

    2. jacob varty Even if he wasn’t smiling on the outside he’s 100% smiling on the inside, give it a break, not everything has to be negative.

  3. Cerberus kind of does the same thing, he also bites my hands gently to get my attention since I usually ignore him. And Moki…. She just punches my face and wiggles her butt.

    1. Bubbles and Doggo
      Here’s what I was thinking when i saw this comment-

      Cerberus: Human?…
      Moki: HUMAN..HUMAN..HUMAN-

  4. I started taking Luna to school and oh my gosh she has done great, I have to thank you though for helping me train her and posting training videos. Sunshine is doing great, and I hope all is going well for you!

  5. It’s funny how these dogs can help in unexpected ways! I have had rage issues that just seem to come out of nowhere – mentally I will think I’ve got my s**t together and then !BAM! … I’ve lost it. Since getting my girl, I have improved 1000%, and I didn’t even get her for this issue! With the reduction in rage, I’ve also surprisingly cut my severe headaches down by more than half! Who’da thunk it? 🙂 Don’t beat yourself up for snapping at Sunny. It’s good that you fully ‘get’ how nonjudgemental she is, and that she will forgive you for just about anything. Seeing this characteristic in my SD has helped me to “Pay it Forward” with others!

  6. I’m sorry! The happens to Me too I yell at my cat and end up having a breakdown. I feel so bad but he forgives me and everything is okay and I give him love lol

  7. Please nobody come at me ok. My dog is not service dog but helps me in the same way. somehow she just knows when I need it. I go through the same thing as you. when my dog passes I hoped to get a trained dog who knows how to help me 🙂

  8. *READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING!!:* (yes I have turned the comments back on again because i’m not going to let the hate ruin it for people who have genuine questions) Ok so I got quite a few comments saying some version of these four hings
    1) “You don’t need a service dog for THAT you fAKER! You’re NOT REALLY disabled you’re just an AVERAGE MOODY TEENAGER!!
    2) “How could you have been filming if it wasn’t staged huh?? FAKE!!!
    3) “what’s wrong with you?”
    4) “that is not a REAL service dog!!111!1”
    so before you comment one of these things, let me answer them first.
    1) Sunshine is PRIMARILY a syncope (chronic fainting spell) detection service dog. She warns me before I pass out by smelling the chemical changes in my body before It happens. She also helps me with mobility things like: picking up dropped items, opening doors, holding things for me, etc. this is because I have illnesses that, on bad days, do not allow me to do these normal things. If i attempt to do things like bending down to pick up a dropped item and standing back up again, this can cause my heart rate to skyrocket and wham bam syncope. Sunshine also does tasks like the one in this video due to my anger problems. These problems stem from both trauma and my mental disorders, and when not properly handled, can cause me to be extremely dangerous. I have gone into anger fits where I have blacked out (lost mental consciousness) and have done very VERY aggressive things that I do not want to talk about. So while it may seem like Sunshine isn’t doing much here, she is actually helping to make sure that this problem does not get any worse. I will never post a video of a full on anger breakdown, however just know that this barely scrapes the surface of what my intense breakdowns look like. This episode could have easily turned into me becoming destructive towards people or objects very quickly had my service dog not been there to help me calm down.
    2) I was filming a dog training tutorial on how to teach your service dog to alert to leg shaking (a fear response warning sign for many people with psychiatric disorder) when things turned bad. I never finished the tutorial so that is why it was never uploaded, but that was why I was sitting on a chair (I always sit on the floor lol) because I needed sunny to paw my shaking leg. So no I did not stage this, the camera was already rollin’
    3) Personal info sorry bubs
    4) You are correct. she isn’t a real service dog. She is actually a hologram. I’m a technological mastermind and built my own hologram dog thingy. Ok I’m joking, yes she is a real service animal who has been individually tasked trained to mitigate my multiple disabilities. She is also highly trained in obedience. Check out some of my other videos if you still don’t believe me. Don’t forget to like them 😉
    Hope this cleared up any confusion!!! -Leon

    1. Brady P My dude, replying to his comment is just going to encourage him and make him say more rude things. It’s best to ignore the twelve year olds. 😛

    2. Zoe aight. I’ve often gotten some pretty confused and disoriented responses to those kinds of things tho

    3. I think your very brave to put this up and show people a small part of what you deal with and your wonderful dog. Dont let nasty people put you off. Any disabilty or disorder can be greatly helped by a service dog, especially anxiety/anger problems. Continue to be strong.

    4. Beautiful dog 😍 To me dogs are so much better than people. I would say don’t let the hurtful comments get to you, but I know exactly how you feel and we’re only human. There are people who do care and will understand. Great clip ☺️

  9. Your so brave. Even if you think your alone everyone is there for you. Your dog is so amazing she’s so kind and helps you calm down and understands you so much.

  10. I love u and sunny!! Such a precious relationship!! I’m so happy she helps you ( and lives up to her name ) :))

  11. How in the world does a person leave hate on this channel? This channel is such an educational and moving way to address the ways a service dog is trained and used in real life situations. And u r such a sweet person, don’t let anyone discourage u cause u r amazing❤💗

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