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35 Comments on “Service Dog Board and Train Prep! Off Leash K9 Training | Service Dog Training”

  1. Wasn’t sure if it wasn’t shown in here because it would have been a short example, but just wanted to make sure that you knew that bracing on a dog is best when not moving once they’ve squared up. It is unsafe to do so while walking and all that! It was difficult to tell in the video if the handler just appeared she was lightly bracing while the dog was moving.

    1. I use a prong on my DAD and she had her head down due to the loose leash/j of the leash since she feels the light tension of it. I do think this dog was deff stressed. His tail was never evaluated and he didn’t seem confident. Also heavy panting but I could be the heat. That always used to scare me with my girl but over the years I’ve realized she’s always hot unless it’s freezing. Even in our house or outside. I know she’s done for the day or too over stim’d or stressed when her tail is down.

    2. Jenevi Gonzalez Jenevi Gonzalez What prong? This dog does not have a prong on anywhere. Furthermore, in the beginning, the dog doesn’t even have a leash on.

      Off Leash K9 has a reputation per many clients as a bad training company. The dog likes to dart out of doors and is a jumper, had to be told “down” (a basic comman) twice and couldn’t keep the down but there is only a few things to work on? Are you freaking kidding me? This is a service dog we are speaking of. Not a pet dog. A service dog cannot be trained in 3 weeks. Period! Unless it’s tasking only and no public access however the mobility tasks tend to take longer to train and a service dog should have door mannors and never jump, even when off duty. When off duty, your service dog is a well trained pet dog.

      Furthermore, as dog training company, they should know that using the mobility handle while walking is insanely dangerous to the dog, could injury the dog quickly, and as a “good dog training company” doesn’t want to show misuse of a service dog mobility gear show doing that on youtube to their millons of fans to copy! Wouldn’t they want to show using it the correct, safe, way as a “good dog training company”. Except they don’t. If you need bracing while moving, get a cane!

    3. I wasn’t disagreeing I was just saying in my case my dog has her head down because of that reason. I know and agree with mostly all you’ve mentioned. But I do think a dog should still be able to be a dog off duty. The means if she’s acting a fool at the dog park and jumps on me hey she’s having fun. She’d NEVER do it on duty. But to each there own I suppose.

    4. Jenevi Gonzalez If a dog is playing and is jumping up and its allowed then that wouldnt be something you would bring to a trainer is it? Nor would it be done outside of that playing (such as unwanted on guests) would it? And if so then that service dog needs more training in my opinion. If allowed when playing thats totally different. My service dog alerts to disocciation to jumping up on me and sometimes if I overexcite him during playing.

      Also, your dog walking with its head down has zero reason here as there is no prong here. But, i use a prong and if your dog walks with its head down like this with a prong, you are likely over correcting. Your dog should either be focused on you or looking around, it really should not be walking with its head down totally checked out like this. It is very unnatural for a dog. And the only time I have seen that with my service dog and it was due to me accidently over correcting and when I adjusted that, he lifted his head.

    5. I agree. As for my dog what I’m saying she’s to the point where I don’t have to correct her it’s the weight of the leash on the prong. I’ve bought I lighter one and I’m going to test it to see if it helps. I don’t need her to have a focused heel only when I ask for it. She’s a dad so doesn’t need to constantly watch me. She does check in if she’s off leash but even then she can alert me when she smells from the other end of the room. She does look around but her head is always down/even with her body. Hard to explain.

    1. For a small dog I will do right to keep bicyclists or vehicle from running them over. A big dog anyone can see from far away so I would prefer big dogs on the left.

    2. momtoabeauty I do heel on the left side too simply because I find I have more room (if that makes sense)and I’m also left handed

    1. She and they are a trainer, this isn’t their dog. Any information on the handler is confidential and they cannot answer that question.

  2. I wish you could help me find and get a helper dog for me. We can’t afford getting a dog and training it from a trainer but we can afford the vet bills. I need one that I can take anywhere and tell if I’m going to have a seizure and if I fall down from my MS. I hope I get a dog son like in 3 months

    1. FishinWithMikee High levels of an e collar. Please don’t follow their lead. If you use an e collar, please use low levels as I do. You cannot train a service dog in 3 weeks. Period. The dog couldnt even keep a down, darts out doors and jumps on people (and thats just what they admit and show) which no service dog will do even while off duty. It takes 2 to 3 *YEARS* to fully train a service dog. Not 3 weeks. So how do they get such great heel? Its called learned helplessness. There is a reason they dont show you the in between training. Its horrid treatment of a dog for it to learn that no matter what it does or doesnt do, it cannot escape and must do this or else. Sad really! A dog does not naturally walk with its head down. Not even in a heel. That is a dog that’s shut down.

      Just like a training company, a good training company, should know that walking while putting presure on a mobility harness as well as causing torque (for the handle to twist while pressure is being applied) both are super dangerous and can cause perm injury fast! Except now they are modeling that on youtube for many that dont know to follow.

  3. Please stop bracing while the dog is walking and causing torque (the handle twisting while putting weight on the handle. I can tell the dog is walking with weight on it’s back due to their gait and how they are walking), both can perm hurt that dog very quickly! And stop blasting incorrect use of mobility harnesses to your large audience who doesn’t know better, copy you, and hurt their dogs! If you (or if the handler of the dog) need bracing while moving, get a cane!

  4. Did she say 3 weeks? It takes around 2+ years to fully train a service dog. Also what’s with bracing wile the dog is moving? Not ok.

  5. That handle is way too tall. The max is 6” and the dog needs to be within mobility standards. Please do more research before training or doing mobility on dogs.

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