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hello! hey! hi! welcome to my video about having a service dog at school and the supplies that you will need! i will have another video up about this fun school topic soon and i ~also~ have a video about service dogs at college which you can watch here:

thank you for watching!!!! and feel free to leave any questions or comments below 🙂

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83 Comments on “Service Dog at School: Daily Supplies”

  1. Thank you for helping new handlers (like me) learn about how to properly pack for our pups❤️

    1. Wesley the Service Doodle I have a lot of anxiety and I need someone there every time if I have an attack I feel like I need a service dog but don’t know how to tell my mom. If you could give advice that would be great

    2. Soph’s ASMR Videos I have severe anxiety but if you live in the US you can not legally have a service dog for anxiety but you can get an emotional support animal

    3. +Addison L. Actually it the anxiety is disabling in the US you can get one for anixety because i have one for anxiety. It’s called a psychiatric service dog. ADA Cover’s them just like other service animal’s.

      EDIT: edited spelling

  2. As usual great video I don’t have a service dog but I always enjoy learning new things cause maybe one day I can help someone with my knowledge or that I can help anyone in general ❤️❤️❤️

  3. ill be a new handler hopefully by the end of the summer and and now that im getting everything together im scrambling and i didnt even stop to think about the school gear untill i seen the title so your a life saver

  4. I love your shirt! Hamilton is awesome! Also, thanks so much for this, it helps a lot so i know what to have if i end up getting a service dog.

  5. Thank you so much for this video! Much needed as my service dog will be accompanying me to school next year!:)

  6. I’m actually a college professor, and next fall will be my first semester bringing my service dog with me, and I found this helpful! I work part time, so I don’t have an office on campus, so I will need to bring his things with him. Thank you for this!

    1. valerenta oh good luck! I hope your students are okay with the dog and figure out soon enough not to pet em

    2. valerenta I would love to communicate with you! I am off to grad school next fall and being a professor is my goal, but I’m also working to get a service dog and could use some advice.

  7. Don’t you just love the fact that even after ALL the “Do Not Pet” patches, there is still that ONE individual who attempts to pet our service dogs. Love the patches btw 😃

    1. +Elena Gibbons i always ask since its respectful (and the fact that you dont know if their aaggressive or liked to be pet)

    2. Stephanie Contreras yeah I tell people no u can not pet her pls don’t pet her and they do it anyways

  8. I dont have a service dog but I like learning about everything that has to do with them. Thanks for the video :3

    1. Same. I work in retail at multiple different locations and I feel like learning about service dogs really helps provide the locations that I’m at with a better understanding and more welcoming environment when we do get visitors with service dogs.

    2. Me too! I really admire their work and I think it’s very important to learn about them even if you don’t have one so you know what to do when you see one 🙂

    1. I know you mean what your disability is but don’t ever think that there is something wrong with you. You are a beautiful young woman who just has a challenge to face every day. I hope this makes you smile!



  10. I would die being in a class with a service dog and not being able to tell her she’s s good girl and pet her aha

    1. I know it’s hard but please don’t distract our dogs. They are our life lines and if you distract them it can put us serious danger

    2. they do work for us and do save are lives and people should not pet them without permission but i hate when people don’t even consider them to be a happy pet ive met people who say they are not pets they are just equipment its nice that you think that they are equipment and also a pet to me my service dogs are family and they should be treated as family

    1. Banshee owo I didn’t insinuate that they would hurt the dogs, only contributing to the discussion and stating that in the UK they are not available due to them being made illegal. I’ve done my research I know exactly how they are used.

    2. Banshee owo They don’t hurt the dog if they are used correctly (they usually aren’t) and if they don’t malfunction (they do a lot). They are illegal for a reason.

  11. I have researched E collars because they really worried me and they still disgust me soo…

    1. Each to their own! I love my ecollar and others don’t. At the end of the day it’s all about preference. I use ecollars, martingales, and prong collars depending on the dog. If someone else prefers a different tool then I love to learn about it! It all depends on the owner 🙂

    2. I mean to lighten it. Most users with e collars will only use a vibration setting, so it’s not doing anything but vibrating. Plus thee shock doesn’t actually hurt, they like a tiny reminder coming up on our phones, for service dogs.

    3. Choco Bunny how do you know it doesn’t hurt? Have you tried it? You do know dogs have a different pain tolerance. The vibration isn’t nearly as effective as a treat or play. They might also learn. I don’t have the collar on so I can run off. I want you guys to read zak George’s dog training revolution.

  12. I love your video and your dog but I just cannot wrap my head around how e collars can ever be humane. You’re supposed to communicate emotions, body language and voice to your dog so he/she can understand you, a shock or vibration is strange.

    1. Like she said off leash task that she does. What if something happens the dog gets up and runs off and so you can correct them so it is safer!!!

    2. life.with.6. pets it doesn’t matter, no matter what dog shouldn’t feel pain unless it is by accident. A dog is a family member. Would you use a shock collar on your mom?! She shouldn’t even be off leash if she would run away and you should always be able to grab your dogs attention.

  13. Hi, you and ur dog look really nice but I just wanted to point out that a shock collar is definitely not the way to go. There are other ways of communication for you and ur dog that don’t cause pain to her. There are positive as well as negative training methods and what the shock collar does is that it is a quick solution for the owner but u could enstead train your dog using treats or getting him a trainer, but there is no need to put ur dog in unnessicery pain while you could just train him. No hate, I just wanted to point that out

    1. if it works for her there’s no problem in my opinion

      it doesn’t hurt the dog a lot just enough to keep them back on track. also it’s a service dog, they should be able to handle a little shock now and again. they aren’t just normal dogs, they protect their handlers.

    2. Actually a lot of ecollars have more than just a shock option. A know a lot of handlers (including myself) that use ecollars but not the shock option or use it rarely. The vibration setting works perfectly. Also the shock really isnt painful. I’ve turned mine up all the way and held it in my hand for at least 10 seconds.

    3. tokyo_rose yea but if someone put a shock collar on a baby to train them it would get so much attention and it does hurt the dog and how would you know if it was only a little I know the service dog is to help I have one but your meant to treat it so it wants to help you

    4. I’m currently training my SD and a lot of trainers have actually recommended them 🤷🏻‍♀️ but they use the vibration setting and only because our dogs need to be off leash for their tasks

    1. Yes, I’ve always been so interested in the work of service dogs and I think I’ve watched every video about them on the internet😂

    1. Helene I have researched for years on training methods and no matter what and amount of pain that is intentional is abuse. Your dog shouldn’t be off leash if they will run away and if there is anything to “spook” you dog then they should be on leash

    2. +Andrea Chalfan One time my dog got away. His leash literally BROKE because he got scared so bad. We did not have an E-collar and the only way I could get him back was by practically tackling him before he hurt himself by running into the road. I HIGHLY doubt you have researched for years on training methods because professional dog trainers support the use of E-collars when used appropriately.

    3. Helene how would getting an electrical shock to the neck stop a dog from running into traffic.. if they are scared and in fight or flight mode feeling pain likely to make them more scared

    4. +Alyssa K Please do research on E-collars with a quick google search. You can find the answers yourself. Find service dog handlers on instagram, ask them. It isn’t that hard to research.

    5. Alyssa K You train the dog what the e-collar means first and not immediately use it off the bat. So the dog won’t be spooked by it unless they aren’t familiar with it.

  14. e collar are inhuman they are still electrical shocks you press a button and a electricity stream flows into your dogs neck e collar is just a nicer way of saying electric shock collar its extremely mean to train your dog with pain not positive reinforcement it has been scientifically proven dogs learn and understand and listen better and that positive reinforcement works better is more effective than painful punishment for wrong auctions

    1. Actually you can do vibrate and a beep sound to its not just shock and working off leash it can be best to havw an e collar if anything happens 😇😇 hope you learn a bit more about them!!!

    2. I’ve never shocked my pup. I only use the beep and vibrate. Beep means come and vibrate means sit and stay. It’s very useful for off leash commands where my pup is out of ear shot

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