Service Dog at High School

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What is a Service Dog?

A Service Dog is any dog Trained to perform Tasks to help an individual with a disability.

What’s the difference between an Emotional Support Dog and a Service Dog?

Emotional Support Animals do not require training. They are not allowed in public places that don’t allow pets. They are not Service Animals.

What Tasks does Dakota Perform?

Dakota is a 𝘔𝘦𝘥𝘪𝘤𝘢𝘭 Alert and response dog. She is for psychiatric and medical/ physical purposes.
Her tasks consist of but are not limited to: Anxiety/ Ptsd alerts, dissociation alerts, guide work (during a ptsd episode), Deep Pressure therapy, Opening and Closing Doors, interfering with self harm, Finding help (normally leading me to my family if I enter an episode away from them. She’s trained to find a family member and nudge them), Blocking and covering (creating space between myself and other people).

Service dog laws:

Florida laws: (we live in Florida so these apply to us)


60 Comments on “Service Dog at High School”

    1. Erin C. Can’t make promises that it will work out because all dogs are different but if it’s a puppy I wouldn’t worry about it to much just stay consistent with the training

    2. Good luck and just a little heads up if anybody asks for the service dogs name say a fake name so nobody will distract your dog

  1. I do not miss that part of HS…lol college sometimes your first clas sisnt till 9:30am…so you can sleep in till like 8:00am and leave by 8:30am…yeah college is way better…hell if you can, ypu can schedule your classes so u get up “early” maybe 2 days out the week…and friday usually dont go to school… Lol college is so much better

    1. woah can i watch? i mean i got atracted to your names because it was black butler and i love black butler soooo heh

  2. I love your videos!!! Dakota and you slay every day at school!! Your videos are so intertaining, love ya girly!! You’re so lucky. My schools trying to ‘deny’ my service dog because of his breed. And now the school is just ignoring me completely. I’m constantly stressed out and I can never focus in school and I’m constantly having episodes/attacks it sucks. But your videos always help distress me a little more after a stressful day at school. Luv ya girly ❤❤❤❤😘😘😘

  3. Love watching your vids. I’ll be starting task training with my one year old pitty named Annabelle Lee. I will be having major back surgery so she will be doing tasks below my waist since I will not be able to bend down to pick things up. Would really like to pic your brain for some pointers.

    1. Let me know how it goes! i currently have a poodle but i would love to have pit next after my current service dog 🙂

  4. Well you have the cutest most infectious smile. Every time you smile and laugh everyone watching can’t help but smile themselves. At least with me and the people I’ve shown your videos to.

  5. What’s going on with the name change????? Ps love you and I’m starting with my service dog (in training) once the vest comes!!!

  6. I love your friend lizy, she just what you need, and TBH I need friends like her in my life. I hope she see’s this comment and feels great about herself.

    1. laartje24 yeah I get that too. I’ve got college friends, it’s not like I don’t enjoy the learning aspect, it’s more so that I hate the drama that engulfs Highschool. That doesn’t seem to happen as often in college.

    2. I literally graduated this past May and I’m still like “yo, can I graduate into a full adult sometime soon” so like same

  7. Is it possible to get a Dakota’s “pawograph” (autograph)? My little Boston Terrier loves her so much and watches the videos with me.

  8. I have a question u probably get a lot but it really help

    I have always had anxiety and I went through a traumatic experience when I was younger dealing with sexual assault it’s only been 1 year since I got out the situation and I’m now 19
    I have panic attack’s and take meds and sometimes that’s not enough
    Does that justify me having a survice dog or should I wait out these panic attack’s

    1. You definitely can get a service dog, I’m training my own dog to be a SD because I get pretty bad anxiety and got moderate depression, I can’t afford an already trained dog so I’m training my chihuahua terrier mix to be one:)

    2. Kira – San so since you’re getting a service dog how does it work with getting one? I have severe anxiety and get panic attacks, I looked it up for what other reasons you can get a service dog and I am also eligible because I am bipolar and I’m depressed and suicidal. How do you get a service dog, how are you getting one? How much is yours going to cost?
      Sorry if I seem nosy I just am having a really hard time with dealing with the anxiety attacks.

    3. +Hayley Mcghee It’s okay! So first thing first, find a dog you like. I would recommend finding a dog from , but a shelter dog is fine. The only concern about adopting from a shelter is that you have no idea about it’s past. For me, I’m going to an adoption event to find a Lab. And most dogs from these events cost $175-$400, but I’m not exactly sure. I recommend getting a Golden Retriever, German Shepard, or Labrador Retriever as your service dog. But any dog is okay. If you have any other questions, let me know. Good luck!

    4. allyson loupe I know this is late but yes you can get a service dog. To the looks of it you might also have ptsd. Even with just anxiety a sd can alert you before you have a anxiety attack and you can get somewhere private. Or they can do something called blocking, and find a different route to take in a crowded place which might cause anxiety.

  9. At 11:15 I was like “YESS TRUE!!!” cause I can just pull the fur at the booty of my husky and a lot of stray hair came out.

    1. With our dress code you can’t wear oversized close, crop tops, leggings, shorts/skirts have to be below your fingertips, If your jeans have rips it has to be below your fingertips or below your finger tips. We have these little cards you get if you have good grades. It’s called the privilege card. Basically on Fridays if you have a privilege card you can wear hats. But no other days

    2. Sally-Ann Ward in Germany we don’t have any dress Codes😂 If you wanna go barefoot, you can do it xD

  10. Don’t know if you’ve already done this, but have you thought about putting the GoPro on Dakota and getting a dog’s eye view of the day?

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