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I had a bad seizure day and Colt a weim/lab was alerting non stop so I set up the camera in hopes of getting better footage then last time. When he alerted he came and laid his head on me staring at me, then got up on me, pushing into me, then started to paw at me. If I try to get up he holds me down by getting on top of me and pushing into me. Even if I tell him to get down and I try to get up he will come back and hold me down. I did this just to show what he does. I hope this brings awareness to the real work that service dogs can do and why it is so important to not distract a service dog from its job. With out his alerts I can't take medication to stop or shorten the seizure and I could stop breathing and die. Service dogs do serious work and it can be life threatening if they are distracted from their job.

▪️ Frequently Asked Questions▪️
Q: What breed is Colt?
A: Weimaraner/English Labrador

Q: Where did I get Colt?
A: Colt was hand picked from a litter by a behavioralist and myself.

Q: Who Trained Colt?
A: Colt was owner trained by myself.

Q: How did I train Colt?
A: I have many years of experience training military K9's.

Q: How long did it take to train him?
A: Training never really stops but he was considered a fully trained service dog after a little over a year and a half.

Q: How does Colt alert to seizures?
A: Seizure alert Can Not be trained, it's a natural instinct, the dog can ether do it or it can't.

Q: How long do I have before a seizure or pass out spell when Colt alerts?
A: For seizures I have anywhere from 30mins-2hours, most times it's enough time to take medication to prevent the seizure. For pass out spells, I have about 15mins.

Q: What type of diet is Colt on?
A: We follow a Prey Model Raw PMR and Frankenprey diet. This is a raw diet including 80% muscle meat, 10% meaty bones, and 10% organs. No vegetables included in meals.
Here is some good information on it ➡️

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71 Comments on “Service Dog Alerts to Seizure”

    1. Kaitlyn Hecker not actually “swallow” as in digest (it does not detach), but you can *choke* because it falls back and down into your throat which is what the original commenter obviously was talking about and was improperly corrected on.

    2. Kirsten Powers Yes, I do not argue with you on that. I just believe that you cannot swallow but you can choke and bite.

  1. I don’t have seizures, but one time I was so sick I couldn’t move. I just laid in bed. I didn’t have water or food for 3 and a half days and my dog licked my face to get me to wake up. she would push against me to get me to move. my parents actually had to break into my apartment to get me help and my dog was steadily in my face licking me and that’s all I remember in that time. she was right there and she never left my side. I miss her. the dog i have now watches me closely cuz I have bad migraines and he will lay at my back cuz sometimes the pain is so bad I just rock back and forth moaning. he pushed against me and calms me down so I can actually go to sleep. dogs are amazing. they know things and sense things in us and it is so comforting. idk what I would do without my dog. colt is so precious. thank you for sharing.

    1. If yoh eat nothing in one day u pass out and the second day you will hard time moving. 3rd day you have a big chance your dead damn fake

    2. +sadfaceako you can actually last quite a long time without food. Water not so much. She would have been really ill from not having any water for that long, I suspect she must have had a little just to keep her going (even just a glass of water next to her bed). Don’t just assume she’s faking, she was trying to put something nice about an emotional memory

  2. Does it scare you when he comes up to you to warn you. Knowing that it’s about to happen but you’re not exactly sure when?

    1. I have epilepsy and grand mals. Sometimes people have auras but there isn’t really an easy way to tell. If your brother is having multiple grand mal seizures and isn’t seeing a doctor or being monitored, he needs to be. Medication is helpful and things like :lack of sleep, stress, loud sounds, lights, low blood sugar, ad etc.. can trigger seizures, but it is vastly complicated and different for everyone.

    2. + Amberlynn Holsgrove Has your brother seen a Neurologist? Really should because the doctor can help figure out why he has seizures, give him medications that might help him and give you guys more information. I have epilepsy. I know I am having a seizure when i repeat the same word over and over, when i have a seizure and i am spaced out I drool more than normal. There are triggers for seizures also. is a good place to look at for signs and for more information about seizures. I hope your brother gets better

    3. Alot of people have what are called clickers. so if anything bad (Hopefully not) Happens, the dog will nudge it and it will send an alert and address to emergency responders. Though not everyone buys them

    1. But, now I’m not trying to be rude in any way, if a cat is raised and treated correctly, they can not kill a person………..right?

    1. I have Epilepsy and my miniature chauwawa who I just recently lost after 14 years always knew when I was about to have a seizure. I never taught him that and I didn’t start having seizures until he was 4! I now have a Pitt/Lab mix an she alerted the first time when she was 5 months old! No training needed for her either. I LOVE DOGS MORE THAN A LOT OF PEOPLE.

  3. Service Dogs amaze me. How people train them to do this, then they can become alerted to it? It’s so crazy! How do animals do these things.

    1. annalise wren dogs can’t be trained to do this. (And this is info from my doctor) He has probably been with her long enough to become attuned to her seizures.

    1. You can thank people that don’t train their dogs, then the dogs dont know what right or wrong to do as adult…

  4. He kept putting his paw on your heart. After you removed his paw 4 times. He climbed up and put his head in your chest to heart your heart beat.

  5. I miss my dog. I would get really bad nightmares cause of so much stress and anxiety and one night I woke up crying. And she jumps on my bed. She tries to put my arm around her to cuddle. It was the best night I’ve had in a while because she was there to comfort me.

  6. My dog (pitbull) is not trained for service but knows exactly what I’m feeling at all times. If I’m sick, he is calm and never leaves my side. Not even to pee. If I am angry, (not at him ever) he remains calm and close, but knows when I need space. I absolutely believe dogs are more attuned to feelings/emotions. Several times, when we were out walking, he has come across people in distress in different ways. He will literally pull me to that person so he can go calm THEM down. A lady coming out of juvenile court was crying, he pulled me to her, sat down in front of her and she just knelt down and wrapped her arms around my dog and cried. I hugged her too. We didn’t know her story, we didn’t care. She needed him at that moment and he was there for her. She thanked us and we left. He has done this several times with random people. I absolutely love him for it.

    1. This is astounding to me. I’d really want such a highly empathic and intelligent dog, but I can’t even take care of myself. Would the dog take care of me? 😔

  7. It brings tears to my eyes watching this. They would give their life for you without hesitation! *No words can describe just how amazing they are!!*

  8. I saw the cat and thought it was the dog, and was like, ‘ain’t that thing a little to small to be holding you down?’

  9. I used to have autistic seizures with the stress at school I have Autism and I used to get so stressed out in would have them a lot sometime it was so bad my mom got me a special pillow to lay on my neck because I would go back and forward with my neck she was afraid I would have a whiplash

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