Secret Of Primitive: Building Wild dogs House

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Secret Of Primitive: Building Wild dogs House

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70 Comments on “Secret Of Primitive: Building Wild dogs House”

    1. Primitive Survival Life hi hi my name is Johnny and I really like your videos I would love you videos cuz I’m also good and like you build lots of things and it’s cool and that’s why I really really really really really really like your videos by nice to talk to you

  1. Those puppies needs to be with their mom so they can get her milk and get stronger,great dog house

    1. Osama husin u named someone dumb when u can’t even spell the word dumb so don’t go calling people dumb when u don’t know how to spell

    2. I think that because he obviously lives close by, he might have known of the animals before the rescue and video and he might have noticed that they were on their own, and wanted to help.
      Obviously I am just speculating and have no real idea want went in but that’s what i think.

  2. So… all you “primitive channel” guys rescue animals… all the time. Okay.
    Very well done house for your wild puppies 🙂
    Keep them save please.

    1. Thank you so much for all the replys.
      Safe??? I don´t want the puppies to sufficate! There is no air in a safe 😀 lol
      Sorry, I don´t speak English. I speak German… sometimes without mistakes 🙂

  3. Please take care of them and feed them and give them water , amazing dog house y’all built , you should build some food bowls and water bowls for them! And try to find the mom ! Wish I could come pick them up so adorable!!

    1. +RandomAnatics how about you idiots get a life of your own, they are clearly not criminals or gonna hurt anything, they have more piece and compation then all you idiots combined.

    2. +Emmanuel Roldan thats what i said, there prob little white boys that cant dig a 4×4 let alone build a home from scratch, they just jelly

  4. Soooooo cute. Its awsome you save animals and build them shelters… 😱Realization… did you build your camera? And even then how do you charge it?

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