Science Based Protection Dog Training (

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Scientific research based pet training consists of all facets of operant conditioning. Compensate training is the very best means to motivate behaviors, and also penalty is the best way to inhibit actions. Made use of the right way, humanely, is the very best scientific means to obtain reputable results. Rejecting this or placing political accuracy before real science is actually NOT science based pet training. In this video we are mostly highlighting the benefit based aspects of defense training, especially premack concept. Penalty aspects of protection pet training are also important and also should be done AFTER this structure work. Carried out in the best order with the appropriate foundation penalty based training could be so gentle that the average individual who is not trained in "science" would not even recognize it as "punishment". To find out more concerning this design of pet training please check out

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    1. You must be very responsible and knowledgeable to own this breed since they are a very capable protective dog. If raised, trained, and managed the right way they can be an excellent dog. If done the wrong way the dog and family can suffer from uncontrolled and mismanaged behavior.

    2. +Dog Training by i have a 6 months old swiss shepherd , how can i know if he is cappable of doing protection work?

  1. Как обычно.Собака “убивает” костюм.К реалу мало это относится.

  2. 2 questions,1.What breed of dog is this? and 2.I am thinking of getting a female anatolian shepherd,they tend to be more protective over people,do you think she would make a good personal protection dog? Thank You!

    1. The dog is a Belgian Malinois and you should not get one unless you plan to do intensive training, because they are not pets.

    1. If we stopped here with training, yes, she would be equipment happy. This is all a game. Eventually you need to do realistic scenarios and muzzle proofing. Generally dogs need to be close to two years of age to be mature enough for that, but these exercises teach important targeting, confidence, and control work which does carry over well to more civil work.

  3. Are this Trainer/Handlers based only in US ?, I’d love to have my 1 year Cane Corso Trained but I’m based in Mexico City…

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