Schnauzer grooming with Artist Knox part 1

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Dog Groomer Artist Knox gives a demonstration on grooming techniques at the 2009 Superzoo tradeshow.

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11 Comments on “Schnauzer grooming with Artist Knox part 1”

  1. This can’t be a good dog groomer. A schnauzer is not to be shaved, but trimmed. I wouldn’t dare to give such a demonstration. This is a demonstration of how NOT to groom a shnauzer!

  2. Actually, a Schnauzer isn’t to be trimmed either. It is supposed to be hand stripped. HOWEVER, he is showing how to do a pet groom on a schnauzer and a shave is completely acceptable for that.

  3.  I was wondering if you could actually leave the coat fluffy for schnauzers…I love fluffy dogs and having never had one, I am contemplating between a standard schnauzers and BRTs (Black Russian Terrier). Is it OK to keep the dog considerably hairy?

    1. +jammerules80 You can keep your schnauzer “hairy” but you do need to give your doggie a bath frequently. If you don’t cut the hair on their face, it just keeps growing and growing so you do need to trim their face. Lots of people have their dogs groomed and you can tell them exactly how you want it to look

    2. +jammerules80 You are welcome, but I’m a girl! People do that all the time. I should always say Ms. before my name!

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