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Dog Never Wagged Her Tail Until She Met Her Foster Dad | This rescue dog wouldn’t stop shaking for months — but now she’s wagging her tail for the first time. Special thanks to Rocky Kanaka for sharing this story with us and for fostering Blossom! For more of Blossom, visit: . For more info on adopting Blossom via Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue, visit: .

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74 Comments on “Scared Dog Never Wagged Her Tail Until She Met Her Foster Dad – BLOSSOM | The Dodo”

  1. I’m so pleased to see Blossom wagging her tail, and being happy like all dogs should be.

  2. Why ever would you put that dog out of the only real home she’s ever known and where she now feels safe and happy?? Keep her yourself!

    1. +it’sMe TheHerpes You idiot, your ignorance just gave you away. Strychnine is never used in animal euthanasia, and it is most certainly not administered through injection. Using it on animals is illegal and can land you in prison. You don’t even know how these chemical compounds work. Besides, you’d have to be a veterinarian to even be allowed to administer the shots. They’d never let an amateur volunteer get their hands on lethal substances and potentially botch the job.
      Liar liar pants on fire. 🔥👖

    2. it’sMe TheHerpes well if you’re talking if you dont have proof that you wont be caught… we already have enough proof to report this to the officials

  3. I don’t get why anybody would have such an innocent little soul and just mistreat her like that. There’s no reason for cruelty to animals

    1. +sk8tann are you seriously going to make a discussion about this? You can’t go aroynd and say people are evil because anyone witj common sense and understanding of english will perceive you are generalizing. Stop trying to weasel out of this, you generalized, and that is a mistake. I could easily say that islamics are evil psychopaths and you would think i mean all are evil because i never specified some.

    2. +sk8tann I don’t plan to waste time on a sterile argument.

      1. You generalized, like my example its dangerous and while in this case its harmless, to generalize has been the cause of hundreds of stereotypes, and prejudiced views on other countries, aka that cause of cobflict which can escalate to be worse (wars).

    3. +sk8tann I’ll keep it short for you then
      1. I don’t care is not an argument
      2. Generalization is bad
      3. Lving and speaking assuming people think the same way as you will only bring miscomunication.

  4. I had a cocker for 14 years, when she got sick I spent a lot of money for the vet and medicines trying to make her life a little longer, I wish I could spend just one more hour with my Matilda, hug and kiss her again for one last time. I can’t believe someone wanna get rid of their dogs, must be the most heartless people, they don’t deserve dogs.

    1. 78j%u77uu88uiiiijjjm
      Oi “Men often become what they believe themselves to be.If I believe I cannot do something,it makes me incapable of doing it. But when I believe I can , then I acquire the ability to do it even If I didn’t have it in the beginning”.”
      ― Mahatma Gandhi

  5. She is so scared and had never been loved! I’m an tough as nails old man and my eyes are tearing up for her! You go Blossom and be loved.

  6. Those 2k people that disliked did a mistake.

    They tried to share the video not dislike it. It’s not their fault if they have a huge finger and can’t click properly.

    1. You can’t be sure to be really loved from humans….you can be sure to be loved from dogs…most loved from dogs that have been scared and be afraid….magic !!

  7. I find it so heartbreaking that her legs and body are always shaking. Bless her. This man is the epiphany of greatness. ❤️

    1. I think he should to.. that poor baby doesn’t need anymore change, especially since she’s finally come out of her shell. 🙁

    2. I agree,she needs stability and it took him a couple months just to get her drinking water. She was scared to be a dog and he fixed that issue. Keep the baby please.

  8. Who dislike these type of video!?? 🤔Soulless people 🤷🏻‍♀️ these people never ever own a pet I guess…. I feel sorry for them , they r missing out so much

  9. I can’t imagine what she must’ve been through as a puppy to be so terrified of humans.
    Thank you so much for saving Blossom and giving her a loving home.

    1. And just shaking like that.. totally terrified
      but then all happy running around.. the big dog at 3:10 just thinking “lol slow down little one”

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