Salty and Cooper’s FIRST BarkBox Unboxing | March 2018

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Thanks for watching! TRY BarkBox for your doggie and get a FREE month: (Salty and Cooper will get a FREE box in return!) Be sure to watch to the end to watch Cooper's SNIFF test!

This is not a sponsored video. All of the opinions are Salty's and Cooper's…two Goldendoodle brothers, residing in NY state.

Thanks for watching!

Salty and Cooper (Coral and Reilly)

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42 Comments on “Salty and Cooper’s FIRST BarkBox Unboxing | March 2018”

  1. Thanks for watching Salty and Cooper unbox their FIRST BarkBox. They loved it! If you’d like to see more videos with Salty and Cooper give this video a thumbs up. Have you ever tried Bark Box? I’d love to hear what you think about this subscription service.

    1. CoralJoyTravel i love it but with my two being older they dont play with toys like before so they would just pile up. But i do like watching the other dogs get excited for their boxes.

    2. We LOVE Barkbox 🙂 We’ve been subscribed for going on 5 years now I think – with a picky pup we don’t always open all the treats or touch some toys but we make sure to donate all those new items to our local rescues to share the love 🙂 Win win!

  2. Looks like Salty and Cooper loved their bark box! Seems like a great value as well. Loved the theme❤️ 🗽 I think I would enjoy one more than my best pal since he’s not a toy guy. A pillow and blanket mystery box would be more his speed😴 #retiredgreyhound
    Thanks for sharing this video Coral 😍🐾

  3. I’m sitting her watching this with my MOM and MOLLY! <3 I love this NYC theme! And I love all your boys! LOL the crunchy tube! (is it a trachea!?) I'm sold on this whole Bark Box thing now. Thanks for using my referring link 😉

    1. DisneyKittee I’m so glad you shared this on your channel! You and Molly convinced me! Ohhhh tell your Mom “hey sweetness” from me!! Enjoy your time with your sweetie!! 😍

  4. Cooper and Salty are precious! I love the whole theming! That box seems like a good deal – I’m definitely getting one for Jasper!

    1. Yvette Lewis I think it’s a fun treat for puppies especially! I don’t know about Jasper, but Cooper loves his “babies”!

  5. Salty and Cooper are so cute! Cooper was so well behaved, sitting there patiently waiting. This was cuteness overload.

    1. Carrol Clark thanks Carrol! They were pretty attentive once we got the box open 🤣🐕. They’re really such great pups. ❤️

  6. They are adorable!! I could just eat them up!!! 🐶🐾. That box is perfect for them. They are just Precious!!!! 🐾❤️️

  7. Apparently we need a Meow Box because while you were making sounds with the toys, my cat jumped on my lap! If the makers of Bark Box are listening . . . 😻

  8. Omg I seriously have to have a newspaper toy for the bulldog rescue we foster for😂 that’s hilarious!

  9. Cooper is HUGE now! Wow! They are both BEAUTIFUL dogs!! I love how excited they are for the bark box! Squeee!! The squeaky newspaper toy is so clever! I love that one! This seems like a great value for sure! I don’t have dogs though…I do have 3 children who like treats and destroying things!!! Hmmm….I wonder if they would like this box….

    1. Thomas Ever After your comment is killing me!! I think you should get it for your kids😍 but maybe they wouldn’t like THESE treats… Yeah… You’d better save your $$ I guess. 🤣😘😘 All my love to you and the kiddos!

  10. This description about salty and cooper and it not being sponsored 😂 I love it! Cooper is like no, I will wait here until you give me this treat. I need a meow box for my cat haha.

    1. All About The Magic you have a kitty?? They need to make boxes for cats! I’m sure someone already does! 😘😘

  11. Hello to the furry friends! The box theme is too fun, they seem to be enjoying their treats! (I’m getting my first pet ever tomorrow, a kitty cat!)

    1. Emily!!! You’re getting a kitty???? How exciting! I can’t wait to meet him/her on your channel sometime soon! Congratulations!

    2. CoralJoyTravel Yes, a little girl we’re naming Mica! I’ll be sure to introduce her to everyone 🙂

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