Rude officer refusing access to service dog in training

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Rude officer breaking the law and asking a service dog handler to leave a gas station because of SDiT.

*context* i live in indiana where service dogs in training are protected under state law. My dog was not doing anything wrong. She is 1 year old and i still consider her in training because she has more to learn BUT she does know more than 3 tasks!

Yes, i was confrontational. I have GAD and PTSD along with other disorders. I was having a panic attack. Off video, the officer threated to arrest me and throw my service dog in the pound. He was not treating me with any respect.

I was later issued an apology (not from this asshole, but from the police chief) hopefully they have been retrained. So far, i haven't had any more issues yet.


78 Comments on “Rude officer refusing access to service dog in training”

  1. Depending on where you live the federal law states that service dogs in training does not have the public right to be in public buildings but state laws can say otherwise. This officer was very uninformed and I’m sorry this happens to you

    1. Main Street Boxer Exactly what I did. I practiced to myself until it was all memorized. I made up a few main situations I have seen here on youtube and how to better handle that situation according to my own state law. I have both the ADA and Fl State Statue with me but I show the State Statue first. I can tell her anxiety was high off her voice and hands were shaking from the video. I personally would not call the cops or get to the point of them calling the cops as cops enforce criminal law anyway and the ADA is civil law. Cops cant help in an access issue situation other then to educate the business. This cop is trying to advise of that. I would educate the business with State and ADA and I would then leave advising I would not be ever giving them my business again. Why fight to stay somewhere that just discriminated against you and then give them your money? I also educate the public according to Fl law as its specific about interfering with said service dog training. People and cops understand state law better anyway in my opinion.

    2. Service Dog Dexter no it’s against ADA (Americans With Disabilities) law and nobody can break ADA law or block ADA law

    3. Under ADA (AMERICANS with disabilities act), SD’s and Sdits are allowed in public. It doesn’t go by state.

  2. ** blood boiling ** this officer should have been like ” ‘ Whoa … really? Federal Law you say? Let me see this….’ ” but he was not 🙁 ugh … pathetic. I’d contact ADA and DOJ for sure … am praying for you.

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    3. What is wrong with you. Does calling people names turn you on. I have been nothing but nice to you yet you continue to call me names. May God help you. However you must ask for the help yourself. Im done with you.

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  3. Wow this officer should be fired. This is ridiculous. He need to learn how to be respectful. And that just because this person has an invisible wound or invisible the officer had no right at all to remove her

    1. +alpha 1997 sorry fucktard, even owner of a business cannot refuse service to a disabled person with a service animal, if they do they’ll get some hefty fines.
      educate yourself before running your yapped, only makes you look like more of a fucktard than you are

    2. Who said the cop removed her? Based on her behavior in this video she clearly created a public disturbance, with that said if she did the same thing to the business owner while in his establishment he was 100% within the law telling her to get out, not account of her dog but because she was disturbing the other patrons by raising her voice and creating a scene. Further more she has a service dog in “training” that is not protected or granted full access rights under the ADA. The business owner did absolutely nothing wrong in this case.

    3. however, she should not use that language. if it is by law trained say it. when you use them in training ADA rule Q6 kicks in. and due to the fact, the officer cannot ask for training paperwork he needs to take the fact you said in training as not trained to the legal definition. you don’t call a doctor a doctor in training even though they are always learning and improving. they are called a doctor because they are fully trained to do the job within the law. +Davaryk 13

  4. I would send it to my local news so they can inform your community on Ada laws. It still amazes me how uninformed people are. It should be taught in every school at an early age so kids and can understand why people have these animals and why they can’t pet and play with them. Also should be taught during training at any job you go to work at! Something I did and would suggest to you is to print off a paper with the ada laws and have your doctor write a letter saying it is a service dog and keep it in your bag. As long as it is registered you should have no problems and I wouldn’t have told the officer any information about yourself and I would have asked to talk to his boss. You did nothing wrong and yes all officers have a badge number and it is illegal for him not to tell you. I would definitely talk to the news. Any company that kicks you out for your service animal will be fined by ada laws if you report it.

    1. Rebekah Cox You seem to be the one who is uninformed, there is no such thing as registration for a service dog.

    2. +Beautiful Perception if you are asked to leave a private place of business and you refuse, service dog or not…. you have violated the law, doesnt matter what the business owner did, its his property… that doesnt mean he isnt wrong in his actions, but at the same time him being wrong does not somehow invalidate his rights or other criminal laws… in otherwords his being wrong in telling you to leave does not give you justification for breaking a criminal statute known as tresspassing. Further more this gals dog is not a service dog, its a service dog in training and a service dog in training is not protected by the ADA.

    3. +Dug M Only as long as the reason for service denied and/or being asked to leave wasn’t because she had a service animal. A business has its own set of laws away from that of a private residence because it SERVICES PUBLIC. By law you cannot discriminate service based upon a medical disability, and that’s what service animals fall under legally.

    1. Mason Lady – Not to sound heartless, but perhaps “[W]hat he deserves” is a need for a service dog… Jus’ sayin’…

    2. eric zerkle while what you claim may be true, it’s not in this case. The officer was called for Criminal Trespassing (its private property) and did what he was called there to do. It’s not his job to explain to her why her animal isn’t a Service Animal and not allowed on the property.

    3. PAndrew Cothern it’s against the law to discriminate against someone who is disable the gas station refuse service because she brought a dog it but it’s a service dog that means it’s federal law that the dog is allowed to be in any building that the person in period, The cops came and forcibly removed her from the premises which is against the law and then refuse to listen when she was trying to tell him that it was a service dog so the cop was wrong in every aspect it doesn’t matter if it’s private, It was removed because of discrimination egg head

    4. PAndrew Cothern that’s like if they were black and the business owner said I don’t serve black people you need to leave or I’m Calling the cops for trespassing and the cops came and said well they told you can’t be here because your black so you need to go. And a black guy said well that’s a federal crime to discriminate against Blacks. And the cop says I don’t care About what you saw on YouTube

  5. You should have DEMANDED his captain come to the scene. File complaint with the town or city governent/mayor!!!!!

    1. +Jebediah Dewmist straight from the ADA website

      “Businesses, nonprofit organizations, and state and local governments are typically required to allow service dogs under ADA service dog laws to accompany people with disabilities in any areas that are open to the public”

      Key word is “typically” it’s not a shall in all circumstances. This video is one sided and no one knows if the dog was properly identified and how it was behaving

    2. +jeremy franchini you are so much WRONG on this comment its ridiculous. NO! there is no such thing as “documents” or “certification” or even an ID card on a trained service dog. As a matter of fact, it is illegal for a business owner or staff member to ask for ANY paperwork on a service dog. They can only ask 2 questions:

      1. Is that a service dog required because of a disability. AND

      2. What task or tasks has it been trained to perform?

      And that’s all.
      Anything else is against ADA and or state law.

      Please look that up in ADA. You’ll see that I am correct.

    3. +jeremy franchini you are correct. Service dogs in training are not protected under ADA. However, SDiT’s ARE protected under state law pending on what state you are located in. In my state….ALABAMA they ARE protected under state law.

    4. +jeremy franchini and by the way, the word “typically” is defined as other stipulations pertaining to the ADA. Such as answering the only 2 question that staff members are allowed to ask. Obviously you’re not reading the law completely.

    5. +Jebediah Dewmist I get my info from the government website. However, I can admit when I am wrong or misunderstand something. I will re-research. As I understood it the state or local can override Federal only in issues of public health when it comes to the dogs.

  6. If he was there for criminal law, isnt it criminal to remove a lawfully allowed dog from premises? “how do i know your disabled?” Man….

    1. He was most likely there because she created the same disturbance in the place of business as she did in the parking lot.Beyond that her dog is a service dog in training which is not protected under the ADA. With that said, the business owner did absolutely nothing wrong. The only person at fault here is the gal yelling at the cop.

    1. Each state has it’s own version of the ADA as well. But regardless, by his rational, as a town cop, he wouldn’t enforce federal or state laws, only town ordinances. So stupid.

    2. unless you are a sovereign citizen like police are who pay union dues to make sure nothing happens to them, yes it is a felony!

    3. No the cop is not breaking the law . He would be breaking the law if he refused to ask the lady to leave. As a service dog in training she is in fact not protected by FDA laws

  7. i would love to know how this played out. you have 2 easy lawsuits right there. the business owner and that stupid cop.

    1. Refusing service to disabled person is against the law; refusing access on basis of disability is against the law; refusing access to a service dog is against the law.
      It is a federal that must be applied. Most states have the same law. Discrimination is not just rude; it’s AGAINST THE LAW.
      This cop is so wrong on everything. She shouldn’t have given any info.

    2. +Dug M It isn’t criminal trespass, the place is open to the public, including disabled persons. They can attempt to trespass her, but the only crimes here are stupid cop and bigoted store owner; oh and the discrimination against disabled person–that’s a crime.
      Any citation issued to her would be tossed, by any honest court.

    3. ​+sdnlawrence i see, so your claim is that other laws and specifically those laws that apply to you are suspended and cease to exist if someone else violates your rights first? So based on your claim, if i goto town and theres some idiot parked in my handicap spot and he isnt disabled, i have a right to approach him and scream and yell in his face until im blue even though im creating a public disturbance? Would i also be within the law if i drug my keys down the side of his car? Oh wait thats right i can do whatever i want since he broke the law first and all other laws that pertain to me magically cease to exist since it was my rights that were violated first….my bad, silly me, i should have known common sense doesnt apply if someone violates your rights first under the ADA.

    4. +sdnlawrence youre not to bright are you………… this is my states definition of criminal tresspass, it does not matter if its public or private….. Please pay attention to subsection (3)

      Chapter 28 Section 521
      Criminal trespass, second degree; penalty.
      (1) A person commits second degree criminal trespass if, knowing that he or she is not licensed or privileged to do so, he or she enters or remains in any place as to which notice against trespass is given by:

      (a) Actual communication to the actor; or

      (b) Posting in a manner prescribed by law or reasonably likely to come to the attention of intruders; or

      (c) Fencing or other enclosure manifestly designed to exclude intruders except as otherwise provided in section 28-520.

      (2) Second degree criminal trespass is a Class III misdemeanor, except as provided for in subsection (3) of this section.

      (3) Second degree criminal trespass is a Class II misdemeanor if the offender defies an order to leave personally communicated to him or her by the owner of the premises or other authorized person.

      Laws 1977, LB 38, § 120;
      Laws 2009, LB238, § 2.

    1. +IW EU you just made mt point. These cases kick out six figure settlements. Yes a settlement because it’s a CIVIL MATTER. I’d love to her what happened with her complaint against the officer as he broke zero laws.

    2. +Dug M cop is sworn to uphold the constitution and the law, the cop failed.
      yes, the cops do “pop up out of the woodwork for no reason.”
      federal laws completely override state laws and Bill Of Rights destroys them all.
      you’re very bad at trolling.
      I shan’t reply to you.

  8. The cop is WRONG on everything he just did and she needs to make a complaint I was in law enforcement 18 yrs an an also vet with ptsd and i have a service dog. the COP needs to go back through FTO program again . the lady was right about the law

    1. Based on your grammar we regret to inform you that cleaning the shitters at the local PD is not considered law enforcement.

    2. +Dug M what in the world is your problem? Show some damb respect, it’s not always easy to know EXACTLY where to put punctuation, ESPECIALLY in the English language. Back off geez

  9. my service dog got send to the pound.(we got him back) He also was a service dog in training. I also got an anxiety attack in that confrontation. I have an anxiety disorder and my dog isnt allowed in the school….. And thats where i get the most attacks….

    1. everyone shakes when they are holding a camera, and more so if dealing with cops, further more persons that suffer from this type of disorder are taught to immediately remove themselfs from the situation. Beyond that you can clearly see by the dogs lack of action that this gal is a complete fraud. A service dog would have been throwing a fit because she was not reacting to its cues and alerts, because it did not give any, it was busy licking its nut sac evidently. You people are exactly why these fake disabled people get away with this kind of fraud on the public.

    2. +Dug M Number 1. Dog is in training, he might not have learned the cues and signals yet.

      Number 2. She cant remove herself from the situation because she is talking to a police officer. You cant just walk away from a police officer mid conversation

      Number 3. Shes shaking a lot more than a normal person holding a camera in front of a cop. I’ve seen plenty of these videos, some people hold it almost perfectly.

    3. +Justin Little i can send you links of at least 50 different people completely healthy shaking like a dog shitting razors while speaking with the police. They are also agitated and raising their voices, there is absolutely nothing in this video beyond what would be defined as anything other than completely normal behavior in regards to her physical actions and reactions. You dont have to remove yourself to express personal concerns about your immediate condition and your need to step away from the situation momentarily in your own best interest. Further more at no point did the cop tell her she is being detained nor did he tell her she is under arrest, therefore she is completely within her rights and able to remove herself from the situation by simply turning around and walking away. Of course that will require her to make the dog stop licking his own butthole long enough to leave the scene. There is absolutely no LAW that requires you to talk to the police at anytime, in fact there is law that says you dont have to talk to the police PERIOD….. Not sure what fucking planet you live on, are you in North Korea by chance?

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