Rescuing a homeless senior dog from a water treatment facility. Please share.

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Mufasa lived in this water treatment facility. Luckily, a worker saw one of our videos, and called us:

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58 Comments on “Rescuing a homeless senior dog from a water treatment facility. Please share.”

    1. Charlie the Dog and Baby love, kindness and support are all what they need. Look how content they are. As always thank you love for paws.

    2. I love senior dogs… and I never understood why people didn’t..
      they’re all dogs in the end, and that’s what matters

  1. Here in Mexico there are lots of homeless dogs 🙁 and as much as I want to help them my parents don’t let me adopt them but what I do is give them water and dog food whenever I can… but wait until I live by myself! I will create my own organization to rescue homeless dogs 🙂 They have to struggle every day and can’t do anything about it, that is just not fair, but I will change that in the future! 🙂

    1. Alejandro Sandoval you are a wonderful human being, good luck in all you do ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏

  2. Dogs are so forgiving and kind. Even if a human has mistreated them they soon welcome another human and offer loyalty.

    1. The procedure is a little bit traumatic, it would be much better to put them to sleep first and to wake them when secure them already. Not enough money, I presume. But the car looks expensive, so …

    2. Stress response. Not necessarily a bad thing; I did see a dog just let go when an attractive woman walked up to another’s pet at the lake.

    3. Dogs do that over any emotional incident. They piddle when they greet each other, they piddle when stressed, they piddle when happy/ sad/ etc. It’s something they learn as a puppy. It also releases scent hormones that other dogs in the area read.

  3. I love your videos! I’ve been watching them alot all week the best stories!🐶🐺🐈🐕🐾#hope for paws🐾🐾 🐾 ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Senior dogs r awesome! Thank you for saving him! Mufasa just loved that bath, treats, kindness and he was also starving for attention! Thank you for giving him what he needed, desperately needed: LOVE!!!❤❤❤

  5. The colour of his face after the bath was almost unbelievable, how can someone let their dog rot like that?😢❤️

    1. Maybe it’s from people who recognize that a lot of this videos are well shot fakes? You know, animal rescue is a big business especially in today’s age where people donate online plus 12 million views (so far) is thousands of dollars.

    2. Idk.. Muslims for some reasons doesnt like dogs. They even wanted to kick me and my 3 dogs out bec its against their religion. The fact that were just neighbors not on same building. Yes my dogs were barking first 5 days bec they were amazed of new place. I fought back tellin them to get rid of their cats and see their reactions

    3. Chronos Obe I hate to break it to you but those are some dumb Muslims. I’ve studied the religion and according to Islam, if you do something bad to an animal they can do the same thing to you on the day of judgement. So those Muslims have bad values when it comes to animals.

  6. Omg Mufasa is the most perfect name for him! I hope he found a forever home and is still alive, enjoying the life he so desperately deserves😭😭😭

  7. It amazes me how dogs can re-trust a human everytime. It’s like they forget the bad days and restart with unconditional love. Pure heart.

    1. Isn’t that amazing? Also the thruth is that they allways put a happy ending stories on YouTube, I’m sure there are many dogs so neglected that they never succeed to socialize them.

    2. I feel the same way. They are so resilient.
      They can come from terrible abuse, or unbelievable neglect, and still they trust again. Dogs have such beautiful spirit.
      They are good teachers for the human race. 💕💕💕

  8. We all know dogs don’t live as long as humans do. So when we are asked to adopt a old dog. We will always be sad when they die so soon after we adopt, for our love of them hurts badly. This is why most wants to adopt babies. So we can have them longer, to love them longer!!!! Even though we know they need our love too!! Older people who may not live much longer would be the best ideal people to adopt older animals. But this sweet gentle giant, doesn’t seem to be dieing any time soon. He may have quite a few years left. And he’s so cute! I hope that he finds a for ever home, and be happy until his death. Thank you for helping him to be loved again!!!

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