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Rescue Pittie Talks To Her Mom Nonstop | This goofy, talking rescue pittie lifted the weight of the world off her mom's shoulders 🐶 💚

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59 Comments on “Rescue Pittie Talks To Her Mom Nonstop | The Dodo”

    1. She’s overcome with joy after being tortured 😢. She is not ugly and it’s wonderful to see this, to see the joy bursting out of her. FREEDOM 🎉

  1. She is SO chatty 😂❤️ be still my heart!!!!
    And this woman too. Just want to hug her so hard! Happy they found each other when they did ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Omg I love this story, I’m so glad you found each other. My sincere condolences regarding the loss of your parents & your former pet. I have tears in my eyes & I’m so happy. Much love and bless you always.

    2. Moxie Beast ASMR Aw I know. Don’t you think there’s nothing better than a dog??? Mmmm with a few exceptions.

    3. You have a wonderful bulldog and she has a great owner and I have no doubt that your parents are in the presence of God they must be because they raised a wonderful person like you.

      I don’t know if you are a Christian I’m a Christian I’m a self-supporting missionary and I’m praying one day I can start my own rescue for bettas and dogs I don’t know if I’ll have this opportunity but I’ve been teaching English for 13 years and I found in Taiwan there’s just a desperate need to really teach people how to properly care for their animals I believe sadly it’s because of the influence of Buddhism and materialism people don’t want to provide the best they can it doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money on your pet but if you have the you know the best that you can provide that’s most important plus plenty of love.

      all this to say I’ll be praying for you I have a cousin named Jessie she lost my aunt 2 years ago her diet her dad last year and on the way to her dad’s funeral her brother was killed tragically due to some kind of accident.

      I can only say that our time on Earth is a short time and that heaven is eternal so I’m sure your parents are in a very beautiful place you might not believe me but I actually went to heaven and it was surprisingly do to my dog if you’re curious please feel free to look me up on Facebook messenger my name is Meg grotte.

      I’m just an average person teaching English and trying to help people as best I can just doing what God asked but if you’d like to call me I’d be more than happy to tell you my story and the best time to call me is when I’m sleeping don’t worry I phone calls in the middle of the night all the time I’m quite used to it but I just want to say God bless you and merry Christmas and I’ll be praying for you as the Hollis holiday season approaches if you just need someone to listen please feel free to call me I’m a good Secret Keeper and I’ve been listening to people for many years it brings a kind of healing to them

  2. Breeders who chop dogs’ ears off or and dock their tails should be put in prison for life – please do not buy dogs from these evil and cruel breeders !

    1. GreyFlash805 These aren’t working dogs. They’re a way for cruel scum to breed and fight. If only the dogs who actually “work”, hunting or otherwise, had their ears cropped, it would make up a very, very tiny percentage of the population. The overwhelming majority of these babies are tied to trees in backyards to breed and fight, they’re not “working” or being “shown” in dog shows.

    2. Cropping the ears is a cosmetic surgery done under anesthesia. It’s not any more cruel than a woman getting breast implants or a human baby boy getting circumcised. Anyone upset about a dog getting cropped ears is a total idiot. Chaining a dog to a tree in the back yard or keeping locked up in a kennel all day is absolutely cruel and I hate that! That is the behavior you should be focusing your anger on. Not the cropped ears.

    3. How do you feel about neutering or spaying a dog? If you’re ok with cutting a dog’s nuts off, then you have nowhere to talk about trimming the ears. One is much more brutal than the other..

  3. Omg I love this pup! What a great story. This wonderful woman and this beautiful girl were meant to be together! Thanks for sharing 🐶❤️

  4. Wahhh. 3 years in a kennel and this dog is still willing to trust and love and be happy. I’m not crying YOU’RE CRYING.

    1. Padmavathi Sarvepalli
      That is the thing about Pits that are never told enough! They are forgivers and lovers!

  5. She is something else. You are blessed to have her and like wise. I am an Iraq war vet 2003-2004 first wave. I came home no longer a human. NO feelings or emotions. As bad as it gets. But 10 years latter I was still that hard galvanized man that was headed straight to hell. It was a November I had to put down my 7 month old mini dachshund (Mattie) that I was just in love with. We were just inseparable. Absolutely destroyed my heart. First time i had felt some kind of emotion since coming home. The very next year, almost to the day, I had to put down my 14.5 y/o collie (Baby). Talk about the hurt—oh my! These two dogs saved my life, my marriage, my sole! I realized I had shut down my emotions for extreme combat & I couldn’t turn them back on. But the loss and pain of those two dogs made me realize I did have emotions. Made me surrender to my God & to myself. I was still able to be hurt no matter what devises I put around my heart. I hope God will give them back to me in heaven. I miss & love them like they are humans—like I love my children. The only creature on this earth—capable of such malice—evil—treacherous—guilty at birth—dead soul harboring hatred—(IS US HUMANS). These animals are loving and as perfectly innocent as can be—and loves us like Jesus loves us. It is said in the Bible that God put animals here for OUR PLEASURE. Then became a food source after the sin of man (clove hooves). God gave us animals for more than pleasure folks! It is also said only humans have souls and go to heaven. They will be there waiting for me.

    1. It also says in Romans 8:22 that ALL creation is waiting… Doesn’t that say to you that they are waiting too? Rest easy my friend. Thank you for your service. God bless you. <3

    2. Me too and I hope you seriously consider getting another dog, perhaps from the shelter.  You might be surprised what it will teach you!

  6. More backyard breeder types who should be banned from owning dogs. Thank goodness this dog got so lucky and found a great home.

    1. +Cindi Keane When friends of my friends go out of town… I seem to be the go to for a baby sitter. While I would love to I now own a condo, I work a TON (in IT so hours are basically 24×7) so unfortunately I can’t, I am never home.

  7. Love her sweet goofy beautiful soul. I wish every bully had a sweet owner. To love them. And, regular exercise play hard safe zone. So much abuse and breeding of this breed which can be so sweet with right people. Fight to protect animals from sadists idiots. Spay and neuter so there aren’t so many homeless sad dogs.

  8. The people that had her was a waste of money to feed! 😭 People neglecting animals!!! A special hell is waiting just for you! 😣

  9. I loved that you talked to her. I adore the way you love her. She so happy it give me joy you cherish her. She loved you so much. She so cute.

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