Rescue Of Starving Injured Dog Who Jumped Into My Arms

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Rescue of a homeless dog with a broken leg – Howl Of A Dog Rescue Video We were driving back home from the veterinary clinic when we spotted an injured dog limping on side of the road. We pulled over and rushed toward him, trying to stop him from going any further into the thick bushes. He was so desperate and the moment he saw us he seemed to have instantly realized we’re there to help him. We took him to the clinic to be examined and have an X-ray performed, but the results received were not good: he had a double fracture – the two bones of his front leg were broken and needed repair surgery. The vet estimated the fracture was at least one week old. Vlad was also severely emaciated, we can only imagine how hard it was for him to survive for so many days without food and with that painful broken leg. He was so hungry when we found him that he desperately grabbed a box of tissues we had in the car and tried to eat them.
He underwent repair surgery and the fractured bones were fixed with metal plates and screws. The procedure was a complicated one, but everything went well and Vlad made a beautiful recovery. Vlad is a young dog, approx. 2 years old, he’s neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated. He’s full of joy and finds so much fun in everything he does. He really loves life and longs to find a home where he can live happy and smile for the rest of his life. He is in our care in Romania but can also travel abroad to the USA, Canada and Europe. So if you have a loving home for him please check our adoption procedure here: and email us at . Thank you!

*UPDATE: We’re so happy to announce you that Vlad found a loving adoptive family in Phoenix, Arizona. Here is Vlad at his forever home: .Thank you so much everyone for your support, for watching and for sharing his rescue video!

**The dog that was with us in the car when we found Vlad is Archie whom we saved several weeks earlier. This is his story and rescue video:

Watch also: Rescue of a Scared Homeless Dog with a Broken Heart:

To help us save more animals in need please visit:


Howl Of A Dog is a small nonprofit animal rescue organization located in Romania. Our commitment is to rescue abandoned, neglected and abused dogs from the streets or from local kill-shelters and to find them suitable loving forever homes. For more details please visit our website: or our Facebook page: Thank you!
HOWL OF A DOG organization
Registration Number 33570458


85 Comments on “Rescue Of Starving Injured Dog Who Jumped Into My Arms”

  1. He is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so very much for saving his precious life! Happy forever home sweetheart! 😍

    1. Thank you Lisa, we are the same kind of persons it seems. LOYAULTY and LOVE for animals is a sign of respect of others and life. Friendly yours from France 🇫🇷. And a discret kiss 💋 on your cheek if you’re married. 😉

  2. I’m not even a dog person but you’d have to be dead not to cry in happiness for him. What a perfect dog; thanks for sharing his story.

    1. Me either but I just love all animals. They’re so innocent. And dogs are so loyal and just want to love you. They may not be my favorite but I can appreciate them. Love these success stories.

  3. So many comments here about Kindness, but any kind people here who will adopt , who pay for him.. Rescued team always doing great work, but money needed.. I’m now in Struggle I have no much money.. but when I will success I will doing my responsibility for human, any helpless Street dogs..💰💰💰💰

    1. This is the reason why I rescue all my dogs. The most rewarding thing I’ve ever done especially when everyone of my dogs have come from abused homes.

  4. Any time you think the world has gone evil & insane, watch Howl or dodo and see what NORMAL LOVING humans can do! If you are financially able, make a donation in someone’s name for Christmas!

  5. My daughter was a nanny, next door was a doctor, married with 3 kids and one on the way. The wife admitted they didn’t give a sh*t about their dog after kids. My daughter worked right next door for 3 years, driveway between the house’s and never saw the dog until the owner was pregnant. The dog was skin and bones, was let out of the basement at 7am just to potty, back in until 530 pm, then out to potty and back in. Slept in a wire crate with a plastic bottom, no blanket, pillow etc. The basement was unfinished, they never went down there, only to let her out. My daughter was so upset, she would feed her thru the fence. Long story, but told the owner if she ever wanted to rehome the dog she would take her..owner said, when can you come get her? I came that evening, took her for a walk around the ritzy neighborhood and she has been right beside me for 3 years now. BEST dog I’ve ever had in 60 yrs. pit/lab/doberman. This was a doctor and his wife. So crazy. Disgusting. She was afraid to drink water anytime she wanted it since she was only given water twice a day. Even now, she goes out only twice a day, 7 and 530. But she gets to swim and hike, play ball and live out in the country and smell all the smells! And she is a favorite at Lowes. ( we can take our dogs into Lowes here) Everyone loves her! 😚🐕 especially me! 😚😚

  6. We was heading back from a EMS mutual Aid call and on the way to the station which is a rural area in South Georgia. I spotted a German Shepherd in the ditch lying on his side but I had seen him move. I told the apparatus driver to STOP and when he did I hopped out of the engine and walked up to the German Shepard and he immediately fell into my hands but he could not move due to a double ulna radios fracture in the back legs like this fellow. We actually called the wolf animal hospital for a dosage for the fellow with a estimates weight and actually administered morphine to the little fellow. After we was able to move him to the truck and carry him to the wolf animal hospital. Where he stayed a week after surgery was successful to repair his broken bones. After it was seen that he was gaining weight and able to self ambulate we took him back to our station and now he is a commpany dog trained to track human scent so when we go to s fire he is able to sniff out during primary or most likely secondary searches. He is greatly loved and his name is Turbo be he is fast as hell now.

    1. +Jordan Lavender ok I can see you are thoroughly confused. First thing, when I said Engine I was talking about the fire truck. Engine is what we call it because it is the main truck of the company. It’s uses are universal but mainly just carrying rescue equipment such as the jaws of life and all the other rescue equipment we carry. So when I say I got out of the engine I was referring to getting out of the fire truck.
      Secondly that second comment I made was sarcasm, no one is sitting in any motor vehicle compartment

  7. He’s BEAUTIFUL! Please pray with me that God will hear my prayers that I will be in a place financially someday to take care of as many of these beautiful creatures as I possibly can!

    1. My prayers are with you from now on, thank God there are still people with beautiful heart’s like your’s and this amazing women who saved this beautiful little buddy..God bless you and I know you are going to good in this world 👼

    1. I hope you do. I wish I had more money 😓 I love seeing dogs being rescued and progressing because my dog was as well.

  8. I found Auggie Doggie dying near my house. I stopped & she realized she wasn’t going to die. She tried to leap for joy but could only flop her front feet. I drove her back & asked my mom to take care of her. When l got back from work, she said the dog drank a gallon of water & she weighed her ,& she weighed 10 lbs. A month later she weighed 60 lbs

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