Rescue of a Scared Homeless Dog with a Broken Heart

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Rescue of scared homeless dog, heartbroken and sad, living on the cold streets. This sweet old dog was found roaming near a railroad station. It was too risky to attempt a rescue there, we were worried that he could run and get hit by a passing train, so we followed him, trying to redirect him towards a safer place. It was quite a marathon as he ran away each time we approached him. But he eventually understood we are only trying to help him, or maybe the smell of the yummy treats finally reached his nose. He was limping and we also noticed a scar near his left eye so we took him straight to the veterinary clinic. When we scanned him for a microchip we discovered that he had an owner! We hoped a happy dog-owner reunion would follow, but when we contacted the registered owner he told us he does not want the dog back and asked us to take him. Apparently, Bobi (this is the name given by his owner) ran away from home and traveled quite a long distance, being found approximately 10 miles away from his home. We’ll never know why he left home and why he wasn’t wanted anymore, but we do not want to judge anyone, we’re just thankful that we were able to save him.
Bobi is 9 years old, medium sized, approximately 18 kg (39 lbs), fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered. His vision is completely lost in the left eye, an old scar located near the eye indicates that he had been injured there, possibly hit, so that’s how he lost his sight in that eye. But the good news is that vision in the right eye is not affected and he sees well with it.
He’s very gentle, loving and obedient and he is still playful and curious. It's like he's living now the puppyhood he missed.
Bobi is an old dog in his golden years and he needs a caring adoptive family to offer him a home, a FOREVER home this time, where he can spend his remaining years happy and loved. He is in Howl Of A Dog’s care in Romania, but please note that we also allow international adoptions and he can travel to the USA, Canada or Europe.
To adopt Bobi please check our adoption procedure here: Thank you!

*UPDATE: Bobi was adopted !!! After a journey of over 4600 miles from Romania to the US, our brave Bobi arrived at his new home in Delaware, United States and is now finally living the happy life he so much deserves. Thank you very much everyone for watching and sharing Bobi’s rescue video and for sending him so many good thoughts and best wishes! Here is a short video of Bobi's first week at his forever home: . More updates are available on our website: .

Video by Howl Of A Dog:
Music CC by zero-project:

To help us save more animals in need please visit:

Howl Of A Dog is a small nonprofit animal rescue organization located in Romania. Our commitment is to rescue abandoned, neglected and abused dogs from the streets or from local kill-shelters and to find them suitable loving forever homes. For more details please visit our website: or our Facebook page:
Thank you!
HOWL OF A DOG organization
Registration Number 33570458


70 Comments on “Rescue of a Scared Homeless Dog with a Broken Heart”

    1. I heard people adopt puppies for being cute and little but later abandon them on the streets simply for being big. Terrible

    1. When someone asks me what I’m great full and thankful for I say I’m grateful and thankful for the true hero’s out there fighting everyday to make our world a better place for all not just humans

  1. That thumbnail is just so sad. Why do animals have to be hurt? Especially dogs. Dogs are practically man’s best friend.
    Animal abusers should go to Hell.

    1. +Ap nightwing not really, there’s some animals I love and like the taste of, and some animals I love and hate their taste

      Dog is okay taste
      Cat isn’t as good
      Pig sucks

      To me

    2. +Ap nightwing says the guy that very probably killed flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other life forms.

      Where’s your morality now?

    1. Please, try to build an animals’ shelter or a dogs’ shelter in Albania, animals really suffer there and abandoned dogs are found everywhere… I have seen videos where some teenage guys killed a poor dog with an axe while they laughed. Impossible to forget the howl of that dog.

    2. +Prometheus As moving as this story is my friend, Let’s not go to overboard eh? From where the hell did you pull that particular fleck of enlightenment? Who sent the dogs to become Tutors of man? I’ve met many animals in my life, both wild and domesticated, and not once has any one of those lovely beings sat me down and showed me what i’m doing wrong as a human being 🙂
      Just Saying.. Nice story, Over reaction though. Dogs love us because we feed them and give them shelter and play with them, because we can actually be friends with each other. I don’t think that they have any deep-seated desire to teach us about the wider psychology of the human condition though.

  2. If you are ever considering adopting a pet, u have to understand that hey can live around 14 years more or less. So don’t just adopt them, and then get bored and let them go, this doesn’t work like that. Make those 14 years they have worth it, make them fun♥️

  3. I love you, Bobi! I love you I love you I love you… I hope you can feel this love. It comes from many, many people. Thank you, Howl of a Dog. I love you, too. Xoxo

  4. When he was getting washed the look in his eyes made me fall apart. All he wants is love in a world full of people he just wants 1 to love him. Ship him here to Canada. I will take him.

  5. I swear it pisses me off so much how these heartless owners just leave these poor animals to die without giving any thought or feeling any remorse, it’s like how would you feel if you’re family left u because they didnt want u anymore

    1. +Midlight fair SO what? that doesnt mean you should leave your pet who loves you on the streets. at least find them a home! i hate y’all. people are truly monsters. bye.

    2. Ikr they treat them like they’re just inanimate objects, but they have actual life, and they need to get that through their thick skulls

    3. +Nasmine 123 that dog is nine years old, things can change in nine years and we don’t know any of the original owners intentions or possible abuse. It’s entirely possible the dog ran out and got lost, and the owners could not support or find him, obviously they had him for a while. This video paints a picture that automatically makes people assume the original owners are bad owners just because of the sad music. No doubt the dog was sad, but that doesn’t mean it was abused or neglected. It could have been missing it’s old home and family, that it could not find it’s way back to.

    1. Sadly, it’s proof evil exist. Just like the heartless owner who dumped this dog. ..i’m glad he didn’t go back to that heartless idiot. If Dog ran away I bet he was beaten.

  6. You will never ever be betrayed by a dog, it’s never going to pull a fast one on you. It’ll remain your friend no matter what. Dogs have this gift.

  7. Dogs are very playful. If u have a dog it will make your home very happy as a gift from god…but… these owners have no heart for LIVING so cute dogs on winter and to die but these people take care of them and make them happy again. Selute for u howl of dog keep doing this great work to help animals! I’m proud of u

  8. It’s so great that you treated him and found him a new home ❤️ I was born and grew up in Romania and there used to be so many poor dogs on the streets. Most of my pets back then were rescued and they were all so loving ❤️

    1. I couldn’t agree more. What’s worse to imagine is that those owners probably have children. If they treat innocent animals so cruelly, think of how they will treat their children.

  9. Donated 5 Euros to push my karma on Christmas. Wow, you guys are really doing a great job. I feel so sorry for the dogs, although I know this happens very far away from me..

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