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Woman Writes A Musical About Her Rescue Dog | When this woman adopted a dog, she loved her so much that she ended up writing a whole musical about her. For more of the real-life Rue and her adventures through NYC, check her out on Instagram: .

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28 Comments on “Rescue Dog Inspires Woman To Write a Rescue Dog Musical | The Dodo”

  1. Rue is just so cute, and the people in the musical have awesome voices. Love that they are creating more awareness about rescues🐾💕💕

  2. Rue is one beautiful girl❣️ Look at what one, sweet, little creature has inspired.

    When we adopt we get way more than we ever give❣️

  3. OMG!!! How perfect was this happily ever after story! I absolutely loved it <333 Thank you Dodo for sharing this wonderful video. From me and my rescue pup to you and yours, Happy Holidays Everyone!

    1. stop bullying random children in your videos and quit burning stffed animals and then we will talk again.

    2. You realize YouTube is meant for people to enjoy? You have no idea who I am or what my life is like. What if I was depressed and was trying to look for something to make me happy? What if you two just ruined that for me? What if I had trouble communicating and expressing emotions? Also google Kermit the Frog and that photo will come up. Do think if I got a Kermit puppet I would really light it up in flames..?
      Take a moment to reflect on what you say.

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