Rescue a Sweet Dog With Duct Tape Around Her Mouth Makes Amazing Recovery

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★Rescue a Sweet Dog With Duct Tape Around Her Mouth Makes Amazing Recovery
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★The 15-month-old dog named Caitlyn was found on Wednesday in Charleston, South Carolina with duct-tape around her snout bleeding and in desperate shape.
A concerned resident spotted Caitlyn and called the Charleston County 911 dispatch center: “I have a dog that’s here at my house that I found and the dog’s mouth is taped shut with electrical tape, tongue hanging out its mouth, bleeding, and his tongue is completely black,” the 911 caller said. “I just don’t know what to do.”

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43 Comments on “Rescue a Sweet Dog With Duct Tape Around Her Mouth Makes Amazing Recovery”

  1. Oooy canım benim nasıl kıydılar sana çok kötü durumda umarım iyileşir 💝🐾🐾🐈🐕🐕🐕🙏💞👍

  2. Kötü durum sayenizde büyük issan yardım sever iyilik meleği iyidir umarım herşey yolundadır 🐞💞🐕🐈💝👍🙏

  3. Pauvre trésor, comment as tu fais pour survivre, il faut bien respirer … que ton tortionnaire soit ligoté de la même manière en prison mais que ça soit à son cou qu’on le ligote, ça ferait une raclure en moins sur la terre!! Longue Vie à toi mon Toutou!!

  4. the person did to you this pain will die slowly in pain too like the way they did to you.God bless to the rescuers…

    1. And I hope somebody cuts off the blood supply to his pecker as well so he can see how much pain he can be in!! God Bless the people that found him that are helping him!

  5. A la gente a veces no l gusta q seamos groseros pero como llamar a estos hijos d p q hacen esto x hacerlo nomas x ser gente desgraciada sin corazon

  6. I’m glad the POS who did that to Caitlyn got 5 yrs in prison. Someone should put duct tape around his neck and mouth so he can see what it feels like!

    1. 5 years is too less.. punishment against animal cruelty should be very strict and severe. People who do this to help less animals are really sick and dangerous too.

  7. To be honest, as a European, I have my difficulties with US criminal law, but in Caitlin’s case I think the verdict is really good! The fact that animal cruelty in the USA is imprisoned for several years is a step in the right direction! Here we can (I’m German, for example) really learn something. Here in Germany is also a law on animal protection, but here at most fines are imposed on animal cruelty. A dog, actually animals in general are legally considered as “object” and animal cruelty therefore as “property damage”. So, well done, USA!

  8. Thank you thank you for what you have done to save this great dog. Thank you for being her voice and getting her some justice.

  9. Ehat a beautiful little girl, so sad she had to go through this. The cost of five years in prison should go to saving dogs in need and the scumbag who did this shoukd be euthanized “slowly and painfully”

  10. Five years isnt enough fir these monsters they need to take ever thing they own and sell it and keep the money to help the baby they hurt for its medical bills and never be allowed to ever own an animal for life

  11. That is so sad they should wrap his mouth up in duct tape let him see how it feels and should give him more time poor dog bless his heart

  12. Thank god Catliyn has quickly been rescued by the kind hearted rescuer and also been taken in by foster parent. God bless everyone who had help.

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