Rescue a Stray Dog Who Was Buried Alive Because She Was A Nuisance Becomes An Inspiration

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Rescue a Stray Dog Who Was Buried Alive Because She Was A Nuisance Becomes An Inspiration
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★This disabled stray dog’s story could have ended tragically, but instead her life took a dramatic turn!

Meet Lily. She was one of many stray dogs living in South Africa. Even though she was partially paralyzed, she would scavenge the streets and schoolyards in Cape Town looking for food.

One day, her barking and scrounging at Luhlaza Secondary School Khayelitsha annoyed the principal. Principal Manono Makhaphela thought Lily’s barking was a “nuisance” and directed two of the school’s janitors to “get rid” of her by burying her alive!

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20 Comments on “Rescue a Stray Dog Who Was Buried Alive Because She Was A Nuisance Becomes An Inspiration”

  1. The principle and the janitors should be buried on the beach when the tide is out. What sort of message is he giving to the children ” IT’S OK TO TREAT INNOCENT PETS LIKE CRAP” thoes kids are the next generation of ABUSERS if he had his WAY. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND LOTS OF LOVE TO YOU ALL WHO LOOKED AFTER LILLY AND GOT HER BACK TO FULL HEALTH🤗🤗❤❤❤👍👍

  2. what a low life scum they should be in jail abusers so happy poor puppy was saued and found a great louing home godbless u all sending loue 2 all angels and lots loue 2 this louely puppy ❤❤🐶xx

  3. Ma io mi domando ..come ha fatto il cane finire seppellito così!! Non mi esprimo !!😠mi auguro che non sia stata messa li per fare un video !

  4. So glad Lily has a furever home. But to see one of the janitors who tried to bury her works at the clinic? Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t let him near any animal!

  5. Lily sweetheart I’m so happy for that u were rescued and u r healthy and happy now GOD BLESS U darling 💔😢😘😇🙏👍 But still I’m so sorry for what they did to u I know it was v cruel , I’m glad her abuser learned to love animals

  6. Gracias a estas lindas personas de gran corazón.Que Dios los bendiga por tan humana acción…MIL GRACIAS 🐕❤👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  7. Lily you are a WARRIOR!!!!
    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!


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