Real Guard Dog Attacks – Bull Terrier, Mastiff, Malinois (

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Cops, guard, as well as Defense pet dogs vs Intruders. This video compares the distinction in between these types of guard dog with genuine "captured on electronic camera" video footage and examples. Be sure to sign up for K9-1 if you take pleasure in learning more about dog behavior.

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48 Comments on “Real Guard Dog Attacks – Bull Terrier, Mastiff, Malinois (”

  1. Dog lover here – which is why I’ve never asked the following question – but, given some of the footage in your vid, gotta ask which calibre of bullet would you recommend to defend oneself and small innocent children from a large work dog that is attacking myself or the family inappropriately? I know a cop who shot a charging dobie in the head with a 38 but it ricocheted off its head. The dog got knocked down temporarily, but recovered and continued pursuit. Again, sorry to ask.

    1. Like the first response, any gun that can put down a human will do the same to a dog. I don’t know what state you’re in, but get the largest mag possible. In the heat of the moment, an inexperienced shooter will miss most shots, so the more bullets the have the better chance of stopping your target. The incident you described was most likely a freak occurrence where he skimmed the dogs head and didn’t penetrate enough to do any serious damage.

      May I ask why you feel the need to be prepared for that kind of attack? Most dogs aren’t going to attack children (though it does happen) so I’m assuming you’ll so whatever you can to not put yourself out anyone else in that situation. Hopefully you won’t have to.

    2. 9mm. (all pistol rounds are under powered, but 9mm is the bare minimum that can be reasonably expected to kill quickly).

    3. A .38 will do. You don’t fire one round and forget. You fire until the threat is eliminated, human or canine.

    1. Rayne Saucedo Not sure about that. My Doberman who i trained myself, did attack on command after an actual incident (just on instinct during actual incident) and did a damn good job. Alot of dogs are just fierce af by Nature 💙

  2. I feel by law if you have a suspect down they should make the dog stop, and for the one who sicked the dog on the old man that was leaving is wrong hope your dog got all his shots before you do that.people are so hateful. it’s more to having a dog. you have to feed give him shots, worm ,bathe him and teach him wright from wrong,not put them on people when they are compling

  3. these two clips of dogs protecting property was in south africa where break ins are part of lifealso the big brown dog was a boerboel yay SA.

  4. the two golden retrievers when the mom was trying to wack the kid with the shoe were very good dogs i would call them professional dogs

    1. The SS Jänsch That video is my favorite. You can clearly see that one dog is more of the warning (the one whose doing most of the barking), while the other physically blocks the mom from hitting the kid. I love the dog who blocked the kid because it didn’t actually bite the mom until it had to, and even then it was only a soft bite meant to keep the mom from moving her hand. It was really quite beautiful to see that behavior.

    2. Julia Crawford That’s about what I was going to say, but you said it better. Not only did the dogs put that hateful woman in her place, but that incident surely strengthened the bond the boy has with his dogs.

  5. I Live in italy I’ll choose a protection bread can Live in appartment and sheeds less.. I Think about cane corso rottweiler shafforshire riesenschnauzer and dobermann.. which bread You suggest me?

    1. gimmethewida I would personally choose an American pitbull terrier, or a bull terrier. Bull terrier especially can be smaller, more muscular, and have lots of personality! They make me laugh. Right now I have a pitbull mix and he is a sweetheart and is calm and laid-back, but still has a ferocious bark and bite–he is VERY protective of me.

    2. gimmethewida doberman. They are very protective. Of course get a European doberman. The American bred ones aren’t as muscular.

    3. gimmethewida chose a pit bull they are very protective dogs and are muscular to personally I would choose a German shepherd it’s one of my favorite breed of dog if I get a German shepherd I’ll name him raco

  6. Real dogs attacking, but mostly a training video. Except for a couple, most eventswere staged. Come on!

    1. Chi Nguyen that is correct. But maybe you forgot, dogs are descended from wolves, and have adapted to live with humans, but they still have 90% of their instincts and needs.

    2. XD It was from a documentary. Its a mix to prove their claim that certain traits can be observed in wild and domesticated dogs.

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