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DISCLAIMER: Service dogs are for those with disabilities and must be trained to certain standards. Please do not fraudulently try to pass off your pet as a service animal as it is a crime stated in the ADA.

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    1. +PawsandLove yes it will… idk why it bothers me some, but it does lol can’t you just edit it? XD

    2. This is what I noticed and though maybe I just missed something glad I’m not crazy 🥴 but hey people mess up and that can just bother tons of people now 🤣

  1. I don’t get why people bring dogs (or any other animal) into stores. Especially when there aggressive. I definitely dont have the confidence to just walk up to fakes with my service dog. I went into a store once and there were about 5 dogs there. All but one fakes. I basically hid and moved through the store hopeing I didn’t run into one. I had to pass one and it freaked out. Luckily it was small and the lady was holding it. I yelled “that’s not how a service dog behaves”. I then left because I didn’t want to hear the excuse she said and I was just done with panicking. My service dog (in training) did great and kept trying to alert to me panicking but I didn’t let him because I was scared that a aggressive dog would come around the corner. I do have some anxiety about working around other dogs so I am going to do a meetup with some other service dog handlers. It would help my anxiety and it would take my service dog to another step with not only ignoring dogs that we pass by but to also working next to them. Any way good video! Keep up the good content!

    1. Ivrysixkiller yes! Those two reasons are some main ones for me as well except my dog has zero issues around other dogs.
      My dog is not the problem at all and is amazing (you can watch any of my vids for proof lol)
      The problem is 100% me!
      Another problem is she’s a chihuahua and I’m a large dude with invisible disabilities and time and time again we see in the comments or videos how “the fakes are always chihuahuas”
      So people are hearing this and automatically think every small dog or chihuahua is an automatic fake smh

    2. +Lilly The Service Chihuahua And Dan sadly small dogs do get a bad rap for being fake, but I think its awesome you have one! Is there any particular reason you picked a Chihuahua? Lucky my dogs issue isn’t really bad like you see with fakes. He doesn’t lung, bark, whine (some service dogs in trainings this when still training), growl, or anything like that. This issue was caused by me. I didn’t spend a lot of time on dog distractions since he was always really good, till some stuff happened. Now its coming to bite me in the but lol. I’m not talking steps to train him out of this, hopefully it works and I don’t have to wash him.

    3. Ivrysixkiller it’s actually a really cool story on how I got Lilly but I’m going to be doing a video on it real soon because everyone asks so I don’t want to spoil it lol
      I went to the shelter to get a pet that I could cuddle with.
      She was a 7 year old chi and couldn’t even sit on command.
      I had never trained a dog before in my life.
      After I got her I was than diagnosed and started to train her just to give me something to do.
      She turned out to be so smart, always wanting to learn, so attentive and concerned about me that I couldn’t pass it up.
      Ppl said she’d never be a service dog.
      Than they started saying she couldn’t task like the big dogs (obviously she can’t do mobility unless it’s for a hamster lmao)
      Now they say “oh geez she does hand signals, commands in three diff languages, does more tasks than three large dogs combined?…..can you teach me???”


      I wouldn’t trade my dog for the world!

    4. Seriously, stop by and watch our vids at some point if you’re ever bored.
      I need to redo a lot of them cuz I never planned on having more than like ten subs lol so now I do a lot better on my vids and will be redoing a lot of our how to videos and stuff eventually

  2. NJ I would like to apologize to you, maybe 2 months ago I was on one of your streams and I use the word that I really didn’t understand. I called myself a ableist without knowing the true meaning of the word. What I meant to say is I am a non handicapped person, I don’t hate anybody with a disability and I just wanted to make sure you knew. I want to be considered an ally to the community, I really hope you could forgive me and accept me into this community but if not I understand

    1. +keith mooney lol Non handycaped is a more of a mouthful. But non handycaped many relates to ppl with phiscal disabilities. Not everyone with a disability is “Handy caped” and even some like me, with light mobility disabilities, but isn’t necessarily Handy capped. So non disabled relates to all disabilities and not just 1 category. But u can also say abled bodied. Although even thag doesn’t mean someone with a disability or illness isn’t able bodied. But thats better then useing the word “Handy capped”

  3. I love the videos! I have a sdit terrier mix named Dallas. He is doing well! You’re videos always make my day. I dunno, you probably won’t read that but with the small chance you do I wanted you to know how much you and your channel mean to me. 🙂 keep up the good work!

    1. +Kenta Usui Now why should I or anyone bother “Dming” you when you act like you can’t dm anyone? If you genuinely had proof, you would share it right here. Right now you just sound like a scam artist with conspiracy theories. Move along and quit trying to taint NJ’s name with your ignorant nonsense. I will not believe anyone who expects others to supposedly seek them out. If you can’t be bothered to do the work, don’t expect others to. You are not that high and mighty.

  4. Like sorry but from my experience Small dogs are more aggressive but not all small dogs are like I have small dogs (shih zus)

    I love your vids

    1. StyxNyx1 lmaooooo my daughter has a beagle and he has health issues so he’s a bit fluffy lol but I think it also affects his bark too.
      He doesn’t bark a whole lot thankfully but when he does oh my goodness lol it’s not high pitched but it sounds like the house is shaking and the windows are gonna blow out haha
      Imagine the beagle bark/howl thing but just really deep lol a lot of bass lol
      He really is all about that bass and no trouble lol literally and figuratively with his bark and himself haha

    2. +Lilly The Service Chihuahua And Dan Back atcha my friend! I just went and subbed you. I think you’re down to earth, mellow, and not full of a bunch of unnecessary drama…and that is awesome! You have the calmness that I have and can relate to you. Peace out dude. 💖✌️😄

    3. StyxNyx1 thank you so much! I really appreciate that a whole lot!!!!!
      You just made my day…well night lol twice!
      I’m headed to bed!
      Enjoy your evening and thank you again so much

    4. +Lilly The Service Chihuahua And Dan Yeah, Beagles have more of a hound dog bark, if I remember correctly. I could be wrong but it’s been ages ago since we had it and I’ve never heard another Beagle bark since then…thank the lord…lol.

    5. +Lilly The Service Chihuahua And Dan And I thank you too! I’m hittin’ the hay too. Goodnight, will see you on the flip side! 😴💤💤💤

  5. I’ve been a security officer at walmart for only a few months now and I am blown away by the number of people that brought in fake service dogs.

  6. I feel like doing this type of video puts you at the center of drama…instead of letting you live your life.

    Ultimately people are going to behave according to their morals. We can’t change them, and educating them on the Internet by calling them out like this isn’t going to help.

    1. LOL there’s literally PLENTY of proof.

      NJ put pressure on Hero’s head halter and he got mad about it and turned around and attacked a poodle puppy during a meet up. Luckily Hero only grabbed the puppy’s vest instead of her back or he would have done some serious damage .

      It’s not like I can pose screenshots in the comments, but that’s what happened and NJ admitted to it.

    2. LOl ok. I’ll gladly give you my Instagram name so you can get your proof.

      Screenshots from NJ HERSELF admitting to it.

  7. The fake service dog videos make me laugh uncomfortably. i.e-cringe.
    Also…Walmarts have an upstairs???
    My sister tried to tell me having a service dog is a phase….kill me-_-
    She’s not the kind of person you educate. She is crazy 😂😂😂😒

  8. I have a question how many of you people with service dogs have been accused of having a fake service dog simply because you do not want to put your service dogs picture up on the internet? show a paws…

  9. Thank you! I never understood why anyone would want to get near a stranger’s dog. If there is ever another dog around (service dog or not) I always get as far away as possible so neither my dog or myself get hurt.

  10. my friend and i got puppies at the same time last year (my current sdit) and she wanted him to be her service dog (she has a need for one) her parents said no, but she wanted to train him very well anyways (really good for the dog and the owner for bonding). she didnt start obedience training him until he was 6 months (i started my dog’s at 10 weeks old)
    at a year and 4 months old this dog only knows sit and my dogs ready for the PAT
    i know it sounds snobby but her dog wouln’t have made it as a sd bc its actually stupid

    1. I didn’t bully anyone. I at no point made any comments that were bullying. I explained my opinion after she asked for it. That’s not bullying, that’s honesty.

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