Puppy’s 1st crate training session: Clicker Training

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My Puppy's first clicker crate training session. I was really impressed! So smart.

I was going to call him Zoom until we started working on recalls and it just did not really sound right. It comes out weird! 🙁 So, he still does not have a name. 🙁

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23 Comments on “Puppy’s 1st crate training session: Clicker Training”

  1. Great work, Pam!!! I love how Border Collies learn so quickly, and I love watching them think as they learn!
    I suppose since you decided not to call him Zoom, what do you think of the name Rocket?

  2. @thatcrazyjack I was feeding them and dropping them food too. I really think that they are not confused, but I feed them anyway. 🙂 I was feeding them because they were patient and calm. I think that if I clicked my other dogs and did not feed the puppy that the puppy would get confused. THANK YOU!

  3. @hszucker I would love to meet you when you come out to visit! I know my dogs would love company. Thank you so much for watching my videos and for referring others to them. Have a great evening.

  4. @chihuahuabulldog Izzie was on the bed and Bandit was at my left ankle. They all loved it. I think Isabelle was happy to get free food for doing nothing again!!

  5. @thistlemiss He is with me unless he is sleeping in his crate and everytime he goes in his crate he has ice cubes for teething, a teething bone, a toy and a kong with some cream cheese in it. I want him to LOVE his crate. I know what you mean. Some people just toss them in as a way to get stuff done, but I just have him on leash and he has to be next to me. If he lies down when next to me doing dishes etc. I drop food between his paws. It is good to be next to mom. hehe!

  6. @thistlemiss Oh, you can use a playpen, but Twix would just pee in there and I did not want that to become a habit. He will not pee on the pee pads. He will pee right next to them. So, he is not ready for the playpen yet. 🙂

  7. @thistlemiss I like to reinforce the area the dog has to be left alone in, so even if I were training the dog to be in a crate, but leaving the dog in a pen- I would play “crate games” with the dog in the pen. Or if the dog was just being left in a room- play games with the room. No “poisoning” happens through conditioning. I would worry more about someone just leaving there dog in a room/crate/pen without working on conditioning first.

  8. @hunkymonkeykaine I hope you would know that I would never just toss him in his crate. I want him to love it! Bandit loves his crate and will go in when ever he chooses and he always goes in to sleep with the door wide open! It is so important to me to make sure my dogs love everything that I do with them.

  9. @Marypogo This training session was about 5 minutes long and I probably only had to do one or two after this. Dogs pick up clicker training FAST and they learn to love their crate with this method. My dogs all sleep in crates without doors. They choose to go in the crates because they love them and feel comfortable there. You can work on the invisible barrier training with the crate door at first. check out kikopup for some vids on barrier training. I have a few also.

  10. @Marypogo Every dog is different. Some pick things up very quickly and others take a little time. I love clicker training, because you can start training RIGHT away, it is humane, effective and fun for both trainer and trainee. 🙂 I call everything “cues” and to me the difference is a cue is a request to do a behavior. A command is a do it or else get a correction. If you train your dog what you want him to do and he is rewarded for good behavior, he will choose the proper behavior. 🙂

  11. That is a clicker and it marks the behavior that I like. It lets the dog know that I like that behavior and the dog then earns reinforcement for the correct behavior. This is the same method used in Zoo’s and at Sea World. 🙂

  12. I am uploading a video that is all about clicker basics right now. That will help you learn how to use the clicker effectively. 🙂

    1. I use regular kibble mixed with tiny bites of cheese. The kibble gets soft when mixed in with the cheese. I cut up tons and mix the cheese with kibble and then put it in zip lock bags and store it in my freezer. Hope that helps… Pam

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