Puppy Training – The Puppy Play Den!

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Learn how to use a puppy play den for potty training, chew toy training, and alone time management **** Download the FREE Simpawtico Basic Gear Buyer’s Guide here:


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Kong Training Video

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About this video: In this video Ian Stone from Simpawtico Dog Training shows you the how and why of a puppy play den for long-term confinement. Get your potty training on the fast track, avoid chewing mistakes, and teach your puppy how to enjoy alone time. It’s so easy to do! We’ll show you how!

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35 Comments on “Puppy Training – The Puppy Play Den!”

  1. Perfect, just what I needed, since I’m currently training my rescue beagle to stay alone for a bit – thank you 🙂

  2. These videos have been super helpful! I love the tips you give and the way everything is simple and easy but makes a huge impact. I have two adult dogs and now a puppy as well. Using these videos has made working with my puppy fun and simple giving me more time to just have fun with him.

  3. Great video, as always! It would be really great, if you could make a video on the first week or month when having a new rescue dog. What to consider, what to do, how to feed, when to feed, what to train first, how to build trust and so on! Thanks for your excellent work!

  4. Please don’t stop posting! Your videos are super clear and well produced, I’m sure it helped thousands of people like me.

  5. Great video as usual!
    Btw thank you for acknowledging not everyone will be able to take their puppie’s outside to potty. Living in an apartment, the weewee pads have been super helpful.

  6. Im getting a puppy in 5 weeks and Im binge watching your videos! Tysm for being so ambitous and i love your videos!

  7. If you put sod in a litter box wouldn’t it die pretty quickly? I have had my pup since 5 weeks old and I just went back to work she is about 3 and a half months now and the past 2 days I came home to accidents she is potty trained but has never been alone all day yet while I’m at work. I like the litter box idea but I feel like the grass will die super quick and that’s what she’s use to peeing in

    1. Hi Matt. Sod should actually last a while. Depends how thick the soil layer is on it. I’ve seen it in rolls in garden centers and it hangs around for a while. You may have to replace it a couple or three times until you’re done with the confinement space and/or your puppy can hold it longer. It actually gets easier the longer you use it because the puppy uses it less and less.

    2. Simpawtico Dog Training how long should you be using the potty area in the long term confinement area?

  8. How do you keep the DIY puppy toilet from smelling? I was leery of investing in that because pads are easier to pick up and throw away without much fuss.

    1. Well, you don’t. The smell is part of why it works. You can minimize it for your own comfort by picking up the poops and replacing the substrate regularly…just like you would a cat or even a guinea pig. It does take more work than pads, but good things usually do.

  9. Thank you for these videos! Sadly we don’t live near you, otherwise we would 100% be using your training facility – but these videos have proven more helpful than any of the trainers we have found around our area. Thank you!!!!

  10. Awesome video! I was wondering if using a puppy den changes nighttime routine at all? Should we still be getting up fairly often or does the puppy den allow for wiggle room with that? And should the puppy stay in the bedding/crate at night? Thank you!

    1. It’ll give you a *little* wiggle room, but taking the puppy outside as often as possible will only speed up your potty training. I would still grind through it myself, but the den can give you some relief.

    1. Hi Ed! Probably could pick up some pavers at a hardware store or a garden center. Maybe even a construction site? Something small and thin you could drop into a tray or pan ought to do the trick.

  11. I am so grateful this video crossed my path before we brought our Olde English Bulldog puppy. Of all your videos this is the one that has served me the most so far. Our girl had an unfortunate bought of diarrhea/stomach bug for over a week and if we did not have this set up I would have lost my mind since she was pooping in her crate because she was going so often and could not hold it.

    We used an exercise pen and a 36” wire crate with divider and a cover on it and put it in the living room where she can still feel she’s hanging out with us while in there. She really enjoys spending time in there with her Kong so it’s a great place to get her to settle down when she gets too bite driven and excited. For a waterproof floor I used a large plastic sheet that was designed to put under rolling office chair and that works perfectly for the space and messes clean up easily. Thanks again for all the advice your channel offers especially the puppy videos

    1. Lisandra Matthews thanks for sharing. The plastic office chair mat sounds like a brilliant idea!

  12. I love the idea of putting sod in a litter box! I do have a question though… how often would I need to change out the sod?

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