Puppy Housetraining – Using and sizing a crate

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Puppy housetraining tips. How to size a crate for a puppy. How to start the housetraining process. What to do if a puppy barks in the crate.

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36 Comments on “Puppy Housetraining – Using and sizing a crate”

  1. Jack, glad you liked it. Keep an eye out for more videos, and visit WatchandTrain and ask questions on my forums if you need more help.

  2. Ahh I wish I had watched this before we got my husky puppy . He has been sleeping on my bed since we got him 8weeks ago well know he wakes up at 1

  3. A piddle place is also great for allowing the puppy the comfort of relieving themselves when you can’t be home. Live the crate training. My Kippers thanks you

  4. hey jeff i bought the biggest cage for my sheppard and he is going crazy lol should i put shoe boxes in there to take up space?

  5. You are very welcome! There is a lot of research out there that talks about dogs lowering blood pressure and all kinds of emotional positives. Dogs can be a lot of work, but I am glad that my videos are helping you with your confidence. Good luck to you.

  6. From my point of view, that puppy cried barked and this guy went up turned around and opened the crate. Wont the pup think “Alright very time i cry this guy is gonna stand up do a 360 spin and reward me with treat+let me out.”

    1. It is important to wait until a puppy is quiet before coming back. If you are concerned, wait for a longer period of silence before coming back. Dogs learn through behavior patterns. If you do not come back when he is barking, he will eventually learn that it doesn’t work. 

    1. Hеу thеrе. Sо this is so this is а соmmоn misссоnсерtiоn pоpрррulаrizеd bу trаditiоnаl dоg trаiners thаt rеlу оn tооls tо makе lifе unplеаsаnt when their dоg dоеs nоt реrfоrm аs dеsirеd. Herе’s а vidеo thаt will еxрlаin thе dоminааnсеее myth: ==> https://twitter.com/2bc7e3a38aa95937f/status/742623739800653824 Puрруy Hоusееeеtrаining Using аnd sizing а сrаtе

  7. i have an 8 week old boxer, when i take him out to potty he never ever does, how do i get his sweet spot if he doesn’t potty at all????

    1. He might be nervous. Work on desensitizing him to the environment by giving him treats around stimuli outside. Good luck.

    2. Thanks for your help your video helped us a lot. We were told to not to let him walk where grown dogs walk when he was smaller to prevent Parvo. He is house broken but won’t go to the bathroom away from the house. Any suggestions?

    3. Not eliminating away from the house is often a sign of anxiety. Keep socializing him and work on slowly giving him confidence. Parvo is a real concern. Discuss this with your vet to keep him healthy. Good luck.

    1. You are welcome! GSDs are smart, athletic dogs. He will need a lot. 2-3 hours of physical and mental exercise per day is not uncommon, for instance. Stick with him and give him a TON of socialization. It will pay off.

  8. If you want to train your dog fast here and some tips that will make the process not only easier but much faster. just search google; “galid dog training”

  9. I’m getting a Yorkshire terrier in 2 weeks and I’m shopping for a cage, they say he’ll grow to 4-5 pounds. I can’t decide between a medium size cage or just a small cage. I don’t know what would be better for him. Help please!!

  10. So you recommend this fora dog while at work your nuts a dog needs space and freedom. Yes for short periods of time a crate would be good or as a refuge but a dog proof room is better. It smacks of lazy people wanting everything just so looking at their own selfish needs god help if a dog chews something!!!! Just look at zoo animals in small cages much larger than these. Look at their reaction and you know dam well this latest craze is bloody nuts unless as I said for short periods of time. Classic conditioning as used here does not mean a dog is happy it means it is brainwashed. As I said it is not suitable too keep a dog in a cage for long periods!!!! Remember also you could always have a crate in a dog proof room so it could be free to go in and out when it wants to!

    1. Hi Julie. It is okay if a dog chews something? How about an electric cord, a plastic bag with food or anything else that can burn down a house, or hurt your dog? Lazy people? I worked with my Collie when he was a puppy for more than three hours per day and then … put him in his crate! You know what? He was happy, quiet, and often sleeping in there.

      A crate is not a replacement for physical and mental stimulation, but a way to keep dogs and houses safe. Lazy? No. Smart and safe. Yes.

    2. I am with Julie on this – only crates should be used for a shorts period of time when you pop out briefly.

  11. This is the best style of crate training video to watch.

    Not only informative and factual, but includes a visual demonstration, which makes all the difference to new puppy owners

  12. When I take my puppy out then try to get him to go back in he panics and runs off. So taking him out at night and trying to get him back in has been a nightmare. Any tips?

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