Protective Dog Obedience (

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Utilizing "structure design dog training" to include control to a naturally protective pet dog. Most likely to locate instructors that utilize this design. Please subscribe as well as follow us to maintain to this day on structure style dog training.

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37 Comments on “Protective Dog Obedience (”

  1. Wouldn’t it be more comfortable if the dog would be more quiet? Like when she’s told that ‘it’s ok’ that she actually knows it’s ok and stops barking?

    1. They’re professionals. I’m not trying to diss you but I think they know what they’re doing. At least I hope so. My stepdad never has his hands in suits and he’s a K-9 trainer.

  2. how do you start to train your dog to protect you on command? I’m moving to a new city and I was thinking of getting a German Shepherd but how would I begin training him to attack on command if a situation ever came up where I would need him to?

    1. I’ve learned with my shepherd, Belle, that most German Shepherds are naturally protective of their owners. If you take the dog with you someplace where their could be potential danger, the dog will get a protective instinct if they sense something’s wrong. If they end up protecting you. Give the dog lots of praise and it’ll start to know that that’s good to do. But as that owner you also have to have extreme control. My best advice would be to talk to a professional dog trainer and see what they recommend. My advice does not qualify as professional advice. It’s only a suggestion.

  3. i find it funny that their conversation is so dumb and the dog thinks they’re in an intense argument x’D

    1. Attack dogs aren’t trained to kill… wolves go for the throat because its a good way to kill their prey. Attack dogs are trained to go for the arms/legs, because its a good way to disable the attacker.

  4. My dog never lets anyone near me otherwise she goes for them I’m just sad she died on Boxing Day 😭😭😭

    1. Why should the dog shut up? Barking is a great deterrent to intimidate people. Maybe YOU should wear a muzzle.

    2. +aubrey Aubrey The dog is only barking because they are simulating a real life dangerous situation. It’s not like the dog just barks all day long.

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