Protection Dog Training 9-24-16 (

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Protection canine training clips from Bite Club at Paladin Facility ran by K9-1 Specialized Pet Training. Make use of the video clip cards to communicate and dive deeper into our educational video clips. If you appreciate our work please visit our pet dog training community at

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21 Comments on “Protection Dog Training 9-24-16 (”

    1. I’ve had some close calls, but all the dogs needs to finish off-leash control work before we do any “real” bite work so this greatly decreases the chance of an accident.

  1. When the dog’s are directed to bite the “perpetrator” and they bite the arm, aren’t they being conditioned to only bite the arm then? I understand at the end when the dog gets rewarded with the “kill” which is the bite jacket, but it makes me wonder in a real-life scenario if the dog will always be looking for a sleeve or arm to bite.

    1. It depends what stage of training the dog is in and what type of training drill. We mainly teach new skills in “prey” where it is less stressful and “fun”, but we proof in more realistic scenarios usually involving muzzle work and agitators wearing regular clothes. You can never be sure what a dog does unless you specifically train for the situation.

  2. The dog bites the decoy without being provoked? Just by pointing to him? And then you go for a walk with this dog at the park?

  3. Fella’s, I used your foundation training with my GSD, am a former member, and have followed you for years. Are you going to expand or corroborate with trainers on the west coast? California (yes the commie state)? Thanks for putting out the great content!

    1. yes, we have two trainers on the West Coast and more to come. We will put out more info soon on our expanding network of trainers, but for now we have a trainer search on our website. Thank you for the support!

    1. Our obedience club is mixed. It just happens that bite club is mostly Shepherds at the moment. All breeds are welcome to come train with our obedience group. There are requirements for bite club but being a Shepherd isn’t one of them.

  4. Regarding the “follow” command (yes, this is the serious question after my off-topic one, as usual):

    It implies for the dog that an attack command will follow (I see it useful for non-violent situations)? what are the differences between the heel command and the follow command? And how do you teach it? I’m not aware of any video published covering it.

    1. The heel command is for obedience and control with the dogs owner. The follow command is not taught like the heel and is meant specifically to follow someone else who the dog is directed to. We teach a traditional heel which focuses on the dog staying behind our heel and ideally not walking parallel to us.

    2. We do not have a video specifically on the “follow” command although we will in the future. We basically encourage the behavior of following the agitator at a position similar to “heel” but favor the right side. This puts the dog in a better position for the average agitator (who is normally right handed) and also if the handler were to come closer and escort someone with the dog, the dog can easily be in the middle of agitator and handler if the handler wants to switch the dog back to heel position (which is on handlers left side). There will eventually be a video on if you stay subscribed.

  5. i have a problem with my dog she’s very submissive to people, i wanted her to be somewhat average aggressive for protection.

    1. Ruby Autor Submission is good. It’s just a matter of positively reinforcing certain behaviors you want that will lead to eventual protection such as barking at suspicious people or strangers and confidence building will certainly help.

  6. Im going to be on the receiving end in a bite suit in a few weeks, i think what im looking forward to most is the dog being in charge of me

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