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Personal Defense Course for pet dogs and their trainers. This week we did a rescue drill and a pertaining to the aide of handler drill. We educate for protection just in this course and also control work is required initially. You could go to sign up for classes or most likely to k9-1. com to get more information concerning us.

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    1. +Toban Frost We train all breeds but it is easy to do this type of training with the shepherd breeds. Not all dogs or even shepherds have the genetics to take to this naturally.

  1. What is a reasonable price for a GS puppy? It seems that prices vary. I would just like to have a gs puppy and raise him/her myself. My dad bought a Jack Russel when I was a kid but she has always been by his side. It would be cool to have that kind of relationship with a dog of my own and i have always wanted a GS.

    1. +Frosty Dingo Wow thats awesome actually. Yea i see a lot with strong blood lines for over 1000 and that doesnt seem reasonable. Thanks for the reply.

    1. +BigRedUSMC Technically its a way of life and the dogs never really “finish”, they just keeping learning more skills. In general a dog needs to be about 2 years of age before they are mature enough to do a decent job though. So a dog can be doing basic protection in one training session at that age, or a dog can be doing training for 2 years prior to prep for the protection training and have more control and targeting skills that are learned through games and other training. We have one dog in the video “Fritz” that has been coming to us for 9 years. He is almost 10 years old.

    1. confidence is what you can focus on ,have her jump on chairs and tables , tug of war and let her win more than you ..make sure you pet her and praise her hard , you will build her confidence like that , and of course basic obedience

  2. Do you train dog how to handle a gun shooting and to take down the gun first before finish the enemies? Do you teach that? 2-4k a month for training is not really matter actually. Can you tell me how long does it take to fully trained a dog with zero knowledge ?

  3. I just tried to register for your website and the papal part isn’t working for express checkout or recurring checkout so i can’t register. Please fix 🙂

  4. Not bad .
    Would like to see the dog reaction to totally passive civil decoy and no muzzle . Muzzle puts the dog in drive. Also I would like to see the dog to react from “calm” and not from drive. .

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