Premack Principle in Dog Training, An example by

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Premack Principle is a have to know regulation for any kind of canine instructor or trainer who needs a far better relationship as well as less problem with their canine. It is the most effective method to teach your canine that you have their benefit in mind as well as stay clear of the brutal adjustments and also fights in between effort dogs and also their handlers that are so usual in traditional working pet styles. The Dutch Guard in the video clip is Chaos that was reproduced by Logan Haus Kennels and is trained as well as owned by Nathaniel Bonilla that is a Certified Structure Design Pet Dog Trainer. Find out about the training design as well as the best ways to discover help from Nate as well as other Foundation Style Dog Trainers at

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14 Comments on “Premack Principle in Dog Training, An example by”

  1. Awesome work, great job. Its hard to find this quality of handling and training with intense working dogs. In every video you guys post you can see that all the ground work has been laid out and repeated time and time again in order to help these animals reach there full potential.    

  2. WHAT IS positive punishment and negative reinforcement! A reply with examples and description would be greatly appreciated by me and my pooch!

  3. I wish I learned near your training facility. Protection training is my passion and you guys know what you’re doing

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