9 Comments on “Potty Training a Puppy: Step 1-Den Training”

  1. hi, I like your training of your puppy. You might want to worm him as there was mucus and the long worm in the stool. Could be tapeworm. not a vet , but We’ve had enough pups with worms. It’s just part of puppy hood. Looking forward to more videos, take care and keep teaching those people who are just starting out. Peace

    1. Susie Jett Yup we just adopted a boston terrier and we noticed some live rice looking worms in his feces so we took him to the vet right the next morning and gave him a tapeworm dewormer and they looked just like that but flat and the worms were dead.

    1. JUDE FABELA, well I know that! And you know that! But why the hell is it in the video? There are a shitload of other ‘poop pics’ on the internet she could’ve used (pun intended) lol. 💩

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