Potty Train your puppy in 3 days : Burb Wife

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Potty train your new puppy in 3 days , yes 3 days with these easy to follow steps!


Nilow – ( LisaMitchell ) – Neopolitan Dreams

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42 Comments on “Potty Train your puppy in 3 days : Burb Wife”

    1. There are several factors in potty training methods. One plan I found which succeeds in merging these is the Perfect Potty Path (check it out on google) without a doubt the most useful treatment i’ve seen.Check out all the awesome info .

  1. Hi Burb wife, appreciate a lot for your video!! I have a 9-week-old female boston terrier puppy called Oreo, and I am finding significant difficulties doing potty training! The puppy simply does not recognise the ‘pad’ and just pee at random spots instead.We put her on the pad many times, but what she does is smell and walk away (then pee at another spot). Also she cries ALL THE TIME when she’s in the crate!! We want to get her out and comfort her when she cries, however, we are also afraid that she thinks crying works! I really need your advise! Thanks!!!

    1. +HYPERCHIC H the pee pad thing I can help with… You’re going to want to dab the pee spot with a tissue and then dab the pee on the pee pad. Bring your dog over and tap on the pad and use your trigger word. “Pee” … As for the crate, start feeding them in the crate, giving them treats there door open. Keep the door open and let them sort of wander in there .. eventually close the door for a bit while they are doing the above activities .. they will learn that the crate is not a bad thing. Boston terriers are a handful bur they are the best I’ve had one. Patience ! It will work !! 🙂

  2. Hey Zak, hey guys, I just had a puppy maltepoo, 8 weeks old .. I am potty training her and she sometimes pees inside the house in the same spot .. I read that white vinegar mixture 1-1 with water is a good repellent and great cleaner. I am tempted to use this method and see if it works. Many actually swear by it .. Is there anyone here tried it or anyone knows the pros and cons? Thanks xx

    1. Bel Seghaier I always use vinegar to clean my puppies pee. Not only does it take away the smell but I also think it does a good job of cleaning the carpet pretty throughly. My landlord even recommended it to us and obviously she wants to keep the carpets nice 🙂

  3. My fiancé “secretly “ bought me a puppy for Christmas little does he know that I’m aware lol. I’m nervous and excited since I haven’t dealt with puppy problems for about 15 years now but here I am absorbing all the puppy knowledge that i can

  4. Hey just wanted to give you an update on the puppy I got for Christmas! She actually picked up on the potty training fairly quickly thank you for the video!

    1. Thank you!! I need to make more videos they aren’t all funny .. the only other funny one is the Kat von d one but I’ll be making more soon! Hope you subscribe !

  5. My 12 week old female Golden Retriever thinks that outside is only for play. How do I get her to focus on toileting outside instead of goofing off? PS she pees A LOT.

    1. Try Staying outside a little longer and go to a spot you want the dog to “go”. Also have some treats with you so that you can praise the dog. If he/her doesn’t do it outside, make sure you watch the dog when it’s inside, make sure you catch them in the act so you can lift them and take them outside and go to the spot. Reward the dog after it does this, then it should start getting used to going to do its business outside.

      Edit: I forgot to say that you should take your dog out frequently, depending on how old your dog is. You should get an idea to when to take your dog out, dogs will usually give out signs that usually means they want to pee/poop, such as Sniffing, going around in circles, staring at you, looking/stretching the door, tail is straight, etc.

  6. What is the best way of potty training 4 month old fearful puppy I’ll walk her outside for 20 minutes at a time but she does not potty ever outside she will come inside and within 5 minutes she’ll potty inside I think cuz she so scared but please give me tips

  7. How can I potty train my 6wk old puppy so when he has to go potty he goes on the pad I have inside his play pen. I have his bed, water , pee pad , and toys in there , but he doesn’t pee on the pad he always pees somewhere else

    1. I have a BIG TIP!!! Keep them on a 6 ft nylon leash so they can only reach – potty area, water, food, and kennel/rest. Be sure they don’t get all tangled. Only release to hold or play with you… groom…. Serious training time. Limiting pups territory is key to success. Good luck… 🙂 IMPORTANT you clean up everywhere but the waste area… Otherwise you won’t have success…

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