Police K9 Bite Training – Excellent Dutch Shepherd (K9-1.com)

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Police style bite training for K9's. This Dutch Shepherd is trained to bite deep as well as tough to avoid suspect from leaving. Shallow bites will certainly cause only torn garments and possible getaway. "boxing in" with the bites will likewise penalize a suspect for resisting the K9. Do not try to educate your own dog by enjoying this video clip, it is for educational purposes just. You can however lean more concerning our style of pet dog training on our website:

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16 Comments on “Police K9 Bite Training – Excellent Dutch Shepherd (K9-1.com)”

  1. Holland “create” policedogs to sell them all over the world: US army/navy, China, France lots of more!! 🙂

  2. Thanks “money maker” for your insightful comment and canine gaydar. Very appreciated thanks.

  3. Basically it is more convenient and more realistic to what what be available in non-training scenarios.We use harnesses mostly on pups who don’t have as much muscle development around the neck.Adults we use 2 inch wide PADDED collars.This reduces the overall pressure on a smaller area of the neck.It is important to preserve the airway of working dogs.If a dog gags on these,it is either to loose or the dog may have past trachea damage from a choker collar or any thin collar.Then we use harness.

  4. Good stuff, as always – dog is trained to apprehend rather than maul the suspect. Every one, even high on drugs, should surrender after a first bite. The video is a nice example but if it lasted so long IRL I would imagine that suspect would certainly lose his arm.

  5. Very nice dog. Very nice decoy work. I’d take that young guy on the street or to Afghanistan any day, and I’ve done both. Have you started any detection work with him yet or is a straight apprehension dog?

  6. Thanks for that insightful answer guys! I always love to watch your videos. I do personal protection work in Sydney, Australia with my WL GSD Roscoe (working with a trainer named Steve Courtney from K9 Pro), so always love to see others doing the same 🙂

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