Pitbull Attack Training (K9-1.com)

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Method makes ideal in personal protection pet dog training to get ready for many unpredictable situations. That's why we educate two times weekly with our clients. Figure out more at

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23 Comments on “Pitbull Attack Training (K9-1.com)”

  1. Customer: “Im not satisfied with your poor service”

    Employee: “are you satisfied with this”


  2. Please take 10 pounds of that Am Staff. Also, please don’t train Am Staffs for attack work. They are not really a guard breed. A good am staff (or pit bull) is people friendly. I have titled them to SchH III, but that doesn’t mean they are “attack dogs”. People who are afraid of other people should get a gun, not risk getting an entire breed in trouble when their dog leaps out of car and nails someone. In most cases the dog ends up put to sleep…

  3. We took your advice. We found out Am Staff’s are actually a dog fighting breed. We now train the dog for DOG FIGHTING and took 10 pounds off of him so he can fight in a lower weight class. He is doing GREAT at it! Can’t thank you enough for the advice!

    1. Lialani Kaija ALSO trying to figure out.
      Is this serious or just really well-played, blunt sarcasm? (Which I hope by the way, Of course, that it’s sarcarm)

  4. AM STAFF!!
    I love them so much! I (well, my dad, but you know) have a pit american bulldog and she is the sweetest, cuddliest dog I have ever know… and I’ve known allot XD
    she’s 16 months right now, and I have no doubt she would do something if there was ever a threat… especially since she was raised at juvenile hall where my dad works.
    she’s also super submissive to other dogs – not a mean gene in her… or at least until a big tall man comes in, then it’s all protective.
    (I have 5 dogs right now, most of which are from the pound… I hope I can adopt this beautiful 10 month German shepherd for my personal dog as my lab doesn’t get along with me very well… but the GDS is perfect… I’d love her so much –
    first dog I go to see when I volunteer!
    (love your vids btw, best protection training ones I’ve seen)

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