Pete Nelson Builds the Ultimate Dog House | Treehouse Masters

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Treehouse Masters' very own Pete Nelson shows us how to build a DREAM doghouse – perfect for both big and small dogs! Follow along with this awesome backyard DIY project.

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42 Comments on “Pete Nelson Builds the Ultimate Dog House | Treehouse Masters”

    1. +Trish Sunarko
      Possibly because the dog could smell the chemicals in “that beautiful yellow-wood” : up to 2003 chromated copper arsenate (CCA), an extremely toxic chemical was used, and after 2003 amine copper quat (ACQ) and copper azole (CA) became the norm.

    2. +barkebaat It’s actually copper chromium, cca is a special order product and typically isn’t ready available for the consumer market at say a home improvement store. You go in most places to get PT material and it’s copper chromium

  1. nice job, but pressure treated wood isn’t all that great for animals, the arsenic that’s in it leaches out and can be poisonous. the other option to building one thats not out of treated wood is to do it the same way they build a house. non treated 2×4’s exterior plywood and siding or instead of siding exterior paint.

    1. Studies have shown that CCA-treated lumber does leach chromium, copper and arsenic into the surrounding soil. The migration of these elements appears to be limited. In addition, research has not clearly shown a long term negative impact upon plants or animals.

  2. ONLY USE PRESSURE TREATED WOOD IN PLACE THE DOG WILL NOT COME IN CONTACT WITH IT!!! Pete’s the best but this pressure treated wood floor was freakin’ nuts!

    1. Robert Salas . You don’t know me. My house is clean! It doesn’t smell at all. You’re judgmental opinion doesn’t apply to everyone. Just because we own pets and take good care of them doesn’t mean we’re all pigs.

    2. +Robert Salas I hope you do not have any pets if that’s the way you think.

      I bet you smell worse than my dog, and she loves taking baths! Even so, having pets doesn’t mean you live in filth. If you do, that is because you as the carer/house owner is filthy.

      There are filthy people who live alone..
      I would love to know how you ‘know your kind’ what are you a psychic? haha you’re clearly just an angry soul that needs some happy pills, you can’t be that dumb to generalize people like that. Who do you think you are?

    3. +monique Muffin hahaha haha ouch ! not only I was not talking to you ,but I supposed the truth hit you in the ribs and you got upset . I do have pets and my pets have a huge clean back yard with a nice house for them with heater and air conditioning,. they love it out side , my house gets cleaned 3 times a week by our cleaning lady . so my house is always clean . I have 3 yorkies but they sleep in their house outside. you probably sleep with your dog because you are lonely fat person ,I wouldn’t be surprised if you rub yourself with peanut butter in your parts and let your dog please you . you filthy fat person .hahaha haha. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    4. +Robert Salas what a sick mind you have. hope you keep your sick thoughts in your head!

      and look at you fancy pants, you seem like a fun good not at all lazy kind friend to have, is that why you made your dogs your neighbours? to make it seem more realistic?

      ahaha anyway clearly i’m talking to a psychopath so i’ll stop giving you human communication, because obviously you can’t handle that.

  3. it’s a pretty dog house, but it’s not a good dog house unless it’s really meant to serve more like a playhouse. windows + visible gaps between wall boards + way too tall means it may provide shade in hot weather but no protection from cold weather. all in all, a rather expensive way to provide some shade for your pet, but a fun way to spend an afternoon making a yellow wood commercial.

  4. People seem to think that modern pressure treated wood is still treated with arsenic which it isn’t, it’s treated with copper chromium (the same thing that lines the copper pipes in houses) hence when ever fresh treated wood is exposed to water it turns green (now go have a look at your pipes). It’s a modern day myth that just doesn’t hold any ground now a days, I mean do you really think the EPA would allow people to use pressure treated wood in water way applications like piers if it wasn’t safe?

  5. you didnt show how to build a dog house, you showed a time lapse of your doghouse being worked on. you did show tools though so thats cool….yea helpful…

    1. Gorilla Chad, still looking step by step tutorials. I already have a dog house, here in Florida the mosquitoes are really bad, so I need to build a shed in front of it so my dog can get out of his infested mosquito pen.

  6. I guess you better not let you dog lay on your deck anymore. It’s too dangerous because of the pressure treated wood. 🙂

    1. Not FBI you got a point but I’m not a terrorist I’m just 15 and why would I be one of them I don’t have 7 Virgin waiting for me when I die
      they’re already waiting in my bed for tonight
      Jaime vraiment t video continue comme ça

  7. Studies have shown that CCA-treated lumber does leach chromium, copper and arsenic into the surrounding soil. The migration of these elements appears to be limited. In addition, research has not clearly shown a long term negative impact upon plants or animals.

    1. Justin Stubbs cca pressure treatment has been banned since Jan 1st 2004. Since that time pressure treated wood as been manufactured with benign levels of cooper and no chromium or arsenic. As a result treated wood doesn’t last as long but is perfectly safe for use around people and pets and in your vegetable garden. The irrational fear of treated wood continues to be perpetuated by uninformed individuals on the internet.

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