Personal Protection Dog Training (

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Personal defense pet dog training by K9-1 held at Paladin Center in Carmel, NY. These courses are for owners of naturally protective canines that have actually demonstrated obligation of ownership and have completed all 3 phases of our obedience programs. Protection training for normally safety dogs is 90 percent control job et cetera is fine tuning just what is natural. You can see our instructional videos of how we educate the pets on our channel. Our assistance website where you could connect with the canine fitness instructors and area directly is located at

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    1. An easy way is that you can hold a cookie in front of your dog, but dont let the dog reach it… then say “bite” and give the cookie to your dog. We also have a different way that we use in this video. Go to our channel and look at our playlists. We never ever do protection training unless the dog is first trained in full off-leash control and the dog is managed responsibly.

    1. Most formal bite work we do not do until a dog is mature enough at 2 years of age, but we do teach biting as a game when the dogs are puppies by playing with tug toys.

    1. Dog Training by Hello K 9-1, I have a six year old German Shepherd/Akita mix. He was a farm dog, ran free. I now live in town and would like to be taught how to train him with word commands. He’s awesome on leash, and with people, squirrels, roaming cats, while I walk him. I’d like to be a better controller. He’s intelligent. I want him to learn word commands while off leash. I know I can teach this old dog new tricks! Any info. will be appreciated. I don’t want to have a backpack of treats strapped to my back, lol! One more thing, while leash walking we came around the hedge, face into a girl. He was perfect! As we continued down the street a woman, acting strangely, seriously she was a zombie! was coming towards us. He sensed her before I could see her, this was at 10:30 pm. As she approached he went, attack dog. I told her to stop, but she continued toward us and passed one foot beside us. Max was still going into protective mode. She was not phased! I fell, due to Max going Cujo. I need to learn to train him in voice command so that this will be avoided.

    2. Dog Training by what kind of dogs do y’all train like do y’all train-
      Mix pitbull-I know y’all trains rotties and German shepherds

  1. I was wondering if a poodle could be trained to protect an owner like this? I’ve only seen German Shepherd – like dogs so far

    1. Pukamaroo I’m sure any breed of dog can be trained to do this. I’ve seen Chihuahuas be trained to do this.

    2. +The MinecraftNoob Haha, that’s amazing. I was pretty sure you could train any dog to protect, but I know that poodles aren’t very strong and they’re bites aren’t very effective compared to other breeds. But thanks! I’ve been thinking about having my poodle trained like this.

  2. I’d have to say the dog that preformed the best is the black dog, absolutely not a peep! but he was still aware just calm about it, and then he listened to commands the best and sprung into action right as he needed to!

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