21 Comments on “OFFICIAL RUFF HOUSE KENNEL 2018!!!!!”

  1. Omg!! Three grand??! For one if those? That are pets. They are companion animals. They are only worth $600 max. I’m sure you know nothing about the breed. Maybe, maybe some titles on Tank. Why maybe? Because it would cost YOU money. Crap dogs

  2. Can you do a video or tell me why on tall guy car review when he was biting the guy with the suit why his mouth kept bleeding🤔🤔

  3. Hope construction is going well & we get to see future videos showcasing more of the dogs & puppies Tank & the female produce.

  4. Researchers from the University of Bristol’s Anthrozoology Institute recently examined videotapes of 30 police-trained German shepherds as they spent time in their kennels after work. What they found was that the animals showed tell-tale signs of extreme stress and even temporary mental illness.

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