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Henry and I are always learning and growing, making changes along the way. It took us nearly two years to solidify what task work was best for my health and as those needs change so will his job. Remember that all teams are different and same diagnosis does not equal same needs or abilities. Check out our Instagram to catch Henry in action and watch our story for more of his daily working life!


Thank you for watching! This channel features small moments of our greater lives so before you comment just remember we are human (well half of us is at least) and we are trying our best. Lets remain positive and constructive.

Welcome! I'm Jessica and with me (always) is my Golden Retriever sidekick, Henry. Our videos cover all things related to service dogs, chronic illness and just life in general! Each week we'll have two videos, one surrounding mostly Henry and the other a more in depth view into our lives, struggles and ADVENTURES.


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20 Comments on “MY SERVICE DOGS JOB | Service Dog Specific”

  1. Hi! Not sure if you ever looked into it but you may not have to use bracing, counterbalance may suit your needs!! If you search here on YouTube “service dog uses counterbalance” to help their handler from a seated position, it’s the first video!! I imagine you know this but in case you or others don’t it’s best to use counterbalance as opposed to bracing bc it’s less impactful to the dog’s body since it’s a pull vs push (I don’t mean literal push, I mean weight sorry😂)

  2. My pups name is Lillie! I’m also on a waitlist for a service dog who I’ll hopefully get next summer. Don’t know their name yet 🙂

  3. We have a golden named Logan, a black lab named Bailey and a service dog in training named Kimba! (We won’t keep her, we just raise them and send them off to help better someone else’s life. So rewarding😊 service dogs are the best)
    We love Henry❤️ and his squeaking 😂

  4. I have EDS also, I’m training my pup Bimmer for Psychiatric, Autism, PTSD and mobility in the future. Can we talk a bit about the training you’ve done and techniques ? I’m trying to find some that will work for him and I, just trying to get some ideas!

  5. My pups name is Django (@goldendjango). We’ve been long time followers of your insta and can’t wait to see your YouTube channel grow ✨

  6. My pups names are Tilda and Kevin! Both are pups that were born and raised in the guide dog foundation and were released for medical reasons. We have followed you guys for awhile and I didn’t realize you guys had a YouTube channel! ❤️

  7. My dogs name is Favor! She is a yellow lab and has been my service dog for a year now. She is a program dog so I got her “fully trained” bit I am always working on adding more helpful and fun tasks. I love your videos!!

  8. Golden Retriever named Henri, from Wisconsin😉SD in training, and doing amazing so far. Today I had several anxiety attacks, and he interrupted every single one and then followed that with DPT. That’s the first time he did it while not training. And I was so so proud!❤️😊

  9. Lily! She’s a 4 month old golden and we want to service train her! Instagram is jessicareichard if you are interested in seeing cute pictures of Lily😋

  10. Pet- Setsuna (sets-uh-nuh). He’s a Shiba Inu! New coming prospect, Winterfell’s Forrester. Basil. 🐾 He will be a Bernese Mountain Dog

  11. My golden boys name is Kirby! His IG handle is @golden_kirby! We love y’all and appreciate you sharing your story! ❤️

  12. I have a Golden service pup the same age as Henry! They look super similar with their dark fur too:) My dog’s name is Misiu (pronounced Meeshu)

  13. 🐶🌻Wesley is my serivce dog in training here in Australia.
    He’s a crazy golden retriever who go crazy when ever broccoli is around.

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