Mother goes off at service dog handler after daughter petting plea is refused

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A service dog handler was forced to say no to a pushy mother who allowed her daughter to approach the dog who was in training.

The footage, filmed December 19 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, shows the mother shouting at the service dog handler Megan Stoff because her daughter wasn’t allowed to pet the dog.

The woman in the video can be heard arguing with the handler saying: “You should have a sign saying you can’t pet!”

Stoff can be heard replying to the shouting woman: “It’s illegal to harass service dogs!".

Megan told Newsflare: "The mother walked away and continued about her business. Suddenly she came back to argue because she was mad the handler didn’t apologize to her."


78 Comments on “Mother goes off at service dog handler after daughter petting plea is refused”

  1. Honestly it doesn’t matter if it’s a service dog or not. If the owner doesn’t want anyone touching their animals, then that’s the end of that.

    1. +TROOPERfarcry not once did i ever claim it was acceptable to touch a pet without consent. You’re the one making a false argument by putting words in my mouth. Ive made my argument quite clear.

    2. I totally agree,
      My dog is nervous in public, and very shy around strangers
      I hate it when people pet her without my permission because she doesnt like it and neither do i, it is disrespectful and causes problems for me because my dog is scared and wont come out of the corner
      I cant not take her out, she needs to walk for exercise
      I just wish people had manners

    3. People need to respect their wonderful service animals. Read a book. Ask questions and learn. Teach your children why they are wearing vests and what they do and how important it is not to disturb the dogs on duty. So sad. 😮

  2. It looks like she’s not used to being told “NO”!
    If a dog is working, NEVER touch it!
    My friend Danny, when I was growing up, who happened to be blind, got hit by a car because a few kids decided to distract his dog while he started to cross the street!
    He stuttered from then on..
    AND, it took him months to get up the nerve to go outside by himself again!

    Too many A-holes with blinders on out there!

    1. well I guess he got a badly trained dog then. that is the whole point of the training of a service dog, they don’t get distracted. its not the kids fault, seeing how they are kids, but the trainers fault for not doing his job.

    1. I feel very sorry for the lawyer who has to deal with lawsuits over whether or not a client’s kid got to pet a stranger’s dog.

    2. Marc Gnuel
      Not naive at all. My Aunt was a Lawyer until she retired, and she is a very compassionate, friendly and caring person. Often lawyers are considered soulless because they defend criminals in court, or do other such things normally considered immoral under normal circumstances; but that’s because they have an important role to play in the legal process. If there was no defence vs prosecutor then anyone accused who was innocent could never be proven as such, and court would serve no real purpose other than to assign a sentence; and that’s only one example.

      Lawyers don’t have an easy job, as like the police, they have to keep their opinions and emotions separate from their jobs. Many lawyers hate defending criminals, and many genuinely want to help their clients who are in a time of need, but they are limited by the rules of their trade, and often by the company they work for. There have been times where lawyers have refused to defend criminals and the like. There are times when a client tests their patience, frivolous things they’re asked to do even after making it clear they can’t help a client because they have no cause, and there are times where they truly hate what a client has asked them to look into or represent.

      Often some are troubled by the results they get when they feel their client was wronged, or the other person was, and feel helpless because they can’t do anything about it. My Aunt was left so bothered by her career it’s a topic she likes to avoid in every way. Over time, many have to find ways to desensitize or emotionally distance themselves from these frustrations and emotionally draining moments to survive in their career, much like a trauma surgeon has to emotionally distance themselves from the horrible condition some people enter the operating room in, and the hard choices that must be made.

      I’m not saying there aren’t some that only focus on the money, and surely, as they are only human, and there are some that are undeniably selfish or corrupt. They are only human, after all, and everyone chooses a career for their own reasons. But it would truly be naive to think all lawyers are heartless creatures with no conscience, as you suggest.

    1. +Dr Love No, he was calling the bi-polar raging mother that was holding the child a “snowflake”! If u paid more attention 2 the situation that was being recorded instead of stating ur incorrect opinion, u wouldn’t of made ur self look so ignorant.

    2. +Luther V Right? People are so quick 2 state their uneducated opinion that they don’t even bother 2 watch or listen 2 get the real story of what’s going on! They think that their opinions are the only one’s that are relevant no matter what. No wonder most people look & act a dam fool!

    3. JillGaritta GOAT GIRL – EXPOSE THE TRUTH you’re an idiot I didn’t make fun of the kid but you can’t read so think what you want you fucking idiot lol

    4. pink kitty people that are really dumb just rush to anger because their brains aren’t smart enough to think rationally. I think it’s funny how dumb these people in this comment section are because their inability to comprehend the English language.

    1. Push them out of a speeding car!!! At what point are we going to stop stupid people from raising more stupid people and continuing the cycle.

  3. More snowflakes thinking the world revolves round them and their spoilt brats. Would it be ok if the local paedophile goes up and touches her precious darling.?

    1. +Little Red lmao do so intelligently? You weren’t acting so intelligent getting all offended from his comparison. Get off your high horse. Talking like the woman in the video.

    2. DukeoftheAges Comparing an INNOCENT child wanting to touch a dog to a pedophile wanting to sexually touch a CHILD is disgusting. I’m sorry but if you think that comparison is ok there’s something very wrong with you.

      Yes the woman was ridiculous in her behaviour and the child should not have touched the dog but seriously come on.

    3. I have a Service Dog. Many of you find the pedophile remark offensive. But how many of you would be offended if a random stranger just walked up to you or your child, just started touching your hair, patting you on the head. What if you were wearing a gigantic sign that said “Do not touch” but people touched you anyways.
      In the past week I’ve had adults and children do this. I had a boy of about 8 years old stab my dog in the neck with a stick when I wasn’t looking. My dog jumped sideways, when I turned to see what was wrong I saw the boy trying to break the stick and hide it. Another teenage boy backhanded my dog in the face as he walked by us in a crowded park. Again when I was looking the other way speaking to my husband. Thankfully another young man told me what happened. He couldn’t believe someone could be so mean.

  4. Isn’t it funny when people realize they’re wrong and making a fool the first thing they say is “recording without my consent” please by now everyone knows recording in public is perfectly legal

  5. I’ve told my daughter many many times to leave working dogs alone. As a legally blind woman I know a bit here and there about working dogs. Once she without telling me asked to pet one I was super happy that the woman said no and told my daughter that her dog was working. People need to not be so entitled and just leave the dog alone. If I had a service dog and someone wanted to pet it I’d be blunt and say no if they pestered me I’d be like well can I pet you.

    1. Yes when ever I have come across a service dog I always always !! Ask.permission first and most of the time they are happy to let you do it.. Mind you once I came across a crotchety old bastard that was just mean and not that nice to the beautiful lab that he had maybe he had a bad day ?? But I saw him a few more times and wore him down lol he finally let me pat the dog lol but it turned out he just found out that day he had cancer so yes I was right bad day . we ended up being friends and I ended up with Dudley the dog he was just to sick and me and Dudley became buddies.

    2. rav eva have you ever heard of speech enabled phones or computers. They are also for people that don’t have fingers, not just legally blind.

  6. And this lady’s and gentlemen is what you get when you don’t tell your child no, and feel they never need to be disciplined or held accountable for their actions. A whiney, entitled brat. Hope she found a nice safe corner.

    1. Yup. Anymore, people set more behavior boundaries for their dogs than they do their children. Somehow thinking that discipline is detrimental to kids. And then when these kids grow up, they become THIS type of adult.

    2. She did, notice when she ran off to make her phone call to police, she ran into a deserted corner for personal relief from the pressure of being around people. 🙂 Safe spaces are designed exclusively for the millennial class..

  7. Amazing that a grown woman does not know that service dogs are not to be petted or harassed in any way, and that a mother is unable or unwilling to teach her child right from wrong. Also that she imagines recording to be illegal in a mall – she needs to look around at all the security cameras.

    I despise creeps who disturb assistant animals, in training or working. “I want I want I want !!!” is not more important than someone else’s life (the human’s or dog’s). The training is exacting, and must be maintained. Obviously. That “mother” is a self righteous, self absorbed, incompetent fool. I pity her daughter.

    1. I depise anyone who has a service dog period considering how much they abuse them. The training alone is abusive and would never exist if those dogs were children.

    2. +ajhornell I know little of training, but at home they are ” pets” or companions, and with their vests they’re working, and I have known dogs who were to be euthanized for being uncontrollably overactive until given a job to do and trained for it; they are better off working and happy than miserable then dead. I have known many working dogs, and they have all seemed happy on the job and off. I had a Doberman who taught himself as a pup to spot and signal allergic reactions 15 minutes before they hit (or I knew they were coming), so I doubt training is necessarily abusive though of course trainers can be abusive. You are abusing a dog if you interfere with their work, possibly distracting them to the point they and their human companion can be killed.

    3. ronnie Escoe it should be common sense that it’s not the toddlers choice since she is 3. Common sense tells me that she was talking about the mother in her post. 🙄

    4. +ronnie Escoe I wasn’t actually talking about the toddler. Since you brought it up though, 3 is old enough to know (and understand) what the words “no” and “don’t touch” mean. Again, this doesn’t actually fall on the child, it falls on the mother who should have taught her child some basic manners and should have been holding on to her child so that the girl would not have been able to reach out for a random dog.

    1. +Rosie Touse this program is for 5 and 6 year olds, it explains to the child they must ask their parent and the owner permission, the program is very educational. The post article may of said something the child was by herself like any child she wanted to pet the dog, so its not the childs fault it is her mothers because. 1. You never leave your child for 1 second in a mall , 2 if her child would have seen this program this may not have happend, its educating or as you said parentinv, i see no problem using educational courses for that purpose

    2. +joy austin I was actually just making a sarcastic remark about the mother. I’m aware of the program. I was in a similar one when I was small, my foster parents put my brother and I in it after I got bit in the face. It’s a good idea, especially for families that don’t have pets and don’t learn how to handle animals from a young age.

  8. I feel bad for laughing but the fact that she was so flustered that she couldn’t put her kid in the stroller afterwards had me dyingggggggggggg 😂😂😂😂. Like I’m talking my whole body went limp from laughing 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣. Ok I’m done now

    1. It was her kid that didn’t want to go in it actually. So rather than allow herself to get flustered, she passed the kid off. Wish I would’ve had someone like that in my day.

  9. 1. Never pet a service animal.
    2. Never pet an animal without its caretaker’s consent.
    3. It is not illegal to film people in public without their consent.
    4. Being the parent of a young child does not entitle you or your child to break the rules, or impose yourself on people.

    1. Jay Bee You are mal informed.Just because you think it so doesn’t make it so.I don’t know if certain buildings are excluded or not,whether it has to do with being on grounds or not ? But it happened to me.

    2. +Phoenix Loiselle youre referring to orders someone gave you. The regulations of the ww2 place is restricted that way because it is private ground and the owners have the power to do so.
      Please inform yourself not buy guards but by reading the law itself

    3. +Andy Koenigsdorf its not private property its a military installation . Why interior of Capitol building and exterior of Customs building? Same thing happened Accept it its fact contrary to your beliefs but empirical in my experience. Are you outta Kansas I knew a basketball player same name. He must have been 6.5 ,Jewish chap out of New York,fabricated mesh’s for disembarking from ships during war.

    1. MachHeart Eleven Yes, very rude! Also, she couldn’t shove her little precious in the stroller so she hands her off to her lesbian lover instead, 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Service dog aside, I would never let my child go up to any dog having no idea what the temperament of the dog is. Isn’t that just common sense?

  11. I can’t believe how rude this lady is. It’s a service dog! Not to mention your in public, so you are being recorded by mall cameras. Merry Christmas 🙂

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