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I am not calling anyone out. I am showing the mistakes these dogs are making so the owner can fix them or if the dog is fake see this and realize the harm a fake can cause to a real working service dog. Service dogs make mistakes and it is possible some of these dogs are just having a bad day but they shouldn't be working on these bad of days.
Hi, my name is Volda and my service dog is Dexter. Dexter is a pure bred Siberian Husky and psychiatric service dog. I re-homed him in January 2018 from a family that could no longer give him the attention he needed. We started PA in April of 2018. I currently struggle with PTSD, Major Anxiety, Major Depression, Memory Loss, Overactive brain, heat/light sensitivity and Type 1 Diabetes. I am an advocate for safe and responsible service dog handling. Please follow the ADA and be nice to each other!

Thanks for watching!

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  1. the older dog clips break my heart like even if the owner wasnt labeling them as a SD like just let the poor things lay down. What is wrong with people :'(

  2. UGH! What really pisses me off is that people without service dogs know something’s up don’t go and confront the person! I myself still haven’t gotten my service dog but at least I can go up to the person and confront them!
    This incident was a while ago but who cares? Ok there was a blind woman walking with her guide dog and out of the blue this “service” dog runs up to them and starts to jump all over the dog! THANK GOD! She had another person with her who was able to grab the other dog by the leash and pull it away. The handler of the dog then comes up and says that it would be great if they were friends.

    UMM…. WTF?!

    God I just can’t believe some people these days.

    1. +John Doe I do know what disorderly conduct is, but im a little confused on how my idea is? What I mean is calmly ensure the person of what they’re doing is wrong and educate them a bit on ada law. If they try to fight back just back off. You don’t have to get in a physical or verbal fight with them.

    2. +John Doe Also I don’t know where your location is, but mine is in California. Every state has different statues of disorderly conduct.

    3. +John Doe Also I don’t know where your location is, but mine is in California. Every state has different statues of disorderly conduct.

    4. I don’t look disabled and my SD is not a typical breed. He’s been taught to walk ahead of me so if I fall I won’t land on him. I have had people who because of those things assume he is fake and confront me. I don’t handle it well. I have a brain injury and the stress of dealing with self appointed service dog police can send me into tremors. If the dog isn’t bothering you leave the handler alone or go to management. If you confronted me you wouldn’t like my response.

  3. That poor poor poor golden retriever! If it had once been a service dog for it’s handler… It should have been retired way before it’s joints got so bad.

    I have a 16 year old that I retired three years ago who is still walking better than that poor golden. It was kinder to retire her than to force her to work once I saw that she was slowing down and just not as happy working any more.

    The first few times I left her home, in her nice comfortable kennel, she’d cry softly a little, wanting to go with me, but she eventually accepted her retirement and on lots of rest, her joints weren’t as much in pain.

    The owner of the golden is outright cruel. His need for that dog, can NO WAY outweigh the needs of his faithful companion who is struggling so valiantly to keep up. It breaks my heart to see it. That dog is on the verge of needing to be eased out of its pain.

    1. It was heartbreaking for me just to edit that video. The poor dog can’t put pressure on its left front paw. . . I hope that dog is retired now

    2. My wife and I had adopted 2 goldens who were retired. Their owners had passed on. Watching these kinds of videos tears at my heart. It gives service dogs a bad rap and I know just by my dogs gestures how hard they worked and served the owners. It gets right to your heart!

  4. The ones with the elderly dogs who are clearly in pain, those really kill me. A lady came into my work dragging her FIFTEEN YEAR OLD dog behind her (it was so stiff it could barely keep up) because as she told me, it had stood over her when she had a siezure at home once, so now it’s her service dog (not task trained, just a natural response). So she’s forcing this ancient dog to go everywhere with her after it hasn’t been socialized for fifteen years, and all it can to is stand on her (maybe, assuming it doesn’t run off because it’s not trained). It ticked me off so much, but I was on the clock so I couldn’t educate her >:(

    1. That poor dog! I feel so bad for any old dog that is being forced to work! I have a 12 year old lab with hip problems but he can still walk just fine but I would never think about having him be a service dog now or if he couldn’t walk dragging him on a leash.

  5. I usually don’t have a problem with older service dogs working as long as they are still in good health but that poor golden retriever was clearly in pain and should have been retired by now!

  6. I really hate that Colts/Janayes clips are on here. Colt growls at other dogs which you can tell that lab in the hospital was uncomfortable (stress yawning,etc.).

    1. Oh yikes that is awful. I have heard rumours and don’t really follow or support her but this is worse than I thought.

    2. Thats really sad if thats true. However, regardless if the SD is real or not, if he was stressed like that then he isn’t ready for PA, and to put a dog in a stressful situation like that is very hard for him/her.

      She states that River stares at Colt aggressively but no one thinks to wonder if Colt was doing the same? Idk. :/

  7. We’re lucky in the Uk that we don’t have as many fakes as you.. but i seriously feel sorry for some of those fake service dogs. Those two elderly ones who were clearly in pain, that whippet who was terrified.. some of those dogs are clearly very stressed and over stimulated.. why do people do this? Why put your dog in a situation he or she isn’t comfortable with? Breaks my heart.. My ADiT was almost attacked by a pet dog today, instead of continuing to pull him around the store and focus on doing training we left quickly and on as positive a note as we could. Just keeping my fingers crossed that he hasn’t been set back.

    1. BlizzardHaze
      My PSD is a bit timid on somedays due to an incident that happened to her, right after the incident she did behave like that and like a responsible handler I did some more training at home, and she eventually got better. Im still a bit worried on continuing PA training her due to the fear of fake service dogs, especially in my town. I see them all the time, it is so disappointing. When my dog was scared after her incident I made sure she was completely okay to continue with the proper training. Forcing your dog out like that is so heartbreaking….

  8. I’m a little salty with this video. I’m not here to hate or anything but kindly to inform. So first of all SDiT have airport rights, even ESAs have airport rights. 2 the fearful dog one, it could’ve been getting use to or readjusting to PA. The pulling and not heel is a problem unless the handler isnot trying to control the dog. My SD pulls and has a lot of heeling problems but he is still a SD, we are working on it and his poor heel doesn’t make him any less of a SD than Stella or Dakota. (Drew linch, the Siberian service dog.) I understand this is for educationally purposes but please use more education over the topic. (I’m sorry if I am sounding rude, that is not my intention. I just want people to understand that not all dogs are fake if they act out.)

    1. Service Dogs in Training don’t have rights to fly. They may be allowed to be in an airport but when it comes to getting on a plane it fully depends on the airline. I am a volunteer puppy raiser at able guide dog school and many other raisers have had trouble flying as some airlines have tightened their rules recently. It pisses me off that people with there completely untrained ESA’s can fly but not the dog I’ve trained for many months. Not that I’m completely against ESA’s, they can really help people, but most of them are pets that people paid 80 bucks to get a fake registration and avuer the system.

    2. +Lauren Wallace I thought they did, I’ll take your word for it. I agree about the whole esa thing though, Its like a service dog. It is annoying and pointless unless you really need it.

  9. I love this video. I will say one thing. A handler can have two service dogs. Let’s say the handler is blind and as a service dog for that but the handler also has seizures and they have a service dog for that too. People can have more than one service dogs at a time. As for the dog on the airplane from what I have looked up the service dog in training is allowed as long it is protected by the ADA. In same states a service dog in training is allowed public access as long as the ADA is protected. Great video though!

    1. Actually a service dog and a service dog and training have the same protections under the ADA to the exclusion of any state laws to the contrary.

    2. +John Doe The ADA states that SDiT do not have protection under the law, unless the states itself allows them access. Only SD (Or fully trained mini horses,) are protected under the ADA.

    3. Service-dog-Luna Doodle If youre blind and have seizures you dont need to be out in public. Youre a moron with no common sense!

    4. Looks like we have a troll here. Have fun trolling my friend, when you ready to be an adult I will gladly have a conversation with you.

    1. I am aware of this but normally if someone has two SDS than one will be trained and the other in training or both trained

    2. Typically those with 2 SDs are for mobility and balance, they are too tiny to be able to perform those tasks. Regardless, they definitely weren’t real SD, and I don’t make that judgement often, but that video makes me angrier than almost all the others. Especially since those fools think its funny. Its disgusting.

    3. You can have more than one. One that’s trained and one that’s in training. That way when the puppy/dog is out of training then the other dog can retirer.

  10. I would like to add that some SD and SDiT do pull as it’s part of their training. My GSD/Husky SDiT is trained to pull slightly while I’m in public because I freeze up in crowds. Him pulling helps alleviate this to some extent.

    1. They shouldnt be pulling on the leash/collar. Pulling with a harness/pullstrap is different. But its dangerous for a dog to pull on a collar

    2. My dog is trained to pull or lead in addition to his other tasks. Everyone’s needs are different. You are 100% correct.

  11. Also I’d like to add that dogs aren’t machines they might be medical equipment but they can still mess up from time to time.

  12. i heard esa aka emotinal support animal is allowed on a airplane is that true
    beacause i have a esa and i wanna know ?

    1. Aileen Wolves I mean I guess to each their own, but caring for your dog’s physical health is not abuse. Muzzles and mouth guards are different, mouth guards are a softer fabric made to make sure the dog does not bite or nip at others, as well as bark uncontrollably because you will be kicked off the plane if thats the case. Dogs are prescribed medications like humans are, to say prescribing relaxing medication to a dog is abuse, that is rather absurd and confusing unless they believe the same for humans. Im vegan and an animal activist, and I have a clear set idea of what abuse is and what isn’t. If she is not good with other people or dogs, it is best to have someone watch her for the duration of your trip, you don’t have much options there sweetheart, Im sorry.

      But please DO NOT fake your dog as a service dog, especially with the issues around other dogs/people, that is putting people and other dogs at risk, as well as your dog at risk for being euthanatized for attacking someone. It is also a federal crime. I hope you figure out something.

    2. You gonna be like the lady on the plane in this vid and be smiling like an idiot while your “therapy” dog barks and snarls the whole Damn flight? I swear like every ESA is unruly and untrained. 😒

    3. Aileen Wolves please do not bring your dog on the flight. Have someone watch her or else you will A. Cause people with REAL service dogs to have a harder time. B. Could be kicked off the plane and not be able to enjoy the trip. C. Cause harm to others or your dog.

      Allowing your bad behaved dog on a plane causes stress on everyone around you, or even run the risk of having her put down, just don’t it. Plain and simple. Thanks.

  13. someone confronted me cause I allowed my sidit to greet people we knew from church when ran into them. I was shaking and had a melt down on her. Unless the other dog is directly effecting they handling of yours or a danger to someone it is best to not interfere.

  14. What irritates me more is people putting their SDs in danger just to video these fake SDs. you’re asking for your dog to get attacked at that point. Go get an employee to handle it. If they don’t then go away. When I see one I go as far away as possible and avoid it. STOP PUTTING YOUR DOGS IN DANGER!!!

    1. +John Doe dude did you miss the whole point of the comment. Its about service dog handlers bringing their dogs around these aggressive dogs for the sake of filming it. “Fake” SD or not. It’s not about the definition or your take on fake service dogs. It’s about handlers being irresponsible

    2. Well if you have a disibility and you need the service dog and it is well trained that is fine but if you don’t have a disability and just like to bring your pet everywhere with you than that is putting real service dog teams in danger this has happened many times to my service dog Hero.

    3. +John Doe that’s incorrect. The dog must be under control and if it doesn’t conduct itself as a service dog, the owner can be sanctioned, have legal action taken against them, or be fined.

    4. +Adam Blade I train service dogs for a living. I’m well versed in the laws and regulations and i’m in constant contact with the DoJ. It’s my job to know this. If you don’t “believe” it’s true, that means you aren’t educated in the ADA and the laws on service dogs under it.

  15. Actually, the notion that a service dog isn’t supposed to pull, is actually somewhat incorrect- “Pulling” can be the trained service task under certain circumstances. Also, video recording of other patients in the treatment area of a medical facility is highly ILLEGAL under HIPPA regulations. The recorder could face federal prison time for at least one of these recordings. Not only that but pointing the camera at the dog can also distract a trained dog, and such could be considered causative.

    1. +Hope Welch yes but it’s illegal to record someone without their consent if they are in a place that would be expected to be in bathroom room..doctors

  16. You should NEVER drag a dog. If the dog is having mobility problems, then they should not be working. 12 yrs is the max age a service dog should be. Flexi leashes ate fine for walkd, but not for service dogs. Again, pulling can be stopped by a no pull harness. Dogs must be trained not to jump. As for whining, you need to get the dogs attention. If the dog is growling, they are anxious and not ready to be a service dog. With barking, you need to get the dogs attention back on you. If you can’t control the dog with at least 90% accuracy, the dog interest to be in public.

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