Meet Flynn, The Bichon Frise Named Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show’s Best in Show | The View

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29 Comments on “Meet Flynn, The Bichon Frise Named Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show’s Best in Show | The View”

  1. My heart melted when he begged Whoppie to held him. He’s such a gorgeous dog. But as much as love him I won’t get a dog like him because he is extremely high maintenance due to his white hair. I have a beautiful bullmastiff. His name is Larry.

    1. My family’s dog (RIP Patch) was a bichon and if they are “not for show” dogs they are not high maintenance really as long as you give them a brush (easy, as they are lap dogs) and get them groomed as per the season. They love to run around and go for walks as well as curl up next to you (like mastiffs, except they KNOW they are small dogs haha). My best friend as well as an ex had bullmastiffs and they are the most sweet and loyal dogs, I love them! For me, they have similar personalities so it really comes down to size.

  2. He reminds me of the Bichon Frise my Aunt and Uncle had from 1994 to 2009. They are such a wonderful Breed, full of beans, goofy, and so loving. They also remind me of a Stuffed Animal, a Cotton Puff, you name it.
    When he pleaded with Whoopi to pick him up, my heart melted too. Such a sweet and loving breed.

  3. I love that we live in such an eclectic and diverse world, that there are people alive whose who can judge pet contests for a living. Where do I sign up?! lol

  4. I rescued a Bichon and he’s been my Autistic daughter’s companion for 12 years. He is a loving and protective fur ball. Bichons can be high maintenance but they are worth it. You’ll get just as much love as you give.

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