March 2018 BarkBox Unboxing

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Watch Mia discover her first Bark Box!! We receive the small BarkBox meant for smaller pups under 20 lbs. There are different treats and toys that are in different sized boxes.
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Mia is an Alaskan Klee Kai.
Her birthday is April 19th, 2016

This is a relatively new breed, and people usually mistaken them as "Pomskies" or mini huskies The AKK is a pure bred and is recognized by the UKC, whereas "Pomskies are not.

AKK are of the spitz breed and has some husky lineage in it's line, but are bred as companion dogs not working dogs. They do stay small in size, in height and in weight.

Here are some links for more information on the breed and a good breeders list.

Get Available Barkbox Bonus Offers and Coupon Code Here!!!

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17 Comments on “March 2018 BarkBox Unboxing”

    1. haha she loved both of them! She didn’t like the newspaper toy though. So barkbox sent her a new toy which she now really likes too haha. And no she hasn’t destroyed any yet which is really good. She’s surprisingly good with those softer plushie toys. But anything marketing tough and for chewers… she rips open easily! Weird huh lol

    1. Ok cool. Sorry for asking, I am just interested in the AKK breed, but i’m not sure if I can get one, mainly because of the price and the fact that I’m young, and need my parents’ consent, of course.

  1. how much did that one box cost? and can you just buy one box? (I really wanna buy one for my pup but i dont know if you can just buy one box, one time)

    1. Tiffany Le it’s $20 a month for a year subscription. And I think it’s $30 for month to month. There’s also 3 and 6 month subscriptions too. If you buy a 6 or 12 month subscription and use the link in the description of the video you’ll get 1 month free!

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