Maltese Puppy: Crate Training

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Maltese Training: Mia is a 10 week old Maltese that would cry excessively when confined to the kitchen. This video was filmed over the course of five days of training. Hit "like" and "subscribe" for more training videos. Go to for information about training services. Training by Alyssa Lapinel, certified professional dog trainer, based in San Diego, California.

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43 Comments on “Maltese Puppy: Crate Training”

    1. I use Natural Balance rolls, I find that most dogs seem to like lamb the most. The consistency is also easiest to use for training, it doesn’t crumble as much as some of the other rolls.

  1. I am a Maltese, too!  Is there a sweeter breed?  They call me the Talking Dog!  I guess I really am! Ha! Ha!

    1. Y’all please be nice no harm is being done ❤ corny as hell but whatever you know

  2. Great video! relaxation training is soo important especially for our little Malteses that are usually hyper little marshmallows and can get over threshold easily 🙂

    1. +Cloud9maltese So true. Malteses are little dogs with very big personality. Building a reinforcement history for calm behavior goes a long way. Thanks for watching! – Alyssa

  3. +maila alforque I am using a clicker. Clickers are used in training to mark desirable behavior. They predict reinforcement, usually food reinforcement.

  4. Ils sont trop beaux! 1!! Comment et ou s en procurer un du moins une fifille???? Merci petite taille et bb….

    1. Ca fait mal d regarder bb bichon le mien est tjs present meme si c n est plus physiquement….il reste present PARTOUT IL M MANQUE TANT VS N POUVEZ SAVOIR!!!!

    1. +Duca Butterfly – Thanks for watching my video. And you are right, it is not completely necessary to use a clicker for training common behaviors. It is more useful for counter-conditioning OR teaching a dog a complex trick. In this video I am trying to condition strong positive associations with events and objects that normally elicit a lot of stress and anxiety for this particular puppy. When used correctly, it can accelerate the training process. I start using the clicker for simple behaviors like ‘four on the floor,’ sit or lie down so that she associates it easy, fun learning sessions. Once this is established, I can then begin to use it as to minimize stress and anxiety that is typically associated with the crate, or separation. Thanks again for watching, and commenting. – Alyssa Lapinel, CPDT-KA

  5. There are several components to training a dog. One place I found that succeeds in merging these is the Bevs Booster Guide (check it out on google) without a doubt the no.1 blueprint that I have ever seen.Check out all the awesome information .

  6. Malteses are smart and very docile dogs. No wonder a puppy is like $400 to $800 in NYC. These are some of the best breeds. A gentle puppy for a gentle person.

    1. +Tammy Johnson 🙁 I can’t imagine. NYC has a high turnover rate. puppies are bought immediately. They have less than a week on display.

    2. +Gurpreet Simpson In NYC as of June 2016, they’re $1600 to $2400 a puppy. Smaller dogs are cheaper. I’d rather get a white husky puppy or a white Pom. But Maltese are by far and wide more popular and abundant in NYC. And yeah, u can’t find any in NYC shelters. Only ugly pit bulls.

    3. enjoy5566 maybe you should adopt one. Buying one is bad becuase the puppy/dog can have health issues or something bad and they can have shorter lives

    4. thats for any pet that you get, unless of course that breeder is not very good or have unhealthy parent dogs.

    1. Verbal cues should only be introduced when a behavior is well established. This video was taken in the first week of training.

  7. primero cuando compres un perro o una perita tienes que
    llevarlo a la veterinaria ,vacunarlo , recortarlo , bañarlo , peinarlo , sepillarlo y despues tienes que comprale la camita ,el platico, la comida ,comprale el collar , la cadena y por ultimo un jugetico y tambien bañarlo cada dos semana y entrenarlo para que no cojas luchas o llevarlo a una escuela de perros ect.

    1. Hey Rob, thanks for watching. The clicker is not for everyone, some people (and dogs) can be sensitive to the sound, in which case a verbal marker, like “good,” is usually a better option. Dog trainers frequently opt for clickers and marine mammal trainers usually opt for a whistle because they have a stronger conditioned association, a more consistent pairing with high value reinforcement. We talk a lot …… which means that are words can easily lose their meaning. Thanks for watching, and commenting. – Alyssa Rose, CPDT-KA

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