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If you have a wall, fence or side of a garage that you would like to use as part of the dog run K9 kennels has just the thing for you. By attaching to a fence or a wall you can increase the size of your kennel at very little cost

K9 Kennel’s industry-leading wall mounting brackets simply bolt to a wall. Next drop in the pins and you are ready to go. It’s an inexpensive way to make your kennel larger while saving money. I if you're reluctant to attach directly to the house or garage, 2×6 posts can be set into the ground next to your house, then the kennel can be anchored to the posts instead of the nice exterior of your home. K9 Kennels are good-looking long-lasting and can be configured into as many different shapes as you desire. For those with multiple dogs our isolation panels are quite amazing. It was surprising how well these actually work to keep the dogs from fence fighting and contact barking. We have sold these units to breeders and trainer so if you have multiple dogs, Isolation panels are something that you might want to consider.

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Our backless, all-welded steel stand alone and multiple dog kennels are the absolutely best kennels for boarding facilities, dog rescues, and veterinarians.

These kennels are three-sided, allowing one to attach their kennel panels to an existing wall or structure. Add up to as many stalls in a row when ordering a standard multiple kennel set-up. Additionally, we offer an optional upgrade to Anti-Barking Panels–sometimes referred to as Anti-Fight Panels, or Dog Privacy Panels and Isolation Panels on all multiple kennel configurations. If you don't see your ideal kennel configuration, just contact us, we specialize in custom-built dog kennels!

Our multiple dog kennels are the best value of all multiple dog kennels for sale on the market today because of our industry-best steel frame, our durable, climb and chew-resistant, welded wire mesh. Our modular kennel panels we offer in both powder coated and galvanized, which results in a shiny, ultra-protective finish that will protect your kennel panels against rust and corrosion, and keep your kennel panels looking brand new for years to come!


If you are looking for backless multiple kennel stalls, a professional dog kennel, or a backless kennel for multiple dogs, then look no further. You're here. K9 Kennel Store is the home of the best multiple dog kennel on the market! We are so proud to offer the toughest, most resilient kennels for dog boarding facilities, police departments, dog rescues and anyone else that requires an ultra-secure, industrial-strength dog kennel set-up. When your livelihood depends on making the right kennel purchase, for the first and only time.

Our heavy-duty gauge for our kennel frame, and tough, progressive 6 gauge welded wire for our kennel mesh; this tough and progressive welded wire mesh on the Professional series makes it very difficult for dogs to climb out of their kennel, and virtually impossible to chew through. We then coat all of our Professional style dog kennel panels from the inside-out with a thick and protective hot-dipped galvanized finish. Our galvanization process is meant to last for decades, and will keep your dog kennel stalls rust-free, and looking shiny & brand new for years to come.

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