Long Term Confinement Area For Puppies By Urban Dog Training

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When you are unable to supervise your puppy because you're physically or MENTALLY absent, it's best to confine them somewhere safe where no harm can come to them or to your belongings. This sets your puppy up for success since unsupervised access to any part of your home — indoors or outdoors — provides too many opportunities for you puppy to make bad choices and house training (potty training mistakes). An instructional video from Urban Dog Training.

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40 Comments on “Long Term Confinement Area For Puppies By Urban Dog Training”

  1. If I’m out for a very long period of time can I supply three toys with food in it? What are your suggestions? Is this a good idea to do?

  2. I agree with crate training while sleeping or stepping out for a while.  It recreates the playpen for a baby.  However; I don’t agree with giving them something to rip up.  That alone will give them the ok to tear into things.  I allow stuffed animals, rubber toys for chewing and treats…however; I would never allow them to rip up a egg carton.  I only teach them on their toys.  I have trained my other dog this way and she NEVER tore into anything of mine when training was done and she was out of the crate perm.  I did leave the door open and she did go in there to sleep but that was about it and being that it was warm outside I never tought inside toilet training.  I always took her out every 1/2 hour with my other dogs and she was trained very quickly. By three months she had it all down and she doesn’t have separation anxiety either. 

  3. Nice video. I think a lot of separation anxiety problems in adults could be avoided if all pups were proofed against alone time like this.  Like another commenter, I’d probably only want to leave him with indestructable toy though, and be careful of cardboard, a lot of it is actually toxic.  But hey, bleeding fantastic vid nevertheless.

  4. Great video. I am bringing home a black and tan pom puppy in a couple of weeks and I am preparing a playpen for him. While I will be home for the next several months for college online, I will be getting my BA in December and will need to start working. My fear is that once I start working, my puppy will experience separation anxiety. I decided to go the play pen/confinement route so that he can slowly experience time alone. (I will still be home, but in my office when I have school work to do). I also bought him a Snuggle Puppy for the drive home and his playpen. I hope this works out, your video affirmed the plan I have for him.

  5. I live in a multi level house and the place im planning to do this set up for my 6 week old pit is near our balcony sloding glass door. Eventually od like to put a pet door there as she grows. The only other door path outside is down two flights of steps or on the opposite side of the house. Do you think it would be okay to direct the puppy out on the balcony since its a shorter trip to use the potty when we are training? Plus she wouldnt be able to easlily get down one flight to the other sliding glass door and then another flight past another fenced door to finially make it to our enclosed backyard. Hope u can answer. Thanks

    1. Vonette76 I know this is an old comment, but whould you mind sharing what you ended up doing? I have the same problem on a 3 level townhome…Thanks! 🙂

  6. I’ve checked many videos on set-ups that haven’t really helped but this one is great! Best one by far!!!

  7. Oh no! Is the maker of this video alive? I saw a comment she left 3 years ago that said she was given 3 months to live 3 days prior to this video. I hope she got better and pulled through.

  8. Thanks a bunch for this video! I plan on getting a puppy in the spring and I’ve been trying to figure out a set-up!

  9. Awwwwwww! Watched this video simply for the Cavalier since my own Cavies are older now and responsible enough to wander around the house. Trevor is so adorable!

  10. the pen is a good starter for a puppy until you can fully train them to not destroy everything in your house. If you don’t have the option of taking them to work with you and you don’t want to confine them in a small carrier for several hours.

    1. Vlogs By Steph they also have some on Chewy.com. That’s where I’m purchasing mine. It’s the cheapest place I can find them & they have very good reviews.

  11. I seriously wish you didn’t use the term ” long term””. Also I have never ever crated in 33 years of owning GSDs. I don’t believe in sticking a pup in a crate and making them ” hold it “.

    1. I don’t recommend that either. Puppies can hold their toileting for their age in months +1. I also has GSDs all my life, until my Cavaliers I have now, and they absolutely adored their crates. I know hundreds of GSD owning trainers all over the world whose dogs love their crates the same way mine did. Crates should never be used for more than a couple of hours – except at night and even then we advise getting up a couple of times a night to toilet puppies. In the video we I do advise on long-term confinement areas – never once did I suggest a crate was appropriate as a long-term area. I suggest putting the crate *in* the long-term area.

    2. GSDmom B That’s weird since we teach kids to hold it instead of going wherever they want. Adults hold it, especially all night long.

    3. GSDmom B well good for you. judgemental much? so you think your method is the best? how narcissistic. people HAVE TO WORK. fool

  12. I agree. No working individual is going to be around 24/7. Your puppy
    and dog is eventually going to have to get use to being alone ever so
    often. I work a 6:30 to 3pm job. I take my puppy out in the morning to
    potty and run around a bit to burn some energy. Then back to the pin to
    nap until I get home. It takes a while but they learn you will be back
    around 3-4pm and they just wait. No neglect, no abuse…it’s just life. I
    love my puppy, but for us both to live and thrive, Daddy’s got to

    1. I’m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover puppy training methods try Knewreck Puppy Course Guide (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my m8 got great success with it.

    2. Gary White Thank you so much for your comment. I felt so guilty leaving my puppy to go to work. These articles make it seem like you must go to a puppy day care that cost about 400 a month. Your comment is truly encouraging.

  13. the best advice I ever got in regards to leaving a dog or puppy is to not make a big deal of leaving or making a big deal when you come back.

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